Written by Wondercuck

23 Mar 2019

My wife of 5 years and together for 2 before that decided to experiment and expand our love life. Both of us had been very active before we met. She was actually in a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship when we met and started fucking. It was when we fucked each other a lot that she ended with her old boyfriend. He didn’t see it coming and when she told him he begged her to keep seeing him besides me and she did for about 3 weeks. It didn’t worry me too much but she had had enough and called it quits.

We must have been married nearly 3 years when we both thought it would be ok to have her fuck someone else. We did all the usual fantasy stuff and play acted but both agreed we were mature enough to bring a third person in. It was easy and quite unexpected. We booked a limo to bring us home from a business dinner and show. We got talking to the driver and it was his last job. So, we invited him in and she liked him and we all got naked and he fucked her. Of course he used a condom but after him I then fucked her bareback. She wanted him again and did her best to clean herself up with tissues then sucked him hard and he fucked her again. This time it was doggy style and she pulled my cock as I knelt beside them.

Next morning when we woke he fucked her again and I watched. It was really good. She loved what he did to her and I could not believe how good it was just to be there and look at the 2 of them. We saw him again and pretty soon he was a regular and no condoms anymore. He was at our place when he wasn’t working. Sometimes we would go with him in the limo and a couple of times I would drive while he fucked her in the back. He would then drop us at a bar while he did a job or two and then pick us up again. We would go home with me driving again and them fucking in the back. It never worried me that he was fucking her so much. It seemed that them getting off was good for me and I didn’t need to cum as much anymore. It actually felt good to have to wait until he wasn’t there and I could fuck her.

We have now moved on from him and she now fucks her boss. He is much older at 55. The guy is married but gets no sex at home. My wife keeps him drained. He will do anything for her and will do anything she wants. He does fuck her during work but she likes to bring him home. She will have me take hold of his cock and position it at her pussy and get me to rub it between her pussy lips and over her clit and then feed it into her. Then after he has cum in her and I am ready she gets him to do the same for me. It’s an incredible holding another man’s cock as your feed it into your wife. It’s also incredible but totally different to have a man hold and guide your own cock into her. I also get the added bonus of sloppy seconds which gives is a great feeling and what she and I call “fun with cum”.

He showers her with gifts. These include jewellery and clothes and shoes. Her underwear is to die for. Most are so skimpy that they are hardly worth wearing. She loves where she has him as with him being married he has everything to lose. Hence he will do anything for her.