Written by sqwsmith

21 Dec 2010

Hi its been a few days, we had Aran round and I think he had given Jean my wife the fuck of her life, this guy seemed different from the others to date,it was not only the physical side, he all going for him he is one of the luckiest guy I have known in that way his manhood is massive, both length and its girth, he boasted he had ten inches after see it he must be right, thinking about it Jean is lucky she had a couple of big cocks before taken his, even so she said she really struggled to accommodate his at first, I did wonder if it may damage her inside I don't know how deep a woman can be penetrated before any harm is done, it seems as if her pussy stretches like elastic to his girth, its all a bit of surprise to me, I get the impression from her the fatter it is the more she enjoy it I have noticed a change to her pussy physically it is no longer as tight as it was, it did go back to how it was before we started this, I am sure its muscles are not as strong now, or they relax easer, this is days after she been fucked, or is it me

So after the sex Aram didn't rush off, the three of us lay on the bed chatting, like it was normal thing to do, he is one of them guys you jest get on with, how funny can it get, I am on the same bed as my wife and her lover, all naked chatting away, the thing that I liked Aran wants to include me, it is plain he is very experienced at this and we are far from the first couple his been with, he hinted that we are like other white married couples his known, or do know, he suggested he he came back the next night, we both agreed to that he was very keen he wanted Jean again as soon as he could

After he had gone, we both felt pleased and happy we had met him, I asked Jean what it was like, she said it felt huge inside her, he knew what he was doing, he was quite gentle and for the first time she was sure she felt him cum inside, there was enormous amount of sperm in her, and he coursed her to have multiple orgasms

The Saturday night came, Aran arrived, it was like having an old friend over, a few things came out, he seems to like a white woman a couple of time after she had him for the first time, I joked so you make sure she is stretched, he smiled and said yes, he did say its not often, a woman takes him like Jean did the first time,a few odd things came up in our conventions, like contraception,and did we like Jean going bareback, he asked if we been to any parties or grope things, which was a no, he knew a pub-club where white couples go to meet black guys,also he had a few friend like us couples that like to get together some times, it was all very interesting to us and he could see how much I liked watching and how exciting it was for me he could really understand that and thought it was a good thing and I should never worry about that or shearing my wife with other men

We ended up in bed together like last nigh, some how I started to think this time it may be a bit different in some way, I was right the bull side started to come out a little

We lay with Jean in the middle him on one side me on the other, Jean was loving it, we got her nipples really standing out between us, I had never known her pussy so wet as well, hell she was ready for fucking, Aran lay on his side his dick was laying on Jean, over her hip and quite away on to her stomach, he spotted me looking at it, with a knowing smile he said you can touch it its okay, my hand went out, it felt very warm I couldn't believe how heavy it seemed, and my finger wouldn't quite und it,so there I was with one of Jeans nipple in my mouth and my hand holding her lovers cock

It came round to Aran having Jean, she given him some head, and hell she went for it, she was all over his cock and balls, I have never seen her as horny as this, the thing that struck me was when she licked the base the end was over her head, they ended up with Jean on her back and he was going to get up her, he then said you put it in your wife, so I got hold of it, and pointed it at her, her pussy lips look as if they where rolled back and quite open she was very wet, I pushed the knob end down the slit, I was careful to find the opening, I felt him move forward a little, it was lacked in place on target and he pushed, the color he is jet black and she is very white, it moved in, that big head diapered, as I let go Jean gasped, he took two more large shoves and a couple jerks to get ball deep this time, that was not as gentle this time, she yelped then groaned as he nailed, he had her full on his cock the end must of been in her tummy, he started some movement with his hips as it to make sure he was as far in as he could be to her womb

Then he started, he wanted to fuck, I held her legs in the air, as he got going, I could feel Jean parting them so her crotch was more flat and open, she wanted it, he was going so hard and fast I thought he bounce us off the bed my wife was trying to meet the thrust

Yelling fuck me, don't stop, please YES YES, the fuck lasted ten fifteen minutes, he slammed into her holding there, jerking Jeans body seemed to twitch under him taken his load as it pumped inside her, it was over

The rolled apart, Jean was breathless, I was left on my knees with my little dick sticking out, Aran reached over and got hold of it, and lifted Jeans head up,he got me in his fingers and rubbed me, in no time I stated to cum my wife had her mouth open and I shot in it, she swallowed the lot, Aran said to me do your job clean your wife up for me

I do I went down on her, I heard him say good boy, she was full of spunk

When my duty was done, we lay together, I was told to go and get some drinks, when I got back Jean was working on his dick, she stopped to have a drink, soon it looked like Arans cock was growing with out any help, Jean was soon down there, and he was at his full glory, this time he wanted her on top facing him,I held his dick as my wife impaled her self on it, this was going to be a longer ride, she bounced up and down with out any danger of it coming out for some time, he held her still and bucked under her like a jack hammer, given her a huge climax, she got off, I was told to lay in the middle of the bed Jean got over me in a 69, on her knees, then he mounted from behind, I was very close

to Jean pussy, it was very distorted and stretched as he fucked it there was a white ring round his black cock, Jean foamed round her lips at one point, I had drips on my face, she had a very tight grip on my cock, as she was fucked, he was making us and the bed move, and when he did cum I watched his balls go tight as another load was shot inside my wife, he pulled out, there was a flood of spunk over my face, I lifted and licked and sucked for ages, I got most of it, I now think I been cucked a cuokholder