Written by Mature Trainee Slut

25 May 2011

It was just as well it was so close to Christmas and the office was closing until January 4th. In the cold light of day I realised what a fool I'd been, why had I allowed things to get so out of hand? I knew I should call a halt, not let such a thing happen again, but in my heart I was less sure. I'd enjoyed it, wanted it to happen again, certain that if Dan asked or told me he wanted to fuck me I'd succumb. I managed to more or less avoid Dan in the few days remaining, until the afternoon we finished before Christmas, in an empty corridor. He kissed me, trying to persuade me to go to the Gents toilets for a fuck, he got the top of my trousers undone, his hand down the front inside my panties. I started to weaken, unable to stop myself from parting my legs. He'd pushed my panties down, fingering my cunt, rubbing my button, pulling me towards the Gents, when we heard some one coming up the stairs. We only just managed to straighten ourselves before one of the Directors appeared. A lucky escape.

Over Christmas with Tom and our daughter who was home from Uni I had a chance to reconsider what I was doing. I kept asking myself “Did I want to be Dan's Slut?” the same answer every time loud and clear “YES”

The longer the holiday went on the more frustrated I became. One night I went up to bed before Tom and when he came in was laid with my legs spread masturbating, hoping to turn him on. Instead he looked genuinely shocked, asking what I thought I was doing, I mumbled something about spicing things up, pulling the quilt over me going to sleep thinking of Dan. Maybe if he'd reacted positively, let me act like a slut in the bedroom, it may have been enough to satisfy me and things would have turned out differently. I had sex with Tom a couple of times, I didn't cum, which made it worse. It was rubbish sex compared to the uninhibited fucking I craved after spending those nights and days with Dan and his friends. I wanted to take a cock in my arse again, feel two in my cunt fucking me till I came. Have 4, 5, 6, maybe more, guys fuck me one after the other treating me as a Slut, leave me laid in their spunk as it poured from my pussy. I didn't see or hear from Dan until I went with my daughter to the Sales. We bought a few things for her and were going for a coffee when we bumped into him. He was the perfect gentleman, chatting to us, paying for the coffees, sitting with her while I went to the loo. “He seemed nice” was her only comment as we parted. Just seeing him had made me wet, my panties soaking by the time we got home. I went straight to the bathroom, masturbating under the shower, fantasising that he'd stripped me naked in the coffee shop and fucked me over a table in front of everyone.

By the time I returned to work I couldn't wait to see him. I saw him talking to colleagues, jealous when he spoke to other women, but didn't get the chance to speak with him alone until late afternoon. I told him Tom was flying out on the Friday and my daughter returning to Uni asking if I could go to his flat on the Saturday for a good hard fuck. “I'll let you know” he replied. I could of cried with the disappointment. I think he avoided me the rest of the week, I hardly saw him, had no opportunity to speak to him, saw him going out to lunch with one of the girls one day.

