Written by Mature Trainee Slut

24 May 2011

Having woken up in bed with Dan and James, I managed to get out of the bed without waking them. I went through to the lounge, it was just getting light, the curtains were still open I stood looking at the snow, now several inches deep. It occurred to me that two or three flats opposite could have seen us as the lights had been on. I've never thought of myself as an exhibitionist but I found the idea we may have been watched arousing. I was still naked standing right by the full length windows, but the curtains opposite were all closed unfortunately. I still had my stockings and suspenders on, the lace tops still damp with spunk and my juices. One of the stockings was laddered I noticed, unfastening them, throwing them in the bin and placing the suspenders with the rest of my clothes. The flat was lovely and warm so I went through to the kitchen and made a cup of tea, sitting on a stool, daydreaming about the previous night, reliving what had happened, my only regret that I hadn't done something like it before, hoping I would again. I finished my tea, went through to the bathroom to shower. Standing under the hot water soaping my body, trying not to get my hair wet. I touched myself between my legs, my pussy was still open and puffy from fucking, my bum still a bit tender after taking a cock for the first time. I noticed a couple of marks on my tits, some bruises on my thighs, not to noticeable, any way not an area Tom my husband visits or sees that often. I dried myself wrapping the towel around and looked in the bathroom cabinet. Luckily Dan's an organised guy and had a couple of new toothbrushes so I took one, cleaning my teeth before going to make more tea and wake them.

I went back into the bedroom, the lazy sods were still sleeping, I put down the mugs, grabbed the quilt, pulling it off, revealing both of their young bodies and two morning erections. “Tea. But a shame to waste that” I said to Dan dropping the towel and straggling him before he had a chance to move, getting myself comfortable, slowly taking his cock in my pussy. James was watching, expecting to join in. I looked at his cock, it still bore some evidence of having arse fucked me so I told him to go and shower and he could fuck me afterwards. He was back about 15 minutes later, shaved, smelling clean and most importantly still with an erection to satisfy me. While Dan went to shower, we had a slow squelchy fuck, Dans spunk leaking out with each thrust. Shagging until we both came, me holding him tightly as he gave me his seed. As soon as he came he withdrew, turned around and pulled me on top in a sixty nine licking the spunk from my cunt while I sucked and licked my juices from his prick, which is the position we were in when Dan returned. Whilst I didn't get James hard again, his tongue in my pussy was enough to give me a couple of mini orgasms before we finished. The three of us lay in bed, watching the news, I was pleased to see most airports were closed, and Tom was stuck abroad, and I was stuck with two young guys.

We hadn’t eaten since the previous night, and it was getting on for lunchtime. I got up and went to the kitchen, typical blokes, plenty of beer in the fridge, some out of date micro meals, a mouldy piece of cheese, the only things in date, milk, a trifle and an aerosol can of cream, a loaf on the work top an unappetizing green. There was a Tesco Express nearby so so I sent them to get some food, and a pair of tights to replace the stockings they'd laddered while fucking me the night before. While they were gone I stripped the bed and put the sheets on to wash, found clean ones remaking the bed. Hopefully I was going to be there for another so might as well be clean and comfortable. I found my panties and rinsed them, putting them on a radiator to dry and put my dress on a hanger. There was a certain freedom wandering around the apartment naked, lights turned on, knowing I might be seen. I was in the kitchen, loading the dishwasher, (why are men such slobs?)wondering where they'd got to when Dan and James returned an hour later. I hadn't heard the door, but heard them talking and walked into the lounge. They'd brought back food and a couple of friends they “just happened to bump into”

My first reaction was to cover my pussy and retreat to the bedroom. That only lasted a few seconds, my second thought was why bother, let them see, that’s why they've brought them here. My third thought – they're here not just to look, they're going to want to fuck me. I smiled at them as I took the bag of groceries, wiggling my bum provocatively as I went to the kitchen. I had to eat before fucking. A loaf, prepacked ham, crisps, lettuce, cucumber, a bottle of wine, at least it was food. They'd eaten in the pub, round the corner so I made a sandwich, Dan came in holding a pack of stockings my suspenders and heels. “Put these on when you've eaten and give us a show” he told me. “What sort of show do you want?” “A dirty one. Martin and Jack didn't believe us when we told them what a Slut you are” he replied picking up the cucumber, stroking it. I hadn't really thought of my behaviour being sluttish until then. Twenty years of being a wife and mother to Slut in 24 hours. I took it as a complement, I had been a Slut, what's more I was enjoying the sexual freedom. “Slut” I liked the sound of it, determined to live up to my new title.

