Written by annie68

14 May 2018

I moved into our new Home situated in a quiet close of only 7 Houses about 16 months ago and Derek my Hubs is often busy with work and works away now and again and helps out a friend or ours Ron, for a bit of extra work as we are slowly trying to do some work on the house . The first time I wrote in on here I told you of my day out helping Ron while my Hubs was away working, which was a very exciting and enjoyable day and I am still meeting up with Ron when I can but this story is about a Neighbour Ken who has always been very friendly towards me since the day we moved in.

On the day we moved in he was first to come across to introduce himself and make us a cuppa as we unpacked , I think he had also noticed I had a pair of cut off shorts on with just a t shirt and a flimsy bra on underneath , since that time he chats ( me up - hubs says) to me at every opportunity . He is not shy in letting me know what he is looking at, as have caught him looking down my top or at my arse when out doing the garden, he is also South African and can imagine him having had servants in his past out in South Africa as he is quite dominant in his attitude.

Well over this last Bank holiday weekend my Hubs was out working with his mate Ron and left early Saturday morning as they had a lot of work to get done , I had got up early to see him off and make his lunch for him and as it was a glorious day and so hot decided to have a early breakfast , do a spot of gardening before relaxing so I slipped on a bikini of mine which was a bit revealing but very comfortable to wear. I did my jobs pulled out my sun lounger to lay back on and as my garden is nearly out of view to anybody in their houses around me , I took my top off to let the Sun soak into my boobs ready for my holiday in the next few weeks.

I lay back with a raunchy book with my sunglasses on and my phone rang it was one of hubs friends Simon asking if he was still available to help out with some jobs he had, now Simon asked me what I was up to and as we chatted asked if he should pop round maybe rub some sun cream on me as we have had some fun in the past as he does a bit of photography and I have modelled for him before and he has paid me well with both cash and his lovely big cock , but hubs doesn't know that bit.

I was feeling horny as I spoke to Simon and he asked me to rub myself as he was doing the same , my nipples got pulled and rubbed as did my clit with my fingers inside my bikini bottoms, as before long we both had soon cum , Simon then said he better go and clean up as he had shot a big load over himself . I lay back pulling my bottoms down to expose my pussy to the Sun and still felt horny I spread both legs as wide as my lounger allowed me too, to allow my fingers better access to my dripping pussy and my nipples which were standing up hard in the heat.

As I played with myself I could hear a faint noise above my head , taking a look up in the sky thru my sunnies I couldn't see anything and carried on playing and had cum again , while cumming on my fingers I heard the noise get louder , but took no real notice . Then as I relaxed an rubbed my 36E boobs I heard the noise getting louder again , I took my sunnies off glanced up to see something hovering overhead this time , realising it was a drone , I got up and went indoors to look up an down the road to see my neighbour Ken across the road with his Son in law ( SIL) to be I think as don't think he has married Ken's daughter yet, they were both stood in their garden with a lap top and a looking down on it at a table with a remote control in SIL's hands.

I was still feeling horny and thought I would show them something and tease them , so went to my bedside draw took out my 8" long an thick Black vibrator , which looks just like a big black cock, I made myself a drink sprayed myself with some oil and lay back on my lounger. I was only there a minute and this drone could be heard over my head dropping lower as I licked it all over spread my legs wide and began to rub it up an down between my wet pussy lips and slowly began probing my pussy with it. I was now very excited as my pussy juiced up and that black tool probed deeper inside me , my eyes were shut my tongue licking my lips , my ears hearing the drone drop lower and lower the deeper it pushed inside my juicy pussy.

With one hand on that black tool I was now having one cum after another as my other hand rolled, pulled and squeezed my nipples and boobs , my legs had developed a mind of their own squeezing them together, then wide apart my feet on my patio ,then tucked up against my chest my pussy blatantly showing that black tool inside me, before lifting my legs in the air and wide apart, the drone completely forgotten about as I had cum after cum. I lay back to take a drink I had bought out with me and took my sunnies off to see that drone just a few feet up looking down on me , then in a swift moment it shot off back into the air out of view.

I decided to go for a shower to cool off just as I finished and had wrapped a towel around me the door bell rang , I cursed but thought it must be a delivery for hubs and opened the door to see Ken and SIL both stood there, I wasn't really thinking straight as I invited them in as didn't wish to be seen there with just a towel around me . I asked them what they wanted as Ken was staring at my body as he said could we see your back garden as I have seen you have been doing a lot of work on it. I said ok and as we walked to the kitchen I asked if they wanted a cuppa as I certainly did, I filled the kettle trying to make sure I didn't lose my towel.