About 3pm on the Friday I received a text. “Come up to 5th floor Gents toilets now, Text when your there” I deleted it, got up and took the lift to the floor. Deserted, most of the offices unused since a recent downsizing. I waited a moment then sent the text to say I was there. The door opened and he pulled me in leading me to the disabled cubicle in the corner. I could feel my heart beating. He lent against the wall. “Undress” he ordered “But” “Do it. Everything” My hands were shaking as I unbuttoned my blouse, undid my bra removing them hanging them on the hook behind the door. I unbuttoned my trousers, pushing them and my panties down my legs, kicking off my shoes, hanging trousers and panties on the hook. Dan had unzipped and was stroking his cock, “Suck it Slut” Crouching down I took him in my mouth and started to suck his cock. The outer door suddenly opened I tried to stand, he held my head, his cock in my mouth. As we waited he moved his hips slowly fucking my mouth. He took my hand silently indicating I should finger myself. My pussy was wet, ready for fucking. After what seemed an age the person left, Dan pulled me to my feet, his cock rock hard wet with saliva and pre cum, I wanted it inside me. He bent me over the toilet his cock sliding along my gaping hole, my juices soaking it. “Where do want it, in your arse or pussy?” “In my pussy please” I replied. He fucked me up the arse. I cried out as I felt him spread my buttocks, spitting on my arse, roughly pushing his fingers in. His cock was better lubricated, sliding in with some discomfort rather than pain. Once it was in it was better and he fucked me while I fingered my pussy, cumming before him, hanging on to the toilet seat while he fucked me hard until I felt his cock pumping spunk in my arse. He withdrew his cock and I stood, turning around to find him cleaning his cock with my panties, flushing them down the pan after. I started dressing, trousers, reaching for my bra he took it putting it in his pocket. I put on my blouse, “Can I come around Saturday night?” I asked. “No. that's what I wanted to tell you. I'm meeting someone, another time may be” “During the week then?” I tried, knowing I sounded desperate. “I'll let you know” he said. We were out of the cubicle. He opened the the outer door, checked the corridor and we walked out. As I started to walk away he said “By the way I don't like trouser suits. In future wear dresses or skirts, always wear stockings and one other thing don't wear a bra or panties” I returned to work, spending the last hour, sitting feeling his spunk soaking my trousers.

The next day I dropped my daughter off to catch the train, she could have gone Sunday, but had things she wanted to do back at Uni she said. I tried a bit of retail therapy, went home, showered and changed in to a shortish skirt and cashmere jumper and decided to drive into they city centre. I visited a couple of hotel bars, with only one intention, to pick up a guy and get laid. Sat in the bar of the second I was approached by a man of about 35, he bought me a drink, I chatted to him. He asked what I was doing in town and I told him “Looking for a guy to fuck me. Do you want to?” we were in his room fucking 15 minutes later. I stayed with him for the night, fucking twice more but it didn't have the same excitement as being with Dan.

The next week I turned up for work dressed as instructed. I heard a rumour that Dan was going out with a girl. I tried to dismiss the thought of him fucking someone else but couldn't. I realised that he had used me, wondered if he was using her in the same way, wishing it was me. Two or three times he came to my office, usually at lunch time. I couldn't resist him or say no. Sitting at my desk letting him slip a hand in my blouse, fondling my naked tits, pinching the nipples erect, rubbing my pussy through my skirt, making me wet desperate to be fucked. Then him walking out, leaving me frustrated, telling me to expect a text, which never arrived. One evening I was working late, the building almost empty, he came to my office, told me to take off my blouse and skirt and sit with my feet on the desk and masturbate. I could hear the cleaners outside in the corridor, frightened they might walk in, relieved their hoovers were covering the noises I was making. I was fingering myself when he picked up the bottle of mineral water on my desk, told me just to frig my clitoris as he slowly inserted the bottle, neck first in to my cunt and bottle fucked me until I came. I begged him to fuck me afterwards, instead he stood next to me and told me to suck his cock. I sucked greedily, hoping to please him, taste his spunk, make him want to fuck me. He didn’t cum in my mouth, but pulled out at the last moment, wanking until he came, shooting 3 or 4 times, in my hair, running down my face, on my tits, splashing my clothes. He put his cock away and walked out telling me he'd be in touch soon.

As it happened, any chance of being with him was then out of the question for almost a month, though I kept going to work with no underwear hoping he'd summons me for a fuck. Tom was home and our daughter visited a couple of weekends though I didn't see much of her. I'd bought a vibrator which sort of resembled Dan's cock and had used that frequently but it was an unsatisfactory substitute, though at least it succeeded, where Tom failed and made me cum. By the time Tom went away again I was gagging to be fucked, almost anyone would have done. Imagine my joy when I received a text telling me to go to the Gents toilets again. Not only did he fuck me but told me to go to his apartment on the Saturday night.

