Written by Helen

1 Dec 2011

Lets say I,m a mature woman now,I've been married and overall enjoyed the sexual side of it,I,ve been divorced for a couple of years now,masturbate occasionally for relief,but I,m happy enough with that.I found this site a couple of weeks ago completely by accident,I,ve never really thought about sex sites on the internet,I was looking to buy a garden swing and I got into this site,then I found I could'nt stop wanting to read the stories.I trawled back through them for stories about men having gay sex,it was something that really turned me on when I was a young woman and something I thought I'd left in my past,but it has all come back.

As I said at the time I was a young woman barely in my late teens,I had no real idea about sex,as far as I was concerned sex was something that happened between a man and a woman,I had,nt at that stage been in a relationship with a man,I was,nt the prettiest looking and I,d never been asked,and like masturbating now,I did it occasionally but it was just a relief thing,I knew what the male sex organ looked like from seeing my brothers but even then I,d never seen one erect and had no idea that they rubbed it to masturbate themseves off.

I was coming home from a music lesson one night,it was going dark,I really badly needed to go to the ladies toilet for a wee,it was on my way by the local park.I could,nt believe it when I got to them and the ladies bit was closed for repairs,I simply had to go,in my desperation I did something that would set me on a bit of behaviour I have since tried to forget.

I looked in the door of the mens toilet next door and as far as I could see it was empty,I went in,the light was on but I can still remember it was still fairly dim in there,it was empty,I went in one of the cubicles,right then not being aware of anything except that I needed a wee,I just about managed to get my knickers down in time.As I,m relieving myself I begin to notice the drawings and the writings on the back of the door and the walls,it was the first time I,d even seen a drawing of an erect cock and it took me a little time to work out the writings were about,wanking,I,d never heard the expression,but I can still remember some of the drawings,some were fairly artistic,there was no mistaking a hand holding an erect penis and with what appeared to be some kind of liquid shooting from it.

I was so engrossed in all of that I forgot where I was,it was only when I heard footsteps coming into the toilet that I realised my predicament,I sat there absolutely still almost daring not to breathe,I dare,nt even pull my knickers up in case I made a noise.I could hear outside in the toilet,he'd be just having a wee and then going,I heard him cough a couple of times but I sat there silently,petrified.

There was a small hole in the door and as I heard him come near the door I put my hand over it,then I heard more footsteps,somebody else had come in.I sat there for what seemed for ever,even though it was only a couple of minutes,I could hear noises from outsde in the toilet and then sombody tried my door,I had bolted it,they would have known there was somebody in there.

The noises started again and I could hear whispering,without making a sound I slipped onto my knees my knickers still around my ankles,I knew I was taking a chance but I was panicking,thinking how was I going to get out of there,if there was only one man out there I would pull my knickers up and make a run for it,but I needed to know.

I held my breath and put my eye to the hole,I got a full view of both of them,I could see that one of them looked like he was naked from the waist down,I could,nt see any trousers or underpants,what there was no mistaking was what the other man was doing to him,he was what I thought of then as just rubbing the first real erect penis I had ever seen,if it had'nt been for the drawings I'd just seen on the walls I would,nt have a clue what was going on,even typing this now I can still see that hard penis being what of course I now know was 'wanked'.

I quickly noticed that the other man though his trousers was still in place,his flies were wide open and he too had an erect penis and the man he was 'WANKING' was returning the favour,as I'm completely lost watching what they were doing,the one who,s trousers was still in place but with his penis fully out came towards my door again,I put my hand back over the hole but I was sure they wanted to know who was in there,but one way or another they seemed happy enough that it was safe to go on pulling on each others 'COCKS'.

I was suddenly conscious of a sensation between my legs the like of which I,d not had before,I believe that was the first time I had my first full orgasm and as I watched them 'wank'faster and faster on each others 'cocks'I started to get repeat orgasms.Within minutes I witnessed my first male ejaculation from the man who,s trousers were not apparent,it was very quickly followed by the one who had come to my door, and completely understood the drawing on the wall.

They both very quickly covered up,the one whos trousers were obviously about his ankles cleaning himself with a hankie before pulling up his underpants and trousers,the other one just pushed his back inside his flies and zipped up.

I saw something that night that most women will never see,two men 'wanking'each other off who had completely no idea that a young and very innocent woman was watching them do it.I got out of there as quickly as I could once they had both left,but what I did,nt know then was that I had got so sexually aroused by the event that I would return there time and time again,knowing that I was taking a chance of being caught,possibly even raped,but thinking about that now I don,t suppose men who became sexually aroused by other mens 'cocks'would really want to put it in a vagina,I don't know.

Them toilets were also where I witnessed two men engaging in anal sex and it would be several years later after I'd got married to a much older man that I would first experience it myself.

Some readers might find this a bit tame but I felt I needed to tell it.