Written by Sandra

19 Nov 2007

Hi you may have read my true story recently of how I crashed my car slightly and how a very kind man called Frank came to my rescue. I had to tell my husband partly to ease my guilt but its only right that he should know(sorry it may be long). The rough details are that he took me into his house and comforted me and repaired my car so as I could drive home. I am in my fifties and have been married for a very long time. And in all this time had never been unfaithful although a neighbour once tried is it on but I managed to avoid the situation.

I had told my husband about it at the time and over the years we had the fantasy of what it might have been like had I let him fuck me. I enjoyed our fantasy but I am not the type of woman who would contemplate such a thing. That was until that fateful day of the accident when Frank comforted me and before I new what had happened I ended up naked and in the arms of this stranger. But to be honest at the time I enjoyed it so much I never wanted it to end.

I knew once it had happened that I must tell my husband Jim of what I had done, but somehow there was never a right time. You must know what it is like to tell the person you love something important especially that you have cheated on them. I had been putting it off but I knew I had to come clean at some point no matter how much our marriage was at risk. So I decided on Saturday evening I had cooked us a meal and got a couple bottles of wine.

So the plan was set in motion for later on that evening I had even got a new porn housewife fantasy dvd to spice up the atmosphere it. After our meal we started on the wine and put on the dvd which was a true story of a house wife being fucked by three men. We sat together on the sofa cuddling when Jim said to me how would you like to be in that woman's place right now. Would you like a strangers cock inside filling and stretching and filling you full of spunk. We were now both naked and Jim had his cock rubbing against my now wet open pussy

Ho yeess I cried I would love to be her, and with one thrust Jim had entered my soaking wet cut ramming in and out. I then cried yes I want Him, I want inside me, yes you would love that wouldn't you, I have I replied I have been fucked by a stranger and filled with spunk. Jim must have though it was part of the fantasy and started to call me a dirty little whore and dirty spunk bag. We ended up in bed making love again and after when we were cuddling I said I really have been fucked by a stranger.

Jim pulled away and said is this the truth, yes darling I'm telling you the truth, when , how , why it was when I crashed the car. What ? Who with, it was Frank who fixed the car for me, it just sort of happened, I am so sorry darling. Understand that you are angry with me, angry he replied, angry is not the word you're a whore , a slut, a tart, you filthy bitch. He just sat and looked at me, what are you going to do I asked, he looked like he was in a trance. What am I going to do you ask,, what am I going to do, I will tell you what I'm going to do, I'm going to fuck you that's what.

He dived on top of me pawing me all over and I have never seen his small dick so hard and big, he was inside in no time and came within about thirty second of entering me.

Ho you gorgeous little slut, you don't know how long that I have dreamt this might happen one day, ho god this is wonderful. Really, I never dreamt that you would actually want me to fuck another man I thought it was just our fantasy. No he replied, and now you have told me I want you to do it again, no I can't , yes I want you to phone him and fuck him again.

So we agreed for me to phone him, I could hardly believe this was happening Frank was going to fuck me again. And if I am honest with my self there have been times when my husband has fucked me, I have been thinking of Frank inside me. I phoned frank and asked if he would like to come over for a meal so it was arranged for the Friday night. I said to Jim please don't get jealous I want it to be a friendly evening don't worry I wont be meeting him. What do mean , surly your going to be here it would be so rude if you weren't here. Its you he wants and him I want you to fuck him so I will be upstairs and wont know I'm here, what you don't want to watch, no I do not but I want to hear it all.

So Frank arrived as arranged and greeted me with a kiss full on the lips,, where's Jim he asked ho , he away for the weekend. With that he swept me into his arms pulling me close into him and I could feel his hard cock pressing against me. Ho I have missed you Sandra, that day is always in my mind and I never though we would meet again. Would you like a drink I asked , ho yes I want a drink, I want to drink your cunt juice. Franks hands were all over me and he stripping the cloths from my body along with his own and we were naked in seconds.

Ho let me look at your gorgeous arse, so spun me round and pulled my arse against his now rock hard cock. He had only just walked through the door and we were in the throws of fucking each other and I was thinking what is Jim doing. Then Frank picked me up and lay me down on the sofa covering my body with his and kissing me passionately on the lips. His hand were caressing my body and he was gyrating his cock on my tummy. Once again I felt the spell of this man taking me at is own will when I looked up and saw jims face at the top of the stairs as he lay on the floor. Slowly Frank liked my neck and nibbled my ears moving down to suck my now erect nipples.

Frank carried on down kissing and licking over my tummy to me legs and inner thighs as I voluntary opened my legs to allow him access to my swollen cunt. Very lightly he licked my wet lips and I felt his tongue slide up inside me. All the time my head was spinning just like last time, and his finger was in my cunt. Ho Frank, ho Frank take me again make me yours with this he pulled my legs wide open placed his rock hard cock at my now wide open cunt. With one sharp thrust he was in me right up to his balls as he slowly thrust back and forth. I could feel an orgasm beginning to build when I looked up and saw Jim still at the top of the stairs wanking his cock like fury.

This just blew me away and I felt floods of juice flowing over Franks cock as I had one almighty orgasm as it ripped through my body.. I screamed to Frank fuck me darling fuck me come inside me fill me full of spunk knowing Jim was watching everything. Frank began to trust faster and faster until I felt his cock twitching as he unloaded one almighty amount of spunk deep inside me. But Frank wasn't finished he put two fingers up my cunt, and as he pulled them out with his spunk and my juice the put them in mouth. I greedily sucked them clean and he repeated this until my cunt was empty. Ho Frank I moaned I don't want this to end please fuck me some. Don't worry my little glorious slut I am going to fuck until you can take it no more. With that he spun me over so my arse was up in the air and again licked my sopping wet cut but alternating between my cunt and my arse

Then his finger was in and out of my cunt and stroking my puckered little arse hole and slowly but surly he entered my most private part with his finger. When he had fully lubricated me he pressed his cock at now waiting hole. Right my dirty slut take this inside you as he forced his cock all the way up as he began to fuck my arsehole for all he was worth. Once more I felt another orgasm rip through me has the sensation of his cock filled my arse. And knowing all the time that Jim was watching his wife get well and truly fucked senseless. Sandra, Sandra he shouted here take all this spunk in your arse as he let go and filled me up and later scooped his punk out and I liked his fingers clean.

We then got dressed and had our meal and two bottles of wine, He sat with his arm around me on the sofa and told me he was going stop all night. True to his word he stopped all night and we fucked on the sofa , and in my marital bed and in the bath. I even did something that I have never done at his request I sat on his face in the bath and let my pee flow into his mouth. It was the most amazing sex that I have ever experienced and all with my husbands blessing.

Frank did not leave until three o'clock the next day and soon as he left Jim took me back to bed and liked out my cunt tasting Franks spunk that he had left in me. Jim listened in the spare room to me and frank fucking each other and he 's the turn on and it's a dream come true. But now after its all over I don't know what to make of myself. But Jim says he been made to feel like a wimp by me and he wants more of it but I'm not sure. I was shocked with myself the first time it happened but I've now done it again and gone even further into sexuality than I have ever been