Written by John

26 Dec 2008

Like a good many other husbands I love my wife to be pleasured by other men. I have done now for thirty years or so. But why?

For the first few years of our marriage the idea did not even enter my head. When someone first suggested it to me I was shocked and dismissed the idea; but the seed had been sown. So by the time we’d been married five years we were into swapping in a low-key fashion even though my wife preferred us to all be in the same room - which is what led us to group sex.

An example: two friends were staying for the weekend. Saturday evening we curled up on the settee together, the men at each end, the other’s wife next to him. The box was playing soft-porn, and we got stuck in. Soon the women were naked and our pricks were out. Rest of the clothes off and a shagging ensued with the women riding us. As my wife’s tits bounced about, the girl I was screwing reached out a hand to take the one nearest her and drew it to her mouth. She sucked my wife’s succulent nipple as two pricks pistoned away. Although this progressed to the two women giving each other soixante-neuf my wife never really warmed to lesbian activities and the norm of one wife and several pricks developed.

My wife was never completely comfortable with the idea of me screwing another woman although she had no qualms about being pleasured by another man. A little unfair, I thought at the time, but soon realised that I did not mind. After all, she did not have to know if I had another girl if I so fancied. So after a short while we moved into threesomes, sometimes more, but always with my wife being the only woman involved. There she would be, screwed and sucked from all directions for hours on end if all went well, with me taking my turn. Why did I like this? Why was I happy to see my wife bouncing on a cock far larger than mine, thrashing the man with her breasts, and experiencing deeper and fuller penetration and satisfaction than I could ever hope to provide her with? Why do I gain pleasure from seeing a huge cock slipping into and out of my wife’s cunt or mouth until I see her orgasm and he plants a huge dose of his seed in her? Why indeed do I like to see a smaller cock than mine giving her pleasure?

Is it simply comfort and laziness? I like a warm, pliant, reasonably well-covered woman with big tits. My wife fulfils this precisely, at size 12-14 and 38D when we married and but now 40F breasts. I find a more boyish shape with small breasts much less of a turn-on. I am also well used to her body knowing all the trigger-points and can take my time, whereas with other women I tend to come much too quickly even though I make up for that afterwards with my fingers and tongue. I know I should have sorted that out, but when the time comes I just go for it. Is that psychological, perhaps a fear of losing my erection before I complete the act? possibly. Or simply the feeling of power, of being in charge? By involving men in our sexual adventures am I simply ensuring that my wife gets full satisfaction from a session? Certainly. Then again, I am not impressively endowed at just under six inches. I know very well that this is the national average but that does not help. I would like to give her more. I can do this by proxy if our guest is well-hung. Is this an inferiority complex?

Recovery time is a consideration. Once I have come it can take me a good twenty minutes even to start to be interested again, so there is this gap where nothing much happens except for a bit of finger-work. I feel self-conscious about this even with my wife. With other men present and willing to carry on the good work I don’t feel so bad about taking a rest. I really don’t want to let my wife down. She has every right to have as much fun as I do, and to keep having fun until she is sated, which is where my preference for her to have other men comes in. I like to know that there will be a cock ready for her whenever she is ready for one, and if she wants more than one orifice filled at the same time it will happen. Is this a sense of responsibility?

Of course, my delight at having my wife take multiple partners is not purely altruistic. I like the interplay of hands and limbs and organs as bodies writhe together in sexual congress. I like the feel of another mans cock and balls, the taste of them in my mouth, his semen. Him taking me in his mouth whilst he is shafting my wife. And the reverse situation. Although not gay in the full sense, I am definitely soft-bi. I am also a voyeur which vice I can indulge as I watch my wife in action with another man or men. I like to see cum dribbling out of her cunt, her mouth, trickling down her face and hair and breasts, another man pounding his meat into her while he kneads her breasts and shoves his tongue down her throat or she is biting his body.

