Written by Lisa

27 Jun 2008

My evening started with a text saying would you like more than one cock and load tonight? Mind you, I am a married woman but every Thursday night is my night for extra activities. So, of course I said yes. I made sure I left my house dressed appropriately for the occassion, a nice little mini-skirt with nothing on underneath to make for easier access. When I got there, the guys were sitting at each end of the sofa so I kneeled down on the floor between them and asked if they would drop their pants. Sucking cock is my specialty, I had one cock in my hand while I was sucking on the other one and took turns for quite a while like that til \\\"my friend\\\" told me to finish off his buddy, which was my pleasure. Then it was time to finish off \\\"my friend\\\" and while I was doing that his buddy was behind me fingering my pussy-I felt like I died and went to heaven! And then it was time for round 2, this time I was sucking on one cock and getting the other one in my pussy and they took turns doing that til they squirted their load all over me, and more was yet to come. His buddy had to get going but me and \\\"my friend\\\" headed up to bed, and what a variety of dildos he has, big, small, long , short-and he stuck them all inside of me while I was sucking on him again. This time when he was close to finishing, he turned me over on all fours and stuck his dick up my ass and finished there. He kissed me on the forehead and told me we can all do it again the same time next week-that\\\'s when I knew I must be a good girl!