Written by horse

7 Jul 2008

Could not believe my luck

Like a lot of the guys out there I was becoming obsessed by wanting to see my wife well fucked by two young guys, Claire often spoke about this and it helped her come whilst I licked her pussy, It wasn’t very often i got to fuck her as she said my prick was small and inadequate, then last week she said Friday night we are going out to a private party at a local pub i agreed no problem and didn’t ask any questions until that evening .Claire stood in front of me dressed in a satin blue short dress i asked her to lift the hem she slowly slid it up revealing black nylon stockings the glossy type with lace tops , bright red thong and matching suspenders, Claire was 5’1 Blond ,34dd tits ,she is stunning and her lips are gorgeous (she could suck the chrome of a trailer knob)all lined and perfect.

When we got there I suddenly dawned on me it was a private party for the local rugby team i didn’t know any one there ,Claire new a couple of younger girls there from a club she went to and they invited her, we were on our own sitting in a booth drinking V/L I went to the toilet and i was having a pee when two young guys of about 20 were talking about a young blond and what they would do to her if they had the chance the guy who was talking about the blond was called Reece I later found out and Callum his mate .Reece was saying that this little blond kept catching his eye he said he was going to go for it whatever that meant I never realised it was my Claire he was talking about ,I found this out when I came back to the bar and get drinks when i looked over and Reece was sitting Next to her Callum opposite. I was taken back and quite honest jealous as to what he was saying he would like to do her I. As i waited for the drinks i suddenly realised this is it her fantasy and mine rolled into one and how i could help it along I almost got an immediate erection (not that anyone would notice )I was thinking what the two might do to her .They had asked her what she wanted to drink and they both came to the bar and ordered her a drink they started talking to each other about there luck being in and how good her lips looked and betting each other who gets the first blow job.I didn’t say a thing i just sat on a bar stool drinking two V/L and watched them seduce her with their slick words

The party was in full swing the girls that new her did not know me so I just sat watching whilst Claire was loving the attention ,as the night wore on \i could see the guys getting closer and closer touching her through her dress on the dance floor groping her arse, I went and sat near them and i could see them both stroking up her skirt to her thighs along her stockings her expression changed the drink the situation and the touching was to much for her I could see her shaking then Reece pulled his hand from under the table and licked his fingers it was obvious he had been finger fucking her pussy. The two lads got up to go to the toilet probably to work out there next move, Claire had already decided that, Claire leaned over and said to me are you enjoying this as much as I am ,if you are fuck off home and i will be back soon. I left before the boys came back. When they returned Claire asked them back to our house for a night cap, Claire explained that her husband was at home

And not to worry as I was a small cocked wimp and that we had often fantasised about this, the boys were both well up for it ,Callum drove his M3 BMW while Reece gave me the fastest deepest finger fucking I have ever had I could se Callum looking through his rear view mirror whilst he pumped his fingers into me lifting me of the back seat I spunked my juices over his hand over and over I was ready for cock lots of cock when they got home Claire came in and introduced them to me i pretended I had never seen them, It was quite clear why they where there both slightly drunk no inhibitions Reece said to me in a commanding manor ,we are hear to satisfy your wife as she says you have a small insignificant cock and you are a wanker , I just nodded my erection straining at the front of my trousers, Callum said you can watch but we don’t want to hear a word from you otherwise you will be bound and gagged, Now take of your clothes ,I sat in the corner armchair and watched the two of them seduce my wife, there were telling her she was two good for me .they stood either side of her in the middle of the lounge kissing her neck and running there hands over her breasts down her dress to the bottom of the hem it slowly was raised as the two of them stroked up her stocking clad legs to her bright red suspenders tracing them here fingers until Callum rubbed her clit through her panties, Callum told me how wet she was and what Reece had done to her in the car on the way home. I was wanking for all I was worth she led them to the 3 seater and slowly one after the other undid there belt buckles there trouser fasteners and pulled down both there trousers and there boxers what a horny sight two young guys with my 37 year old wife she pushed them back and proceeded to gently suck on both there cocks one after the other, the lads were telling me how good she was and I was a wanker. With great skill she wanked and sucked until both were ready to come at the same time she did her best to drain them both in her mouth but one shot her in the face and hair and the other deep in her mouth ,she stood up walked over to me grabbed my hair pulled my hair back and dripped the hot young spunk into my mouth then she passionately snogged me all the juices mixing in our mouths .the lads cheered and said next time it will be direct straight to the back of my throat .I protested big mistake i was tied to the chair I couldn’t do nothing to stop them they were bigger and stronger than me .I sat there watching Reece with his ever growing erection lift her on to his man dick it was huge I thought only black guys had dicks this size he had Claire pinned to the wall her legs wrapped round him humping into her the cries she gave out I tried to decided whether it was in pleasure or pain (she told me later both) he lifted her up off his cock straight above his head she ended up with her back against the wall black stocking clad legs over his shoulders him standing tall eating her out her head against the ceiling. Callum was waiting for his turn and true to form he walked over and pushed his knob in my face I was told to suck it and get it hard for my wife ,I did as I was told and was surprised that as I sucked it got harder Reece threw Claire onto the couch spun over on all fours he pulled her pussy apart and slowly entered her open hole 10 “ of man meat pumping in and out she was crying out and moaning like I never heard her before he grunted and shouted out I am coming and a great gush flooded out past his cock he kept thrusting and pounding her he slowly pulled out and with a great plop his prick unplugged her cunt gushing seamen ,then a strange thing occurred Callum got up went over to her kissed her gently on her lips ,tits and proceeded to gently lick her full cunt swallowing his mates come. he then gently made love to her for about an hour her legs over his shoulders then round his back she was continually moaning i wondered what the neighbours where thinking . gently he thrust his equivalent size member into her over and over Claire was continually coming it was hard to tell from the whimpering noises if she was coming or just enjoying the passion and kissing whilst he fucked her hard with long strokes but with a controlled gentleness, Reece had been watching for some time like he was waiting for his que Claire straddled Callums dick gently grinding her pelvis of his stomach Reece walked over to me and told me to suck his dick i Did as I was told it was solid I could hardly open wide enough then he pulled away walked over to Claire then all hell let loose he pushed her forward the gentle Callum held her tight whilst Reece pushed his large cock up her virgin arsehole she screamed Reece held fast then in one sudden movement it was as if she relaxed his Big 10” cock slid in the pleasure and pain hit her again in waves of lust as she spunked on both dicks over and over. They stayed the whole night over and over they fucked her, they must have taken Viagra they also both came in my mouth still restrained when they left my wife said it was surreal what had happened and would love to do it again she was open for a week and I know the two of them have kept in contact with her as I have seen the texts and she sometimes disappears for hours on end .Look out for the next encounter.