Written by val

1 Apr 2009

my husband has for years for me to shag another man while he watched i have always said no way. but in the last few weeks i was thinking why not give it a go so when we were reading a adult story in bed i asked him if he still wanted me to shag another man his answer was yes he wanted e to do it . so i told him i would give it a try so that w/end we went to benidorm to see if i could get screwed. i bought some very sexy underwear stockings etc i even trimmed my pussy hair right down so nothing could get in the way. after a few drinks we went to the black chicken which somone told us was a knocking shop. when we got our drinks my hubby went to the toilets he had being gone a few seconds when a black man was straight over to chat me up. i never had ive it thought about sex with a black man but i often thought if it was true what they said about they all had= big cocks. just then jim my hubby came back the black guy[alan] said sorry and started to move away but i dont no why i said no it was ok for him to stay. i nodded to jim an he said it was fine by him. after chatting and drinking i got up for a dance with alan e pulled me tight to him i could feel his manhood pressing against me i pressed against him i think at that point he knew i was his for the night. he started to talk dirty to me calling me a white slut who loved black cock i told him i had never had a black cock that seemed to turn him on more keep saying he was going to make me into a black man slut .the only answer i could say was yes with that his hand was up my skirt feeling my stocking tops then slipping his fingers into my knickers with that i cum on his fingers with a deep groan. we then went back to the bar and he told jim i was a horny white slut wh needed his 10ins o black cock dont you with that i said yes please. with that he took us back to is hotel in the lift he had his hands all over me with jim watching and rubbing his cock through his jeans. he then told me to take my clothes of in the lift skirt and top which i did i was so turned on i would have done anything for him. there i was standing tiny bra with my nipples sticking over the top,ting black thong on suspenders and stockings and 4 ins heel on. in the bed room he told me to give him a blow job which was very hard i could only get 7 ins in but that did not stop him from cummin in my mouth which was a first for me. after that i was his slut he fucked in position i never thought possable. i was his white slut he kept saying with me telling him yes a white slut who loved black cock. by next morning he mus have cum up me 4 times 2 in my mouth it was wonderful.jimwanked hself to a record 4 times he cum.now our sex life is great i love black cock why did i wait so long before i agreed to do it i dontknow. butcome on girls if he wants you to do it go out and fuck and enjoy yourself. i am 60 years old so it is never to old to do it.