I suppose that became the pattern over the following months, a fuck in the Gents, keep me frustrated for 2 or 3 weeks, while he was probably fucking some other Slut. Then when he finally told me to go to his flat I was more willing to do what he wanted. Twice I went to the flat and I was undressed by him in front of his friends. He had me crawling on all fours before them, laid on the floor masturbating until he produced a massive dildo and told me to use it to fuck myself. Afterwards they took turns to fuck me in twos and threes, fucking me in all my holes while the others watched. I was getting a real sexual thrill from what I was doing. He was fucking me at work so I suppose it was inevitable that we would get caught. Lunchtime, a warm afternoon about a month ago, up on the office block roof. We'd been up there about 10 minutes I'd sucked him and was bent over a vent, skirt up around my waist, blouse open tits hanging out, with him fucking me from behind. Suddenly I heard a cough from behind, one of the building security men, checking the alarm we'd activated. Dan just greeted him by name and carried on fucking me until he came. When he'd finished I pulled my skirt down and Dan was chatting to the man. He called me over, “Don't worry, Dave won't say anything. I've told him you'll suck him off as a reward” Risk dismissal or give him a blow job. I blew him swallowing his spunk. He was as good as his word and all we heard was a general Memo reminding people not to go on the roof.

I suppose you could say that by then I had no shame. I wasn't remotely embarrassed by anything I was doing. Tom was away fairly regularly, Dan, well Dan is Dan, sometimes I got him for a whole weekend, other times he lent me out to some of his mates. He continued taking me to the cellar bar, sometimes to watch someone playing guitar on the stage, which I hadn't noticed, as it was normally behind curtains. There was the usual crowd of regulars, and it was expected that I would sometimes take my clothes off, certainly no one complained, men or women, which brings me a weekend three weeks ago. I'd gone to Dan's straight from work on the Friday. During the week he'd told me we were going to the bar and what he wanted me to wear, which I’d bought and was now putting on. I admit they were more suited to someone of 24 rather than 44, but my body is trim, my legs long and toned and apart from that I don't care what anyone thought. For once Dan didn't want me to wear stockings. I’d been for a leg and pussy wax and both were smooth, including my now completely hairless pussy. I was ready, but before we left, he fucked me, depositing a good load of spunk inside my cunt, refusing to let me wipe myself after. Though I didn't know it at the time it was the last time he fucked me. I enjoyed the looks I got on the short walk to the bar wearing a micro mini, hardly covering my pussy, feeling his cream dripping from my cunt, a transparent stretch top, which clung to my tits and a pair of sandals with 5 inch heels. If you're a Slut you may as well look the part.

It was late when we arrived, more or less the usual crowd, a couple of black guys I hadn't seen there before sitting at the bar. Naturally he wanted every one to see he'd just fucked me, telling me to sit with my legs open and show them the “Creampie” I thought it a shame James wasn't with us he would have licked we clean. I used my fingers to hold my pussy open, pushing them in covering them in spunk licking them clean until after 10 minutes I’d got most of it out. Dan was talking to the two black guys and I had a chance to have a proper look at them. Liking what I saw I moved sitting closer. Both about 6 foot, wearing tight T shirts showing off their muscular torsos, beautiful smooth black skin which almost looked as if it had been oiled, sexy deep voices. Dan introduced them, Lloyd and Laurie. We had a couple of drinks, then around eleven thirty I saw the owner going to the door and locking it, not unusual, he didn't like late night drunks turning up. Before going back behind the bar he opened the curtains in front of the stage, saying something to Dan as he passed. I didn't have to wait long to find out what, though I think I was probably the only one there who was unaware of what he had arranged.

