Written by tjw1311

19 Feb 2007

This group of austrailian females..

You see i run this place...not really a B&B but a sort of base camp for walkers and mountain bikers...but very modern and clean.

Anyway i had a booking for a group of 8 ...female only room

its nice to get bookings like this...very nice.

i also noticed that it was the only booking we had as it was mon - thu...very dead at this time.


i noticed one of them (emma)

she was stunning and looking around the room and seemed very happy....i then got to know that she made the booking and was what we call the main one of the group.

So then it was time to show them around....showers DOWNSTAIRES ...etc

and that was that.

The next day the group was going walking after breakfast and asked me for directions.

Where they wanted to go was going to be an all day hike


closed the door and there was emma in the reception...

"they just left" i told her

i know she said im doing my washing today as we have been camping for three nights

it was after that i found out the dryer had broken so she needed to use the radiators in her room and later she called me up to tell me her stuff wasnt drying and for me to take a look...on the radiators at this time was just her knickers (clean i know but hey??)

so i picked a couple of them up to feel how wet they where

"as you can see my knickers are very wet" she said

like a kid i just had to laugh and she then noticed how that sounded and went very red

i have that affect i told her..trying to ease her shame lol

thats all i have so i cant wear any until they dry.

this is when my heart really began to race......

you mean your not wearing any right now i said??

nah..i dont believe you....What the hell made me say that???? i thought

then she smile...no really all i have is this skirt and thats it...everything els is wet

including you???? ...shit ive got to stop..i cant ask things like this i thought

so i cut the conversation short ...told her id put the heating up and left.

next morning she didnt come down for any breakfast and left with the group to go out for the day.

i decided to talk to her when she got back to explain.

not sure what i could say to explain that though??

that night the girls had been out drinking and on there return emma was fist in..."hi " she said and got off to her room.

then one by one they went up and the last one sal came into me to ask if i thought it was right that i should act in such a way???

oh shit i thought here we go!!!!

"you see" she said

"if you treid that with me...you know what i would have done"??

"look im sorry about all this " i said

then she butted in

"i would of had you there on the bed ...if ems to boring for you....im not"

"she told me you felt her wet knickers on the radiator....well you can feel mine to if you like"

and with that she walked off to her room

i didnt know what to think so i just put it at the back of my mind

2 AM and i was in bed when there was a knock at my room door (i live in)

and it was sal.....fully clothed

"what is it "i asked???

she took my hand and placed it at the bottom of her skirt

"want to go up there?????" she asked

i pushed my hand up to feel a very wet but shaven pussy

"though you wanted me to feel your wet knickers " i said

she pulled them out of her pocket "here you go....if thats all you want...you can keep them.." and started to walk off

"i want more of you " i said

with that she turned to me ...take me then

my hand was back up her skirt playing with that nice pussy when she pushed me down to give it a lick

she tasted so nice as i licked her clit to the point of orgasm

she then in turn went down to suck on me

and wow...i needed this i told her

just dont cum in my mouth she said and sucked on me till i was close ...pulled out my cock and wanked me over her neck and top...licked it clean and thanked me.

i then cought something move in the corner of my eye.....it was emma on the top of the strairs

just pulling her hand out of her knickers and stepping away

she knew i had caugt her and rushed off to her room...she had watched me and sal in our oral moments

Next morning to spoke to emma

i seen you watching us last night i said

come to my room tonight at 10 o clock...i want to talk to you i said

ok she said and i got my plans ready for when she arrived

this is where i get my own way....look out for the update of that half soon.