Written by Ever the Watcher

26 Nov 2016

Let me explain. First roll back a few years. I married my first wife when I was 24 and she was a year younger. I was a young Civil Engineer just starting a career and she was a nurse. We married mainly because her father wanted us to. He reckoned if she was married he was no longer responsible for her as her wanted to move overseas to the Philippines and fuck the rest of his life away. He did just that.

He paid for the wedding and gave us a good deposit on a house and left. We knew we needed to make money so she did nightshift and especially weekend when the money was even better. I worked long days and life was good.

We met this other couple who were much the same age but not married and lived in a flat near us. I started to go over on a Friday and Saturday night for a drink and play music. I play lead guitar and Ben was a good base. The girl Jan, was beautiful and always flirted. She did things like showing plenty of cleavage, bent over and wore short skirts while we played.

One Friday night it was about 10 and had finished playing so that the neighbours would not complain when Ben asked me if I would like to watch him fuck Jan. She was sitting beside him and just looked straight at me. He went on to say they both wanted it and hoped I say yes and stay because he was going to fuck her anyway. I then asked her if it was what she wanted and she nodded and said yes and please stay.

With that he stripped her and himself. He made sure I saw everything. She had a beautiful body and he had a good sized cock. It was probably an inch longer than mine. Ben sucked and teased her nipples and fingered her cunt. He made her cum that way then he took his good sized cock and pushed it into her. He rode her for a good while, lifted her legs up and pounded her. She moaned, swore and said fuck, fuck over and over again. She must have cum about 4 times when he pulled out and came on her stomach. He then sat back with his wet, glassy cock hanging as she played with his cum on her stomach and picked some up on her fingers and licked it off with her tongue.

It was very hot to watch and I was still fully clothed. My cock was busting in my jeans. He got some tissues and cleaned himself and Jan and I said I had better go. They both got up and saw me to the door without getting dressed. Ben asked if I would come back tomorrow night and I agreed and Jan gave me a kiss on the cheek and I left.

I never said a word to my wife the next morning when she climbed into bed at about 7 am. I was all over her and fucked her hard before I got up and she fell asleep. That was normal as she liked to have sex after working a night as she then relaxed and had a good sleep. On the weekends when I was home I would fuck her again when she woke up. We had a lot of sex.

The next night I went back to Ben and Jan’s. We played but finished early and soon Ben had her naked. It was then he said that I could get my cock out and wank as I watched. I must have looked a bit unsure when Jan said yes please do. I did and timed it well as I came just after Ben did. When I came I caught it in my left hand so it wouldn’t get on my jeans. This time Jan jumped up and got tissues and a towel for Ben and I to clean up. He had cum inside her and she stood in front of us with her legs apart and wiped his cum away as it oozed out of her pussy and done her legs. That was so good to watch.

I was ready for my wife next morning and this became a regular weekend thing. Jan and Ben became even gamed and varied how they had sex. She masturbated, used dildos and sucked Ben. He fucked her tits. I watched everything. Then they invited another friend and both of us watched. We both wanked as we watched but we never touched Jan. It was purely a voyeur thing.

This other chap had a girlfriend and he told her what we were doing as she never minded but told my wife. The rot set in and my wife had an affair with married doctor at the hospital. She always said it started after she found out what I was doing with Jan and Ben but I firmly believe it had been going longer.

We split up. She kept most as the house was her dad’s money and I moved away. I started playing in a band in pubs. It was 2 years later that one night after we had just played a set that this stunning girl came up to me as I was walking off the stage. It was Jan. She greeted me and kissed me hard and said that she had missed me. I was stunned.

She waited for me to finish playing and we had a drink. She told me that she and Ben had broken up a year ago and that she had had another boyfriend but she was finished with him as well. I asked her back to my flat.

Jan told me she had wanted to have sex with me ever since Ben had invited me to watch them. She stayed the night and we fucked and fucked. The sex was good and Jan ever the exhibitionist let me watch her do things to herself while we rested and I could go again.

Jan moved in with me and we married 2 years later when all the legal issues were sorted from my previous marriage. Jan has had sex with some other men in our 28 years of marriage. I have always been there and watched every time. Our bond is very strong. I get so much pleasure watching her and she gets off having me observe her at her dirtiest best.

I am not a cuckold and it’s not about big cocks for her either. I am a voyeur and she loves to expose herself to me. It’s that simple.