Written by first time cuckold

19 Apr 2009

After a few years of suggesting my wife sleeps with another man I had no response. She wasn't totally dismissive, she just said it would never happen.

But over the past few weeks she had been acting a bit strange. Going out in the middle of the week to meet friends for a drink, popping to see her parents at wierd times etc.

I thought nothing of it until one night in be she said 'you know that you always wanted to see me with another man'.... my mouth went dry and my cock instantly hardened. I said 'yes'. Dont get mad but Ive been seeing a man in work, and after a while Ive told him that you want to see me getting fucked. My god I though I was going to cum. I asked if she'd done it already but she she no, but she'd sucked his cock. She asked if I had a hard on before she continued, and made me get it out before she continued. The reason they hadn't fucked was because she felt guilty and that when she said she wanted to pass it with me, if I really meant it?

I asked if he'd felt her pussy, and she said that, no only that he'd shaved it in the shower! I couldn't believe it- she'd never shaven before!. She stood up and pulled her knickers down to reveal. I wanted to touch, but she smiled and wouldn't let me. She kept her panties off and got back on the bed to continue. She passed them to me so that I could put them to my face. She was obviously getting off on this by the dampness of the gusset. Part two to follow.....