Written by Tod

27 Jul 2018

It was after the kids where off our hands the time when we should be a happy couple after getting back our time with out kids

I think in away we where a bit lost but thing where about to change in the most unexpected way I could of imagined

Sur my wife somehow got involved with someone else, I have no idea how it happened that part was and still a mystery, up to that point I would of said that be the last thing Sue would do in fact I thought her moral attitude was somewhat to high making her a little prodish maybe

I think if she was described as a loving wife and mother it would not be far wrong her family alway came first she was honest and truthful

All that was true till a point in time when things changed outwardly the fasared stayed the same a happy forty one year old married woman

I started to notice a couple of odd things only small things nothing really to put my finger on, my vision may of been clouded because in the last couple of years I had developed for man fun as it seem a lot of men in midlife can do so I had that secret on my mind and was being careful