Written by Fran

28 Feb 2019

Hi, I'm Fran age 57 and I wanted to relate a recent episode I had with a man I would guess was half my age who I had never met before or since.

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I were at a wedding reception at a place about an hours drive away from where we live. The reception got started late afternoon and everyone was having a good time with plenty of food and booze being consumed. By mid evening my husband had started to get worse for wear and as we hadn't driven there called a cab home and as I was enjoying the party and had no intention of calling it a night I poured him into the taxi and went back inside the place.

The party was really getting going in the main area with a disco etc. but I fancied a few drinks somewhere a bit quieter so wandered into a smallish bar away from the crowd, I sat at the bar and ordered. After chatting to the barman for a while I had noticed a guy walk by and have a look at my legs etc. he smiled and said hi, I was both flattered and a little excited at the same time so I smiled back and said hello.

He stopped to order a drink then came over and stood beside me, he said cheers so I said the same then he got chatting while we had our drinks. He asked me if I was at the party I told him about husband having a few too many and leaving and he said oh well his loss is my gain, this made my stomach churn as I was enjoying the company and the thought of this younger guy being familiar was to be honest turning me on.

After a bit he said how are you getting home so I said I intended to call a cab and he said don't do that I can drive you into the town and you can get a cab home from there. I agreed and we finished our drinks and went outside, the do was in full swing and the car park was practically empty as most of the guests obviously knew it might be a long night so had left the cars at home.

We walked around the side of the place and he took my arm and said I'm parked over there, I could see a car at the far side he led me across the dark car park towards his car. Just as we were getting near to the car he slipped his arm around my waist and said can I have a nice kiss? I said hey I'm married but he just replied well hubby shouldn't be leaving his nice ripe wifey on her own then should he. he pulled me closer and bent to kiss me, his mouth was on mine and I opened my mouth to let him kiss me, my tongue was in his mouth and he pulled me closer to the car and after unlocking it he opened the back door and pushed me inside then got in after me.

We started to kiss again and his hands went behind me and under my top to unclip my bra strap, he pushed up my top and his hands went inside my bra at the front to stroke my nipples which he teased stiff until I was gasping. He pulled my top and bra completely then he was sucking my bare tits till I was squirming around and moaning, he was saying mmmm you like having your nipples sucked don't you love?.

After a minute or so he knelt up on the seat and had me undo his, pants and get his dick out, while I was wanking him he told me to lift my skirt up which I did till it was up over my stocking tops and bare legs above then he reached down to pull it up further over my panties and suspender belt till it was rucked up around my waist. He said give my cock a suck love, I licked it then started to suck his dick end while he talked dirty to me which only made me hornier.

While I sucked his cock he ran his hands up my legs and after stroking them for a while pulled my panties to the side to feel my fanny, he said shit you're wet then pulled his cock out of my mouth and pulled me up and turned me around so I was knelt down on the seat.

He said take your panties down honey so I eased them down till they were just below my stocking tops then he ran the end of his cock over the nylons and put the end near my fanny lips, he said do you want me to shag you so I gasped yes, he had me say yes please then I reached back to put the end in my fanny. He pushed all the way in and he fucked me while saying stuff like I wonder what hubby would say I he knew his wife had been stripped half naked by a stranger in her stockings and suspenders, maybe he would like to watch?

We orgasmed almost together and when he pulled out he had me lick spunk off the end of his cock before he got out so I could get my bra and top back on then I had to pull up my panties, adjust my nylons and suspenders and smooth down my skirt.

He drove me into town and close to home and said I have a friend who would like to meet you I'm sure, he gave me his mobile number and said get in touch if you want to have some fun with two guys.

I got home and husband was in bed hard asleep, thankfully I had chance to get my panties and stockings in the washer as his spunk was in my panties and on the dark shiny tops of my stockings, I had a couple of strong drinks as I was still shaking from thinking about what had happened.