Written by Mr D

10 Jul 2009

A few weeks ago when the sun was out, Mrs. D an I went for a walk in the country by a river (it was a wed so it was a quiet day) we do like a bit of hiking.

After a mile or so we were hot so we sat by the river for a drink, as we were talking a young lad of about 25 walked past and said hi and we started to chat, During the conversation j (Mrs. D) said I could just go for a swim in the river, Don’t let me stop you I said, Pete ( the lad talking to us ) smiled and said go for it, J said I only have my bra and pants on under my clothes, that’s ok with us.

After a bit of coaxing J slipped out of her clothes an was stood there in a White bra and white lacy thong, She made her way into the water and started to swim in the river, after a few mins she stood up and said come on in you 2 its nice, What she did not know was her bra and pants were now see through, J s nipples were standing out and you could see her trimmed pussy through her knickers,

Pete and I striped off to our undies and were straight in the water, we were splashing and messing about in the water for a few mins I then pulled j s bra off, and J said stop it to me and Pete shouted wow, we started to laugh J said I was naughty . We got out of the river and sat on the grass bank to dry in the sun , J had kept her bra off, As we sat in the sun talking Pete said to J that she had a fantastic pair of tits and her arse had looked so sexy in the water, I had noticed that Pete had a bulge in his pants and J was looking at it , J pointed at Pete’s pants and said that looks nice to, Would you like to see it he said, you don’t mind if I show J it do you Pete said to me, With that Pete got his hard cock out, Js eyes lit up can I feel it J said, Pete said yes with that J moved over and started to rub Pete’s hard cock, Pete started to play with Js tits and the next thing J was sucking Pete’s rock hard cock, all I could see was Js head bobbing up and down and her arse in the air, I moved over and started to lick her pussy through her pants and give her a slight fingering, J stopped sucking Pete’s cock and said she wanted to feel his cock inside her so we swapped over, I laid on the grass and J bent over and started to lick my balls and suck on my cock, As she did that Pete pulled Js pants off and entered her from behind, The look on her face as Pete’s big hard cock went into Js wet pussy said it all, J started to moan as Pete thrusted in and out of her pussy ,she sucked hard on my cock and I could feel Js orgasm Cumming she let out a loud moan and said to Pete shaft me harder, with that Pete started to shaft J with some long and hard thrusts, my spunk was getting ready to explode, stop I said I am going to cum Pete said he was going to cum too, J said I have, With that he pulled his cock out and emptied his load allover Js arse ,He rubbed his hot spunk over her arse, with that J laid on the bank and I wanked over her tits ,My spunk covered her hard nipples so I just rubbed it into her tits, J then sucked us clean. .We all then collapsed on the grass bank, After about 5 mins we got dressed and walked on to a country pub an had a well deserved beer, We gave Pete our number and will be seeing him soon, So if you are in the country side one day and you see a couple by a river who knows what might happen.

When we got home J and I went through it all again and are now waiting for Pete to call us