For a while we frequented a local swinging club – that’s how it was described, but sex-club would have been closer. There were never many women there and quite often my wife would be the only one. It was a very good place for a woman to get a thorough seeing-to. We’d go along and sit in the small “bar” for a drink or two whilst the single men would ogle my wife’s body. After the first two nervous visits to this club when we sat quietly and went off to the play room with one man (the first time) and two men (the second), she became very exhibitionistic when we were there, and took to wearing revealing clothing under a long coat for decency on the journey to and from. When she removed the coat at the club she would be wearing a see-through blouse, or a top with a navel-deep cleavage, or a tight thin clinging jumper, and never a bra to support her large breasts; a very short skirt or perhaps a longer one slit to the waistband with hold-ups and usually no knickers. She’d sit on a high stool with her knees apart, swivelling round showing herself off to the men in the room. She was always clean-shaven which made for easy-looking.

The third time we visited – and the first where she showed herself off so blatantly – after half an hour of teasing we went off with two men, but her message of availability had been noted. We entered the playroom and we three men moved straight in, removing her few clothes and our own and getting on with the sucking and licking foreplay. Soon a tongue had brought her to orgasm a couple of times and her first prick of the evening slipped into her wet cunt. No condoms were ever worn because when this all took place awareness of AIDS and HIV was only just emerging. I glanced up and saw that three or four men were watching through the glass observation panel between the wall of the playroom and the corridor – no one-way mirrors for this place! What a turn-on! Things were hotting up in the room; her first fuck had already shot his load and the second was taking over, when the door opened and another man entered and started to massage my wife’s breasts. She did not notice – or if she did she did not complain - so now she had eight hands groping her and four pricks pressing into or against her. The new guy soon had his cock in her mouth, the guy shagging her was on his short strokes, then came, and as he withdrew the door opened and in came another man with an eight-inch stiffy and slipped straight into her. At this the other two that had been watching came in and stood over her masturbating themselves although one immediately lost control and came over her tits. So things went on for a couple of hours – as soon as one man came another took his place until the seven of us had taken her two or three times each – one claimed four times. She went home on wobbly legs and had no idea of how many times she came during the session.

On subsequent visits the numbers taking part in the gang-bang gradually increased. The numbers turning up on a Friday (our regular day) increased as men cottoned on to the availability of a willing, attractive and succulent cunt. On the last evening that we went every man in the place, getting on for twenty or so, had her over a period of more than six hours until she had to call a halt, and she must have been penetrated at least fifty times in various orifices, dp’d and spit-roasted. (If you are calculating, this was about a quarter of a pint of semen). However, things had got quite this session and when we got home she was bruised, had bite-marks over her breasts, neck and body, had a very sore cunt and arse, an aching tooth where a prick had been too forceful in her mouth, she was still dripping cum from her abused holes, dried semen covered her body, face and hair, and she was exhausted. What was worse, we soon discovered that she had picked up a nasty little bug which fortunately was cleared up easily by the clinic. So we decided that it was time to call that bit of fun a day, and limit ourselves to personally selected “guests”. Luckily we had thought to collect the phone numbers of men that pleased her during our visits there either by virtue of their size or technique, which were useful for years to come. In fact we still see two of them on a fairly regular basis.

We’ve eased off now and only play once a month or thereabouts. The men are a mixed bunch: older, younger, tall, short, one is quite fat. But they all have very large cocks. Entire or circumcised are welcome although she prefers a foreskin as it makes for easier penetration and also gives her more to play with when she takes it in hand or mouth. One has a Prince Albert which she enjoys for a change, although as he also has a huge cock it can hurt a little after a while. He wears a smaller piece of jewellery now to make things easier.

But even so, thirty years later, I still like to see my wife being pleasured by one or more men. And I’m still not sure why.

If you have any thoughts on why we like to see our wives being screwed senseless by other men, or would like me to think things through a little more deeply, please let me know.