“Who wants to see Lloyd and Laurie fuck my Slut” shouts and cheers as I was led to the stage by the two of them. Spotlights illuminated the area, a mattress on the floor. They lifted me on to the stage, pulling my top over my head as I stepped out of the skirt. I know what Dan likes and laid on the mattress, spreading my legs, fingering my pussy while Lloyd and Laurie undressed. I'd never felt so aroused, my juices flowing, nipples hard, from the exciting anticipation of knowing that I was about to be fucked in public. They had their backs to me as they stripped, then they both turned. Their muscular naked bodies, between their legs hung their beautiful black cocks, already half erect, not massive, about 8 inches but thick, just what my pussy needed. I stopped masturbating and sat up taking hold of both cocks, wanking them, feeling them stiffen in my hands, pulling the foreskins back, uncovering the dark, almost purple bulbous heads. My first black cocks, they looked fantastic, clear pre cum seeping out. I tasted them both, licking the liquid, poking the tip of my tongue in the eye. I got to my knees, moved closer, sucking their balls, licking up the underside of their shafts, running my tongue around the glans, teasing one then the other. Taking one in my mouth I sucked him, Lloyd I think. Laurie knelt beside me, sucking my nipples, pushing my legs apart, sliding his fingers into my sopping cunt. I found his cock with my hand wrapping my fingers around his hardness. His mouth on my nipples, fingers in my pussy, a cock in my mouth, but most of all I wanted to have one in my pussy.

Laurie got behind me on the mattress, and lifted me up, spread my legs wider, my gaping cunt displayed to the audience as he slid under me, pulling my pussy down to his mouth. His tongue probed my pussy, licked me, sucked my clit, tugging it with his teeth as I had an orgasm. As it subsided I begged them “One of you. Both of you. Fuck me” I wriggled back, reaching behind me found Lauries prick. Holding it steady I guided it to my hole. I felt the end touching me and shivered as I felt his cock penetrating my cunt. I wanted them both. “DP me” I gasped at Lloyd. He pushed me down flat on top of Laurie, crouching behind me. I looked over my shoulder, he spat on his hand and rubbed it on his prick. He spread my buttocks, I felt his cock touch my bum hole, for a moment I thought he was going to arse fuck me, not that I'd have minded, but he was just positioning himself. I felt him entering me, my cunt slowly stretching to accommodate them both. I felt him pushing harder, opening me up, then that moment when he slid his full thickness in, I’d taken them both and they could both fuck me in unison. One woman got on the stage, leaning over watching the two cocks fucking my pussy, wanting to know what it felt like. “Great. Try it” I managed to gasp, enjoying doing it rather than discussing the merits of being Double Penetrated. I was panting and puffing, groaning and moaning, hit by an orgasm another sort of simmering. Still they steadily fucked me. Slowing then taking me with long deep strokes, building me up to another climax, fucking me harder and faster. By the time I came again I was like a rag doll feeling each thrust, then the feeling of one of them cumming, Lloyd. He spurted two or three times then pulled out moving to my head, pushing his softening cock in my mouth to take the last drops. Laurie fucked me for another 4 or 5 minutes before he too came and withdrew. I was passed some tissues and wiped my pussy. Sitting with them both afterwards, stroking their cocks they asked me to go with them to their flat. I didn't even ask Dan but quickly got dressed and left with them for a fuck session which lasted most of the night.

I had a problem in the morning as all I had to wear was the micro mini and see through top, OK at 11pm not so OK at 11am in a busy city centre. Lloyd offered me a lift to Dans to change my clothes and collect my bag and mobile, even so quite a few people must have seen me. I arranged to meet them again that night and went up to Dans flat. He seemed all right, just wanting me to hurry and leave, telling me he'd call. I'd parked my car in a multi storey about quarter mile away and started walking there. I'd only gone about 200 yards when I saw my daughter walking towards me. She looked surprised and guilty, I thought she was staying at Uni that weekend. I stopped and asked where she was off to. “I've been meaning to tell you. I've been seeing Dan on and off for the last few months. I didn't tell you because he told me you don't like him” The bastard had been fucking us both, mother and daughter, I suppose the only surprise was that he hadn't tried to have us together. I said something about him not being so bad before making my escape realising that most of the times he'd said not to call he'd been fucking my daughter.

On the Monday I told him that I thought it best if I didn't see him again, he obviously knew why. Not that it's a big problem. I've got Lloyd, he's big, black and gorgeous and he's going to complete my training. The weekend before last he arranged for me to be gang banged so I think he'll make me a better Slut than Dan ever could.