Written by Jane

2 Mar 2018

Taking the dogs out one evening , hubby parked at a spot that became a dogging site later in the evening On returning he saw a near neighbour parked . This guy assumed hubby was looking to see any dogging action and launched into how he wanted to involve his wife . He said he had played away and would like his wife to get fucked . Hubby said nothing ,but just listened ,telling me all about it .He suggested we go for a drink with them and see what happens . Days passed before hubby bumped into him again and an evening out was arranged .

I dressed down ,but still looked hot ,but Tony’s wife looked as though she was going to do the flowers at the local church . Mary was however very nice and chatty and quite relaxed . We had now idea if Tony had made here aware of his desires or what . However after the pub Tony invited us back for coffee . Records were played and soon Tony pulled my to my feet for a slow dance . I don’t know if he knew about our life style ,but he soon had his tongue down my throat and his hand inside my knickers playing with my clit . Not knowing if this had been arranged I didn’t ask him what the fuck he thought he was doing .Tony was constantly looking at hubby and Mary . Hubby having seen what Tony was doing kissed Mary who seemed to be kissing right back !

Zips were pulled down and dresses dropped to the floor .I am afraid I got a fit of giggles when I saw that Mary was wearing tights .!

Hubby took Mary or Mary took hubby elsware and I was alone with Tony . My knickers were pulled off and I was roughly finger fucked. .i said I would prefer the real thing ,but he said he would only do it with a condom and he didn’t have any . Not much of a Boy Scout .

I slid his trousers down and got his prick out . I went down on my knees to suck him and As I did he pushed me against the arm of the sofa .I was trapped with his prick down my throat and the sofa behind me .

Tony grabbed two handfuls of my hair and fucked my mouth . I heard him start to grunt and I struggled to pull away . No chance ,as I felt his cum fill my mouth . I didn’t know what to do I was struggling to breath and my stomach muscles were contracting . I gave in and swallowed and kept swallowing ,listening to Tony’s continued groans . I licked him clean dear reader and suddenly felt very tired .I stretched out on the floor ,cuddle by Tony and that is how hubby and Mary found us when they came back in . Mary still had her tights on .

Tony seemed pleased to see them and enjoyed playing with my cunt in front of them . He pointed out my shaved cunt and tattoos to Mary ,suggesting that she had the same . Tony was soon erect again and pushed my head down onto his prick ,playing to the audience no doubt . He had his hands behind my head and I guessed he was going to make me swallow again . Goodness knows what was going through hubby mind ,as I had never swallowed him . I took a while for Tony to come ,but it was a full load and this time ,no gagging ,but kept it in my mouth , grabbed Tony’s head and kissed the bastard pushing as much of his cum into his mouth as I could . I couldn’t win ,he loved it pushing it back into mine followed by his tongue . His prick wouldn’t go down and my moth was around it again .this time however we were 69 and my kilt was beautifully sucked .Tony did finally empty his balls and I gobbled it down .

Rembering we were not alone I looked across the room , The tights had gone and hubby ‘s fave was buried in Mary ‘s pussy .No prizes for what hubby wanted and got when we returned home . We never saw Tony and Mary again in spite of constant calls .I don’t do condoms .

I was fascinated at parties when I provided my new service just how different cum can taste . As hubby pointed out ,only my arse to go !