Written by sue

15 Jun 2017

because it was hot I last week I decided to go out for a few drinks while my husband was at work , because it was hot I had worn a short dress , not to short, about 4 " above the knee , even though I am in my 40s I still look quite good . I ended up in a pub we always go in , it was quiet and later an old man we know called terry came in , he is a big man in his 70s , he sat with me and before I knew it , it was gone 9 oclock and I had drunk a few too many . I don't live far away in a block of flats , so terry said I will walk you home , I said ok . anyhow 10 mins later we are at the main entrance , we went in to the lift terry said I will make sure you get home and got in the lift with me, in the lift he said do I get a kiss for making sure your safe ,so I said ok. thinking he meant a little peck he kissed me on the mouth but made it a long one and I kissed him back but as we were kissing I felt his hand on my thigh and because I didn't stop him he went further to my panties then my pussy ,and I couldn't believe it he made me come , he was also hard and it was quite big ,we ended wanking each other he came all over my hand . we went our separate ways I went home , went to bed and played with myself about what I had just done , I had another orgasm. I didn't tell my husband and yesterday my husband had to go away for the night so last night I went out in a shorter skirt ,this time terry brought me home again but this time I invited him in , he stayed for 5 hours , fucking me and licking me to quite a few orgasms , he fucked me bareback coming in me twice once in my pussy and once I swallowed him , he told me I was a dirty girl and he would love to do other things to me ,like anal and a threesome with one of his old mates, we will see