Just the thought of doing what he wanted was getting me wet. I touched my pussy, feeling my moistness, rubbing my slit, getting myself wetter thinking about how rude I dare get. I almost lost my nerve at the thought of being watched by four young lads. That's what swung it, the fact that young lads wanted to see me, a forty four year old woman, naked and performing sex acts on myself a real ego boost, plus of course I wanted them to fuck me. I put on the stockings, suspenders and heels and walked as confidently as I could in to the lounge.

I felt like a Slut as I saw them, all sat in a row on the sofa, drinking bottles of beer, an empty chair opposite, presumably for me to perform on. I cupped my tits, playing with the nipples, feeling them harden under my touch, raised my arms above my head which lifted my tits. I lowered my arms ran my hands over my body to my pussy, touched my slit, parted the lips before pushing two finger in and out of my cunt, before raising them to my mouth to lick and suck. I got an immediate boost hearing their comments “Great legs. Nice tits and bum. Tight cunt too. Did she really let you DP and arse fuck her?” one wanted to know. “Yep. Ask her to do something” I realised the two new lads were more nervous than me, boys with a new toy to play with, unsure what to do with it. I remembered the previous evening, what Dan had told me to do and how I'd enjoyed him watching me play with myself. “Would you like me to masturbate?” I suggested to get things started. A strangled “Yes” and nod from them.

I sat in the chair, my bottom on the edge, legs together and laid back, propped up on cushions. I covered my pussy with one hand using the other to lift one of my tits, flicking the erect nipple with my tongue. I teased them, pushing my hand between my legs, rubbing my pussy but hiding what I was doing. I smiled to myself as almost in unison the all lent forward trying to see. Still covering my pussy I slowly parted my legs, both hands now covering my sex. I watched them, tongues almost hanging out, four pairs of eyes waiting for me to move my hands. For me a feeling of power, the power of my cunt. I thought I'd kept them on tenterhooks long enough, my legs spread wide, I moved my hands, uncovering my gash. The tips of my fingers touching my pussy lips, I pushed three fingers in my hole from either side. I could feel my juices flowing, my pussy wet and slippery as I pulled my cunt open. My fingers inside as far as I could get them I eased my fuck hole wider, revealing the wet pinkness inside my cunt. Holding it open with one hand I pushed the fingers of the other in and out wanking for them. I masturbated in front of them, getting more excited, wanting to feel some thing more than my fingers in my pussy. I called over to Dan to fetch the Cucumber for me. He returned with it and the cream. He handed me the Cuc and I rubbed it on my pussy, coating it with my juices before sliding it inch by inch into my cunt. I took about 9 inches and began to fuck myself with it. Dan squirted cream on my tits, licking and sucking it from my aching nipples. I looked down, Martin and Jack were kneeling between my legs, I could feel their breathe on my thighs, as they watched the Cucumber sliding in and out of my pussy. Either side of me Dan and James had got their erect cocks out, moving close to my head. Dan squirted cream on his prick, and holding my head pulled my mouth to him, I licked the cream off, hearing James squirt cream the other side. Dan released my head letting me take James' cock in my mouth. He pushed his cock in deep, until I started to gag, I hadn't mastered the technique for deep throating at that time. I let go of the cucumber to grab his cock, moving my head back, then holding the base as he fucked my mouth.

