Written by MS

13 Nov 2007

I like to watch my wife get fucked. This was my fantasy for years until we finally accomplished it a couple of times several years ago. It has now been many years but we relive our past encounters frequently and decided to give it a try again. We decided to go to a local hotel bar that is frequented by a lot of singles and traveling businessmen. Our plan was for her to go in first and I would enter later and sit apart from her and see what developed. If she found someone she liked she would tell him a girlfriend had dropped her off and was to return but called and said something had come up and she wouldn't be able to make it back and my wife was to take a taxi home. If he offered to give her a ride and she really wanted to fuck him she would take the long way home and I would take a shortcut through a shopping center and have about 5 extra min. to get set.

We have a family room with a gas fireplace that is overlooked by a second story walkway that affords a good view of the room without someone noticing. I was to hide on the walkway and if she was going to fuck him she would do it on the rug in front of the fireplace.

She dressed fairly conservatively but showed quite a bit of cleavage since she has beautiful large tits for her size. I also talked her into not wearing any panties under a long skirt. When I entered the bar about 30 min. later I noticed she was setting at the far end with a nice looking middle aged gentleman. I watched for about an hour as they shared drinks and chatted. I then saw her excuse herself and proceed to the restroom and I soon felt my cell phone vibrate. She asked if I wanted to still go through with it and I asked her if she did and she replied that it might be fun. I told her to go for it. I then saw her reenter the bar and after about 20 min. they got up to leave together. She smiled as she passed my place at the bar and after they went out I followed and watched them proceed to a car that was directly across from ours. When he got to the car he opened the passenger door for her but before she got in he turned her around and kissed her passionately. I don't believe they noticed while they were kissing I got in our car and watched as she got in and he went around to the drivers position. I could see that they started to make out before he started the car and she later told me what happened. As they kissed he started to play with her tits and she started rubbing his already hard cock through his pants and after a few min of this she took his hand and placed it on her inner thigh and he slide it up to her now wet pussy and let out a low moan when he found she did not have on any panties. She said he then started to fingerfuck her with two fingers and she went back to rubbing her cock. She said he then told her what a tight wet pussy she had and that he would like to fuck her. She told him they might be more comfortable at her house since it was close. I watched as he started the car and leave the parking lot. I drove off, took the short cut and put the car in the garage. I then went in, turned on the gas fireplace and hid on the walkway that afforded a great view of the entire room especially the rug in front of the fireplace. A couple of min. later I heard a car enter our drive and a few min. later they entered the house. I heard my wife say for him to go in the family room where she had left the fireplace on and make himself comfortable and she would get a couple glasses of wine from the kitchen. When she entered with the wine she sat on the floor on the rug and leaned against the sofa and invited him to join her. They sipped wine for several min. and chatted and then he took her glass and sat both glasses on the hearth and turned back and kissed her deeply. They really got into it and he was soon unbuttoning her blouse and bra and her large tits spilled out. He said how lovely they were and started sucking on them as she started to rub his cock. As he sucked on her tits she unbuckled and unzipped his pants and took out a very nice hard cock which looked to be about 7 inches and fairly fat. As she stroked it, he raised her skirt and started to play with her pussy. I could see she was very excited and wet because her pussy was glistening in the firelight as he fingerfucked her. After a few min of this she suggested they disrobe as it was very warm because of the fire. They both totally disrobed and stood naked with his very hard cock sticking straight out. He then layed her on the rug and spread her legs wide, got between them and started kissing his way down to her pussy and started to suck it. It was a very erotic sight as she had her legs in the air spread wide and I could her him sucking on her wet pussy. She then said she wanted to suck his cock and moved around in a 69 position with her pussy over his face and he continued sucking her pussy as she took his rock hard dick in her mouth and alternated between sucking on in, jacking it and occasionally sucking on his balls.

After several min. he said he was going to cum. She told him to hold off if he could and asked him to fuck her pussy. They moved around and she again spread her legs wide giving me a great view of her open pussy and he positioned between her legs. She took his big cock and guided it in. He slide in easily all the way to the balls and begin to fuck her slowly with long deliberate strokes. As he fucked her he sucked on her large tits. When my wife gets really excited she enjoys talking dirty and I could hear her tell him what a big cock he had and how good it felt in her wet pussy. She told him to fuck her harder and he started slamming that cock in up to the balls. I'm not sure if he didn't know my wife was on the pill but he suddenly pulled out stroked it a couple and times and shot stream after stream of cum on her stomach and tits. They then rested and sipped wine for about 20 min. as I watched and listened. I had already had my cock out and stroking it but had to stop because I was afraid they would hear me.

He then started to play with her tits again and tell her what a great fuck she was and how tight her pussy was. As they talked I could hear him ask if she had cum. She usually doesn't cum in just the straight missionary position and told him that she had not and that she could cum if he fucked her in her favorite position, from behind. He said he would love to and by now was very hard again. She then turned around with her ass and pussy in the air on her arms and knees as he got behind her she reached between her legs and guided his cock back to her sopping pussy. He slide in up to the balls easily and started to fuck her hard with both hands on her ass and pulling her to him. She then reached between her legs and started to play with her clit. This is usually the way she cums. They fucked this way for about 20 min. when he asked her if she was close as he was about to cum again. She told him to fuck her hard and this time to cum in her pussy as she was on the pill. She then started to really work on her clit and yelled for him to cum in her pussy as she had a loud orgasm and seemed to keep cumming for several min. He fucked her hard then reached under her, grabbed her tits, tensed and pulled her on his dick as deep as it would go and shot his second load in her pussy.

They then relaxed and chatted for a bit and then my wife said he had better go as she needed to get up early the next morning. He then dressed as she walked him to the door totally nude. He kissed her good night and gave her his business card and told her he hoped they could get together again. After I heard his car start I came down the stairs with my hard dick in my hand we kissed passionately and I told her that was the most exciting thing we had ever done. I then asked if I could have sloppy seconds which is my favorite thing fucking her wet sloppy pussy after a big hard dick had been their. She said of course since she was still horny and wet and that his dick was so large that mine wouldn't hurt. I then layed her on the rug shoved my dick in with her legs on my shoulders and added my cum after only a couple of min. We then talked and shared her wine and she started to tell me how good it felt to suck and fuck him and filled in the details that I was hard again in a few min. and she asked if I would fuck her from behind while she played with her pussy with a vibrator so she could cum again. She got the little vibrator and positioned doggy style. I got behind and shoved my dick in her pussy again. We fucked for only a few min as she vibrated her clit and then yelled she was cumming again and I added another shot to her already soaked pussy.

We have relived this and fucked several times over the last week. She still has his phone number. We have talked about a repeat or even maybe a threesome which she confessed has always been her fantasy. I might go along with it if we could work it out since I would again get sloppy seconds.