Written by Jason

21 May 2009

Some years ago I had taken my current girlfriend, Rita, for a day on the beach, or rather in the dunes. Younger than me, she was not usually up for anything too adventurous, but had joined me in some nude sunbathing.

Whilst consuming a picnic lunch, mainly consisting of some warm red wine, an elderly naturist gentleman walked by at a respectable distance, smiling and wishing us 'good day'. Slightly out of character, I found myself inviting him for a glass, which he accepted with one of those ripe Old English voices. As he walked over to join us, I had to admire his equipment....a long but flaccid cock, balls buried in copious hair.

Rita had also noticed his cock, much bigger than mine, and was happy to join in the conversation which eventually led to him telling us that he and his late wife had conceived their first child on this very beach 53 years ago! Rita couldn't resist going into detail, and in his response I noticed the old man's cock slowly reaching a semi-erection, which he emphasised by turning on his side to face us both. The long foreskin slowly peeled back to reveal a very nice helmet...not bad, I thought for his age....I also sensed that there was an erotic whiff in the air, so announced that I was going for a swim, and please, you two, carry on and enjoy yourselves! (...and to Rita - 'I dare you...!)

Enjoy themselves they did...when I made my way slowly back to our spot, I heard a low female moaning...it could only be Rita...there she was on all-fours, the Gent very slowly and sensously easing himself in and out of her cunt, his hands moving smoothly over her back, reaching down over her breasts....then he pulled out, his large, rigid knob shining in the afternoon sun, and pouring some of my lanolin cream over her bum, then proceeded to ease his cock into her arse....at first with no visible progress, but then slowly sinking further up her anus until his balls were clearly hard up against her body...and Rita gasping a mix of mild pain and ecsatcy before he started that slow, rythmic movement again. I was hard just watching...my instinct was to offer my cock to Rita for an anal spit-roast, but as I got level the Old Gent took my cock, pulled it into his own mouth and gave me the most incredible BJ ever, and swallowing every last drop of my cum without a break in his steady shafting...I laid back, cock wilting, yet still he pumped, until Rita actually had an anal orgasm, almost collapsing onto her belly.

The old gent pulled out....I started wanking him, but he pushed my hand away. 'Oh no, Old Chap, I shan't come, stopped squirting years ago, but I do love the warmth of female flesh.' At which point he thanked us for our hospitality, wandering off, quite unashamed of his still-hard cock as he navigated the more populated part of the beach.

Rita was still on a high....she wanked and sucked me furiously back to life, and within 15 minutes I was filling her bum with my second load while she frigged herself silly.

Only when we had laid back fairly exhausted did we notice the young student just yards away, slowly wanking a hard cock.....'Over here, Luv...' she said....and within seconds he was treated to his first anal (and Rita's third!) - a few frantic strokes and he came, pumping his youthful cream inside her. He was Swedish, and at our invitation stayed to chat, and yes, regain his second erection....the sight of that ram-rod cock vanishing swiftly into her cunt was superb....less ready to cum this time he shafted Rita good and hard before pulling out and spraying several jets of milky spunk over her tits. She then pulled him up to her mouth and took the residue, her hands working over the cheeks of his tight bum, nearly meeting mine as I traced my fingers around his hole.....but really, that was the end of the fun. Young Mr. Swede left, smiling broadly, Rita and I laid for an hour hardly speaking, but happy. What was there to be said?