I felt the cucumber moving in my pussy, Martin and Jack fucking me with it. I reached for Dan's prick stroking him, while sucking James. I moved my mouth from one cock to the other until Dan moved away, I was having more difficulty sucking cock, as the sensations increased in my pussy, stopping to catch my breathe, or gasp from a particularly deep penetration, telling them to be careful. A couple of minutes later Dan came back, “She's had enough of the cuc, her cunts well stretched. Fist her” The cucumber was pulled out, I wriggled my bum a bit further over the edge, James' cock forgotten, sitting up watching as Dan took the cucumber and squirted lube on Jacks hand. He pushed four fingers into my cunt, thumb touching my clitoris. Dan instructed him to twist his hand from the wrist. He started to rotate his fingers inside my pussy, spreading the lube, making my already juicy cunt even more slippery, as he stretched my hole to take his fist. With each movement his thumb rubbed my clit, I could see it poking out from under its hood, erect and red. I felt the feeling in my pussy, an orgasm building. His thumb moved from my clit, he folded it in next to his fingers, pushed and twisted harder, his hand gliding smoothly into my cunt. He closed his fingers, into a fist, pushing it in deeper, my cunt stretched tightly around first his wrist then his lower arm. I reached down frigging my clit, desperate to cum, he started fisting me slowly at first than faster. I shut my eyes fingers rubbing my clitoris harder, panting as I started to orgasm. Thrusting myself on his fist, I came loudly, telling him not to stop. I felt them lifting me, turning me over face down on the chair, fist still in my pussy. Hands on my bum, cheeks being spread, slippery fingers, being pushed in my arse, forcing it open. Dan speaking to Martin, “Quick push it in now” He pushed the cucumber in to my arse, fingers guiding it. They pushed most of it in then, the fist in my pussy began moving again, the cucumber pulled out and back in my bum. The fist was pulled out replaced by another, James asking who was going to fuck me first. My arse fucked with the cucumber, the fist fucking me changed again, larger than the others, I came, begging them to stop and give me some cock.

The cucumber was pulled from my arse, the fist from my cunt and they picked me up, carrying me to one of the bedrooms. They'd all undressed, I was dumped on my back on the bed. I let my legs fall open, Jack got between my legs, fucking me, my cunt slowly recovering some tightness as we fucked. I felt him jerk and cum inside me, he rolled off and I was mounted again, James fucking me, taking his time to pleasure me, make me cum rather than just fuck me. He came in me, got off, Martin taking his place, sliding his prick in to my loose sloppy cunt, fucking me in short fast strokes, not lasting long before cumming. Finally Dan got on the bed and turned me over, lifting me by the hips, pulling me on to his cock, his fat cock penetrating me deep. He took his time, making sure I came before he eventually shot his load. Afterwards they left me laid on the bed, spunk pouring from cunt, soaking the clean sheets, before I got up to shower.

When I came out Martin and Jack had gone, Dan and James had dressed ready to go to a bar for a bite to eat. I put my bra and panties on, Dan insisting that I put the stockings and suspenders back on too. He told me just to put my coat on over the top. The pavements weren't to slippery and it was only a 2 or 3 minute walk to the bar which was down an alley, steps leading down to below street level in a cellar. The owner knew them well, greeting them by their first names, I was introduced as “This is the Slut we told you about.” Then turning to me, “Take off your coat and hang it by the door” I undid the belt slipped it off and carried it to the other side of the room, watched by the 10 or so customers. I went back over to them, Dan was speaking to the barman as I approached he nodded at something, laughing. I was handed my drink, I took a sip, put it down, even with my back to them I was certain the were all looking at me. I moved to a bar stool, but Dan stopped me. “Take off your bra and panties” He was watching me closely, waiting for me to hesitate. I'm proud to say I didn't even bat an eyelid. With my back to everyone, reaching first behind my back undoing my bra, then hooking my fingers in my panties pushing them down, stooping to pick them up, making sure I opened my legs my cunt visible. I lifted myself on to the bar still, swivelling to face the room. Whoops, cheers and whistles as I sat with my knees together but instead of crossing my legs, I slowly opened them until my cunt was fully exposed, the labia I knew were slightly parted, my pink hole shiny with sex juices. Nothing more happened I remained naked sitting on the stool, my pussy getting wetter and wetter until it was time to leave. As soon as we got back to the flat I dragged them both to bed to fuck me.

I slept with them both again that night before finally getting a taxi home in the afternoon. Back at work I tried to avoid him for two reasons. One I didn't want everyone to know he had fucked me, though a few comments were made by some of the women. Secondly I feared that if he asked me to do something, particularly at work I might not be able to stop myself, and though I couldn't wait to be his Slut again I didn't want to get sacked. My resistance lasted until the New year, which is a good place to end....... At least for today!!!!!