As I led them outside thru our conservatory I saw my black tool laid across my white towel on the lounger, but before I could do/say anything Ken said we can see you have been busy this morning Anne , I attempted to cover it up with my towel but Ken said , Oh don't bother with that as Scott here and myself have been watching you lick an work that inside your pussy the past hour or more , so we thought as you are all alone, as I saw hubs leave early this morning we would come over and offer you our services .

We both know you have been teasing us this morning and can see you enjoyed every minute as that is such a good camera on that drone , as I tried to act innocent and say Oh its yours is it, Ken said you knew it was us we could see you watch us thru the outline of your curtains . I now knew I had been caught out as Ken said so drop the towel Anne , stop playing , as he came over pulled the towel from my weak grip to leave me naked . He sat me down on my lounger as both men stood in front of me looking at my face , Ken said now pull down Scott's and My shorts , as I looked at their bulging shorts I undid the buttons to loosen them and pulled them down along with their pants , as Ken told Scott told you she wanted some cock.

As I revealed their cocks as they sprung out at me , I could see Ken must have liked to get naked as his bare cock was shaved and tanned where as Scott's bigger cock was white with a trimmed forest of black hairs , I looked up at Scott, taking his cock in my hand to rub thinking to myself that Ken's daughter had a handsome fella here and with a very nice cock as it swelled up in my hand , as Ken put my other hand on his slightly shorter cock as they both stepped out of their shorts and pulled their t shirts off their chest's.

I held Scott's rubbing it feeling his pre cum dribble over my fingers as I wiped my fingers back over his cock to help lube it , when Ken grabbed my head turned my face to his cock and in the shock of the moment I had my mouth open and he put his cock in to it, so I began to lick an suck on it while stroking Scott's lovely cock in my hand . Then Ken told Scott to pull those seat cushions off my garden furniture and put them on my patio as Ken fucked my mouth holding my hair , he told me I was going to get fucked at both ends now and to move over to the cushions on all 4's.

I felt compelled to obey his demands not that I really objected at any stage and as I knelt up Scott had decided he was going to fuck me and moved behind me holding on to my waist I moved my legs apart my bum up in the air ready to feel that lovely big cock of his inside me as it seemed to be a white version of that black tool I had had inside me earlier. While Ken in a abrupt manner grabbed my hair again shoving his cock in to my surprised open mouth, where upon he gave a short commentary of what they were going to do to me , as Ken fucked my mouth , Scott slipped his cock in to my still soaking wet pussy making me gasp when he gave a quick push , pulling me back on to his cock as he had filled me full of his cock.

Every now an again Ken pulled my head off his cock to ask if I was enjoying their cocks fucking me , soon as I had murmured a yes he would shove his cock deeper into my mouth, It felt strange Ken fucking my mouth roughly while Scott seemed to be holding back making sure I was going to cum over his cock as he fucked me steadily and did he make me cum on his cock, if it had been his face I am sure he would have drowned as his big cock squelched inside me . I was so hot, wet and horny as with a sudden movement Ken forced his cock into my throat and struggling to regain my composure he began filling my throat with his cum holding it there till I had swallowed every drop .

While Scott was now pulling me back on to his cock harder and faster, I heard Ken tell Scott , Yes fuck her good Scotty put all that spunk in her cunt, you have seen how this slut behaves this morning she loves it she teased us , an when we came over she didn't need to let us come in , I knew then she wanted us both to fuck her and fill her holes with spunk and she has proved to be a good little fuck so obviously likes plenty of cock and has not asked us to wear a condom , so fill her up Boy !!!!!

That was all Scott needed to encourage him as he rammed his cock harder an deeper in to me making me gasp his name out loud , as I began telling him to cum in me as I wanted to cum yet again, I was telling him over an over just fuck me please , you bastard ! , am cumming !!! Oh fill me up please when he pulled me back hard against his thighs holding me there I could feel his cock throbbing as it filled me up. He held me there till every twitch of his cock stopped as he filled me , I felt exhausted as he pulled out of me , he stood up and I knelt up to smile at them and thank them for a lovely fuck and admitted I needed that to them.

Much to Ken and Scott's delight by the look on their faces, as I knelt there I asked them to give me their cocks to lick so I could taste them on my tongue, as Scott said thanks Anne ,hope to see you again soon , while Ken said maybe we should invite you to Scott's wedding and stag night , Anne ! , you would get a good fucking then alright , but maybe leave hubs at home and laughed as they dressed, kissed me and left me there in a state of shock and pleasure , before getting back under the shower before hubs came home .

Hope you liked my 2nd story, thank you for all your lovely comments from my previous one , please leave some more and do tell if you want o hear more as have had some fun with Ron since last time xxxxxAnnie