Written by Unhappy Cool Guy

4 Oct 2019

We have been married for 9 years and had lots of fun times. It’s a second marriage for both of us. I was married for 3 years before and didn’t realise that my then wife thought more of her career than me or our relationship.

After my divorce, I met Kelly. Her husband of just over 2 years had been killed in a work related accident. Her sadness and loss was my gain. She is stunningly beautiful and her body reeks of sex. She looks hot in any clothes or none at all. If there was a negative about her first husband then it was that he was possessive and jealous. He thought everyone was out to get her from him. I am the opposite, I do worship her but I am only too happy to let her enjoy herself.

When we met she was seeing someone else and we had a good time together. I had to work on her for the second date but we fucked that night and she came home to my place and stayed for the next day. From there it just got better. I never told her she had to give up the other guy but she did after a while.

She could never get over how I wasn’t jealous. I just let her make the calls. She told me that although she enjoyed sex with her previous husband and boyfriends, it had never been as good as with me.

We don’t have children and she has the tightest pussy I have ever had the pleasure of putting my dick in. Before me she had never sucked a cock and had it cum in her mouth. I suppose, she looked that good, men just wanted to fuck her? She had never been tit-fucked. Never ever had anal. Never ever had a threesome either way. That’s with another girl or another man.

With me, she has done all those. As for threesomes we have had them with 3 other men up until last Easter. We have had 2 other girls with us. One was a close friend of hers and we have been with her many times. She is hot and I can never believe I am fucking the both of them.

Back to the extra men! Last Easter I invited a guy I knew from a few years before to go out with us. I knew him because he had been a boyfriend of one of my first wife’s girlfriends. This girl told my wife he had an incredibly thick cock. It was so thick that she had never seen anything like it before. When I met him again, I thought it would be really fun to give my wife the sensation of this guy’s thick cock.

All went well. We had a great night out and I let me wife decide if she wanted him to come home with us. I had only hinted that she may like his cock as it was different, especially compared to mine, as I have a fairly average cock. It’s not short at nearly 7 inches and its thickness is in proportion to the length.

When we got home and all stripped, I could not believe what we saw. I went down on her first while she played and tried to suck his cock but there was no way she could get her lips around or over it. She just licked it like a melting ice cream. I then fucked her but didn’t cum in her. She had had a couple of orgasms on my cock when I thought I would let him try to get his cock into her.

He did manage. I must say that he took his time, she was wet and he even rubbed more saliva on his cock when he started. He got into her and from that moment she just kept cumming. Her orgasms went from one to two until she just writhed, bucked and screamed until he eventually came in his condom.

After that night she wanted him again. Soon, he was staying over 3 nights a week and not using condoms. She has been away for weekends with him and if I have to work extra, he is at our place fucking her.

I thought her want and need for him would pass but it hasn’t. What is very evident is that he is the possessive type, just like her first husband. Now we are at the stage where he doesn’t want me to fuck her. He is jealous of me because she is my wife. He tells me that and he works on her. She tells me not to take any notice of what he is saying. My wife says she doesn’t love him, it’s just his cock and what it does to her.

I took her away for a weeks’ vacation but after 4 days, she insisted we go home. I gave in and she texted him and he met us at our place. He fucked her as soon as we were in the door. He was all over her in our sitting room. They never made it to the bedroom. It’s like he has control of her. I don’t watch them and don’t want to. I just wanted her to have fun.

What I do know is that, she can adjust to his width quickly now. He can just about just push his cock straight into her without foreplay. It’s like she can open up for him. The amazing thing is that when we fuck she is still tight for me. Its not that she uses her muscles to squeeze my cock, she is naturally tight.

I have fucked her reasonably soon after he has left and she is loose then, incredibly loose. It’s like I could put my hand in with my cock but if he hasn’t fucked her, then she is her old self and tight.

This is where we are now. I don’t want to give up on her and I am fairly certain she doesn’t want that. I have thought about forcing her to give him up. Having her make a choice, to have him or me, but not both. But I fear that would backfire and I would lose her all together.

She insists we are married, happy and one day she will have enough of him and we can move on. Believe me, we have talked about it. What she has told me is not to push her. She is happy at this stage to be married and get the fucking she craves from him. It’s like a drug.