Written by julian21

22 Apr 2016

To look my best for Danny I shaved my armpits, legs and tidied up my little strip of pubic hair. He like to nuzzle it with his lips in our preliminaries. Pull my panties down a fraction and nuzzle before gobbling me through my panties and then without - tongue entering my secret places. My nipples were erect as I dressed in white bra and lacy front white panties. I slipped on my silver grey dress. It fitted like a glove. Was I the only girl happy with her boobs and bum? I looked good. Felt good.

In the pub overlooking the river I waited. My phone rang. "I'll be late."

So there I was longing for his touch. Alone. In a pub by the river. Dressed to thrill. What next?

A voice announced Mr Next. "Me too", it said. From my bar perch I looked up. Thick brown hair nicely cut. Good smile. White teeth. Smelt of shower and something musky. Jeans and clean white shirt. Six foot five of, I guessed, oarsman. Fit, and, Oh yeah, fit. Time could pass quite quickly flirting with this.

By the time Danny arrived we were getting on just fine. At the bar, his hand round my waist, bum 'accidentally" touched. Me wondering if his cock was in proportion to the rest of him? And balls? I'm only five foot five and my hands are quite small. You know. Practical things like that.

Danny held off. No eye contact. Just ordered a drink and sat down. Watching. So when we drove off in Jason's car he just followed. He was giving me space. Perhaps he was hoping for a spit roast. He'd hinted often enough and with Jason and Danny I fancied the possibilities.

"Where to?" "The woods", I said jokingly. Well the woods it was. We parked. There were a couple other cars in the car park, both empty.. Dogging site? Or dog walking?

We got out and walked. His hand had slipped over my boob, hip rubbing his thigh. I was up for it, tingling with excitement and anticipation. As we left Danny's car slipped in.

He leant against a tree, pulled me towards him and kissed me. Hands slipped down towards my bum. They felt big, caressing me gently. Slipping between my lips. His tongue explored my mouth. He's imagining his dick in there, I thought. Evidently his dick was too. I love the sense of the ability which sex gives me. I can make a soft penis become a throbbing dick, by my clothes, a flash of boob or thigh or panties. I can turn any man I choose into a sex hungry animal. I can make him do whatever I want by controlling him through his own dick. This beautiful man I had chosen to pleasure and be pleasured by. Now, I could feel it hard, seeking to spring erect, pressing into me. Instinctively, my hand slipped down and explored his mound. His tongue became a cock and it immediately became firmer sliding backwards and forwards in his mouth. I sucked hard on his tongue my lips light around it. I felt his cock swell further, pressing hard against the fabric of his jeans. A movement out of the corner of my eye made me think of Danny. I'd give him a show. He'd like that.

"It'd be a real turn on to see you fucked by another man. Better still watching his cock being serviced by you mouth whilst I serviced the other end." Well, Danny..

If his tongue could have cum it would have as he felt me undo his belt , then zip. I slid my hand in touching hair. It felt weird. Danny was tidy. Just a two inch square of trimmed hair. Trimmed balls. I slipped my hand down over the low waistband. His cock felt awesome in his pants. I could feel the blood pumping rhythmically through his swollen but restrained cock. He groaned with delight. I slipped his jeans down and knelt before him. A mass of brown hair gave way to the taught yellow fabric of his briefs. I savoured the moment caressing yellow mound anticipating the release. Gently I took hold of his pants, lowering them slowly. He was leaning back and looking down. He too was anticipating the moment of release. Gradually, I strip-teased him for myself. Nestled in the hair as I lowered the waistband was the base of his penis. It was smooth and dark. Shaved and hairless. Then more. Then the helmet began to emerge. Cut. Swollen. Blue and hungry. Then it sprang up. Thick, gorgeous. I watched it stand there, erect, proud and throbbing. I spat into my hands and spread my moisture over the tip, my hand drawing flat circles around the tip. Pre-cum added to this and soon the whole helmet was glistening in the failing sunlight. Then I encircled it. My hand sliding down its length to the base. I Held the base squeezing it admiring what it had become under my ministrations. Thicker than Danny's but not as long. Gorgeous.

