Written by Jason

21 May 2008

Jim, his chubby wife Jan and I had been having occasional 3-sum fun for years. We are all well over 60, but still managed to generate the sort of sexual energy that saw Jan enjoy several orgasms, and both men discharge our duty (hot, white variety!) as expected.

Then one Wednesday evening...we had watched some very rude dvd\'s downstairs, undressing each other in the process, and taking it in turns to pamper Jan\'s tits, belly and cunt, when the doorbell rang. At first it was a case of \'ignore them, they will go away\'...but they rang persistently. Jim crept towards the front door to see who was there....It turned out to be Bob, a friend who had only once been with Jim and Jan to Holkham beach in Norfolk for a nude afternoon. Friend or foe?

Jim, dresed in only shorts, chatted with Bob for a minute or two, then returnd to the lounge. \'Shall we ask Bob to join us?\' I was sitting naked, still caressing Jan\'s tits, and semi erect....Jan was sort of nonplussed, not quite knowing how to respond.

For better or worse, Jim took the decision. He invited Bob in, explaining that we were having a little naked relaxing session, letting things take their course. Bob\'s eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw Jan and I naked and close, but rapidly composed himself and within a minute was also naked....and very hard! I was impressed by his superb cock, rising from a forest of ginger hair, the foreskin peeling back of it\'s own accord to reveal a large purple helmet.

Jan was soon taking our three cocks, in turn, sucking, wanking, playing with our balls, our fingers massaging her tits, probing her moist cunt and arse.

This could\'nt last for long....sure enough, Joe, the husband, was first to ease his cock into her wet labia...missionary position. I had my cock in her mouth, while she viusly wanked Bob\'s handsome todger...then all change...Bob turned her on her belly and eased his rampant 8\" all the way up her fanny, bringing gasps of pleasure from Jan, who had probably never entertained such a big willie up her maidenhead...Jim and I both sat and watched as Bob got into his stride and started pumpimg her, pulling nearly all the way out, then driving his cock deep inside until his belly was pressed hard against her bum...then the pace quickened....short strokes....yesss!! A loud gasp from Bob as he unloaded goodness-knows how much hot spunk inside her...but stop? No way...he kept on thrusting until Jan almost shrieked with ecstacy, as she had the orgasm to end all orgasms....slowly Bob eased his pumping, his softening cock eventually slipping from her sticky cunt-lips....only to be replaced by Jim\'s quivering cock, straight in, right up to the hilt...three minutes hard thrusting, then his delivery of love-juice...I\'ve seen him cum over her tits before now, and boy, does he have a handsome load....I imagined all that spunk adding to Bob\'s delivery...!

My turn...Jan wanted to ride me, so I lay on the lounge carpet...she straddled me, eased my cock into her soppy cunt, then started to ride me like crazy....then stopped!

I saw her look round, sigh, gasp, then almost collapse onto me....Bob had (being a much younger man) revived his manhood and was now trying to ease it into Jan\'s arse...not yet hard enough, and no lube...some KY appeared from somewhere (well done. Jim!) and after a little positive wanking, Bob was ready for the next crusade....I felt Jan shudder as his big helmet split her sphincter, then pushed up deep inside her....words I had never heard her use before came from her lips...I was near cumming, Bob was cruising, then it all happened...I shot my load deep inside her, adding to the pool of cum already there, and Bob noisily filled her anal cavity with yet another delivery of his thick white seed.

We rested, Jan wanking each one of us in turn, as we became aware of the spent love-juice slowly seeping from both her holes.

Enough? Not likely...while Jim and I looked on, Jan sucked and wanked Bob back to a third full erection, pulling him greedily into her raw cunt-lips like a demon, grabbing his arse-cheeks until he had shot his third load inside her. Well, that really was it....we were all exhausted, and gave Bob a beer before he went home.

Jim and I took Jan to bed, but try hard as we could neither of us could get hard enough to pleasure her again...but Bob is certainly now on the fun list!!