Written by Paulrcouple

9 Feb 2012

Please read first 3 parts posted on 3rd 4th 5th of Feb

The phone rang just after 9 on Monday morning Jane answered it she nodded for me to come over to her it was Martin he told Jane he would love a 3some with us but could not come over late at night his wife would want to no were he was going and when she was away from home he could not leave his son alone.

Jane got me to talk to him i said what about us coming round there when his wife was away he said there is no chance with his neighbours he said they all were nosy buggers all watching each other.

I Said come to the pub Wednesday dinner time its our day off we will have a drink in the pub its our day off and see how it goes he said ok i told him to get here about 12 when the pub would be busy and we could talk and the staff would be to busy to ear wig what we are talking about.

It worked a treat the pub was busy we got a couple of drinks and sat a posing table by the door asked if were going out we said we might at tea time which is not unusual for us to do.

We have done this before got some one in through the back door of our living area.

Martin came just before 12 got a drink and spotted us he stud at the bar for a while then came over very casually nobody would have thaught any thing was going on we got talking he told us that women had told his wife about Jane going in for a coffee he said she said we had a coffee morning on Friday so Martin told about them having a chat in the play ground it started to rain and he was offered a lift home.

His wife said how many more women do you fetch home from the school yard and would not let it drop all week end she was curious to see what Jane was like that's why they came into our pub for a meal.

He told us he had never been unfaithful to his wife but things aren't right he thinks she is at it.She used to be part time then when he lost his job she went full time and got promoted very fast the company she works for have got an office in Bristol its got an apartment and she is down there most weeks.

He says her cloths have changed her underwear is more sexy and as started to shave her pussy which he had asked he to do but refused he said they used to have sex every night but its once a week if hes lucky he started to get boring with it.

Jane told him it might not be a man we used to meet a girl years ago who had a bi side to her it happened in a pub we did B and B

Any way i said do you want to have some fun its getting on i told him i wanted to watch him fuck Jane i want him to walk round stuck up Jane like he did on Friday i told him were to und the back of the pub and i would let him in i said give us a minuet i will un plug that cctv camera so you are not seen on the monitor.

I let him in went straight to the bed room they started kissing i love watching Jane get kissed we all started to take our clothes.Jane got on her knees and took turns in sucking our cocks i got hold of his cock and started to wank it in Jane's mouth are you ok with that yes i have never been touched by a man before he said.

We got Jane on the bed in the middle i started kissing her and sucking a nipple he was down on her pussy then i felt a hand on my cock then warm breath i could feel him licking my knob end then his mouth was round it.

If it was his first time with a man he new how to suck a cock i told him to stop or i would cum i want you to he said not now later walk round fucking Jane for me which they did he had a very nice body nice tight bum he said he always wanted something like this to happen he said he watches gay porn and fucks him self with his wife's vibrator.

He wanted to have Jane doggy way and asked if i would fuck him while he fucked Jane i don't do anal a lot but tried i could not get it up him he was to tight.

We got him on his back and both sucked his cock at the same time it was a nice size about the same as mine but a lot harder.

I Got Jane on her back and started to fuck her Martin started to rim me then i could feel him rub his knob end on my hole he open me as far as he could got his bell end in but it hurt he was to hard he had to stop.

I Told him to fuck Jane hard which he did i told him to shoot it all up her i want sloppy seconds Jane was getting a good fucking i could tell he was going to cum his bum tightened up as he was shooting his cum up her he pulled out i sucked it clean then got Jane at the end of the bed stood up and fucked her.

Martin asked if i would cum in his mouth which i did i wanked my cock and the first jet went right in to his mouth then he sucked the rest out of me. They got on the bed i plugged the cam into the computer and played it back its a good one.

We had Jane in the middle of us taking turns to kiss her sucking her nipples she was playing with us both Martin soon got a hard in i asked if Martin would fuck Jane on his own i would have the cam set up and go down stairs instill they had finished which they did.

About a quarter of an hour Marin came down stairs he said shes waiting for you i went up stairs she was laid there with her legs open and Martins cum running out i got down a cleaned her up i put the cam on of him fucking Jane and she gave me a bj.

Martin had got dressed he told us he had never done any thing like this before.

I Told him well you have seen our add on S H we are always looking for a young lad i let him out the back door we had a shower and went into Manchester