His hands slipped to my short, blonde hair as I started to grow his cock for us. Under the ministration of my hands sliding slowly his cock's full length I could feel his whole body fill with pleasure and anticipation. I teased and explored the sensitivities of his cock with my hands. Then having discovered them, slipped my lips over the tip. Ecstatic sounds came from his mouth as I worked him with mine. I tasted the salt of his pre-cum. Not quite like Danny's. Now his hands were pulling on my head to pull it down in time with his thrusting hips. In my hands his balls felt wonderful. Full of promise. I squeezed so that his nuts slipped together. He like it but occasionally must have hurt a little. Perhaps he wasn't used to it.

Time to cool things. "There's a chap over there, watching and wanking do you mind" "No", my desperate slave said. His head was filled with the thought of cumming. "Let's invite him over, I fancy being spit roasted". "Anything", my slave groaned.

Danny was in the shadows about fifteen feet away. His was naked from the waist down. I beckoned him over. His hungry cock led him across rigid, erect, swinging as it led him. . I spat into my hand, reached out and took Danny's into my hand. It felt good and familiar. As they stood side by side taking one in each hand. They weren't shy. Blokes love cocks. They love their own which they will wank whenever they feel like it and other blokes. Hence the action close-ups in porno films.

Danny loves to watch me wank him off. Not that I mind. I love bringing him the evident pleasure and release it brings, culminating in the screams or moans as his creamy cum spurts out. I suspect he'd like to go to one of those Japanese universities where a sexy female lecturer ends up bringing the whole group off, one at a time whilst the others watch. Jason and Danny weren't shy about watching themselves or each others' cocks.

Soon I worked one cock in my hands whilst I had the other in my mouth. Quite soon I knew that Jason was well on the way to finishing himself off, so I concentrated my oral attentions on him. I Poked my bum in the air. Danny came round, pushed my dress up, pulled my panties down. His cock felt delicious as he slid it slowly in. Ball deep. One hand to steady myself, I felt precarious, I took Jason's balls in hand. Heavy. Big with cum. Jason was evidently turned on by seeing Danny's long cock disappearing into me for him started pulling and pushing my head so my lips fucked him. My mouth was stretched because of his thickness, but I could get him ball deep. I loved the fact that these men's total pleasure came from what I was giving them. Being pulled and pushed at both ends was new to me, but eventually we settled down to a rhythm - whilst Danny buried, Jason pulled away and vice-versa. Not for long. I didn't want a mouthful. I pulled away just in time for a couple of strokes later out jetted Jason's cum. Hell, I was glad I'd pulled away. Jet after jet of thick cum shot out., most of it onto Danny. I'd have choked.

We re-arranged. I held Jason round the waist. Danny, turned on by Jason's cum started hammering faster and deeper. My face each time was virtually forced onto Jason's moist, still erect dick. Still a nice view. I should have licked it earlier

Drama queen. Moi. "Oh don't cum in me. Please." After all Danny was meant to be a stranger. "Please don't". No let up from Jason. Further pleas were ignored. Still he pumped my cunt. I worked my muscles over his cock hungry to drain him. "Please don't cum inside me." He pumped faster. Jason is a real stayer and has great cum control. Please, please, please don't cum in me". Then, "OK then I wan't your spunk. Fill me. Fill me. Please fill me with your lovely juice". This sort of talk was a real turn on for Danny. "Empty all your juice into me so that your gorgeous cum leaks out of my mouth". I knew that in moments he would oblige. His cock held deep inside me. Buried up to the balls. I felt his cock muscles as his juice spurted into my belly. Shot after shot filled me. Walking would be difficult. Spunk would trickle down my legs.

Face pressed against Jason's groin I licked his, still stiff satisfied cock of all the cream, turned and did the same to Danny.

Two tastes. Two satisfied men. One content, masterful girl.

Later Danny told me he'd loved it but found it strange when he'd seen me kneel down in front of Jason and start seriously on him. Danny was so aroused that I had to wank him off again in the early hours. Men and their needy cocks!