Written by sqwsmith

22 Oct 2010

As you know my wife Jean had been on her first date with Mark an Asian guy, I had worried all night

When she came in the door I had kissed her and she didn't really want to and pulled away and said she needed a wee and ran up to the toilet, and she could of used the one at the end of the hall, a bit odd

I was making coffee in the kitchen and got a salty taste in my mouth and my tongue and lips seemed a little slimy as well all a bit odd, when she came down she did kiss the this time I could taste mouthwash

As you can imagine there was a lot to talk about I had questions it turns out his a gentleman no more than a huge and a kiss, I was a little suspicious as to what was going on in the car as she was a long time before she came in but didn't say

I tried to get a leg over that night but she wasn't having it, next morning the phone rang it was him Mark he asked to speck to Jean as if it was an every day thing, I left them talking and slipped upstairs and pick the phone in the bedroom up, I did feel guilty doing that,they where into the convocation, it seemed as he was asking was I alright with them going out, Jean was telling him I was fine when she came in

She had thought I would of been in bed as it was late, he then asked had I said any thing today

She said well his asked a few questions, I told him you are a nice guy a real gentleman, he laughed at that, she did as well,she was saying I am okay with it and I am happy she had a nice time, don't think I quite said that, there was some other things said, he was making sure I was okay with him taking my wife out,then it seemed they where going out next Friday as well, Jean said I have not got

round to telling him that yet, but he be fine, then he said he was sorry about what happened in the car, he said he couldn't hold on he had to let it go, she giggled, your fine I liked it, he said you got in the mouth, she said yes and I swallowed it,and giggled it seem to please him, so you like doing that , she said if I didn't I wouldn't of done it would I, so she did give him oral sex, she sucks me some times but have never let me cum in her mouth, there was a lot more said but I had to get downstairs, they where still talking when I got in the lounge, she ended it then when I was there

There was another call that evening and may be two on Sunday, she called him ones

It was the Monday night I did get my leg over, in the morning she asked well told me she was going out with him on the Friday, I did agree I know I know

That week dragged I had very mixed emotions, I was jealous angry, some times with myself,there was some thing that was very weird I fund I got aroused at times,Jean seemed to be on cloud nine

The Friday got here I feel tight inside or a little sick at times, I had been told to get a take away

on the way home, I was hopping to get away early but didn't I was late, when I did get in Jean was dressed, and looked gorgeous, it was a new out fit a tight fitting top the plunged at the neck line

it was overuse she had no bra her skirt was also a tight one it above the knee and had a split on both

sides, I spotted in the bin a packet that had stockings in, she asked how do I look and did a turn I had to said wonderful she did, but some thing I spotted that came to minded later was she had no pantie line at all

We where in the lounge chatting, waiting for him to turn up, I asked if she be late and got a maybe

Don't wait up, then I had an idea, I said I am off to the pub, she liked that idea as she knows if I have a few drinks I want to go to sleep, I have a plan, he pulled up she kissed me, I told her to have a good time, I watched her get in his car I got a flash of leg and stocking as she did and there went I watch the car drive off

Now what to do first I had a very good look round the house well our bedroom she been shopping I would say there quite a few new things in her wardrobe and some new sexy underwear in her drawers

At the back of one was a surprises there was a packet of what is the morning after pill and three boxes of the pill one was started she used three days of them, she had a coil fitted a long time ago

I found her every day hand bag there was noted she been to the doctors I would say she had the coil removed and gone on the pill, never said a thing

So my plan I put a light on in the back of lounge one thats awkward to switch on and off got my jacket left that on the floor put a glass and a bottle vodka on the coffee table a beer can by my chair and kicked my shoes off

It was getting on now so into out bedroom and waited, it seemed a long time, the car did pull in I was looking out the window there where sitting chatting, Jean got out and walked to the house, I hared

her key in the door, then hello hello her heels kicked she must of looked in the lounge hello I heard her come upstairs I was in bed now one arm hanging out she said hello I didn't move she came and looked at me are you asleep I grunted and rolled over John I snored, she left the the front door open I was looking out the light in the car came on and he got out and came to house she said come in his pissed in bed go in there I will check I jumped into bed she came in and looked at me hello no your out of it she said and left

I went onto the landing she was going into the lounge, I waited they talked I could hear most of it the door was open then it was quiet then a giggle or two I slipped down into the hall, I had a bit of

luck I not planed on a mirror on the other wall I could see in it right into the lounge they where on the sofa kissing he was over her his hand was in her knee as they kissed it moved up her skirt road up as well as it got higher on her thigh her legs parted that made the skirt go higher she had no knickers on his fingers touched she opened her legs his wrist was moving I heard AR AR MM then a little gasp his arm moved as well he must of got a finger up her they really where getting into kissing now and he was fingering her faster there was some arss arss she lifted under him and gasped she must of cum

Jean pushed his shirt off they moved round he was laying back as she came forward I could see her top was up her tits where out the nipples as hard as rock fuck she horny

She was kneeling in front of him tugging at his wast band she must of got his toruses undone she pulled them down with his pants there was some kicking to get rid of them she lay over him kissing him one arm under her she sat back I could see what she had in her hand fuck me I thought he looked huge, the funny thing is he is dark skied but that thing she is holding looks black, I gulped when I sore his balls a massif sack with two very large lumps at the bottom resting on the sofa it looked as if they came off a donkey or a horse his dick made main seem tiny, she got the foreskin back the head

was bolus, she was in front of him now bending she was sucking the end her stated to bob a slopping sound after a time I watch him take her off it they kissed he lifted her she stepped back dropped

her skirt and climbed over him straddled him he held that thing pointed it up she lowered down quite slow as she got near it her thighs really parted I had her pussy in full view it touched she jumped a little then came down and rested on the end he moved it he found the spot the opening, she went

Chris-ed she looked down and gasped as she settled she was sinking onto it OH MY GOD ITS HUGE she shouted quite loud I could see the lips swell as they stretched round the shaft the head has diapered

with and few inches as she took a real deep breath as more diapered, his hand where on her hips holding her helping may be, her wight must of been pressing her down as it pushed deeper inside her

she exhaled and gasped her bum hole looked like dart bored there was not much to go before she was impaled that slipped in she bottomed out sitting on his lap, slowly she lifted with his help it was all very slow it must of been a tight fit, half way up she dropped down with a gasp she lifted higher this time then came down the pace picked up with lot of moans and groans with loud gasps I was amazed

how high she was lifting there was a white fluid appearing on his shaft and round her pussy lips I knew to well she had climaxed a couple of times she dropped down and lay over him, he tried to buck under her but the positions was not quite right

He rolled her over his rod had come out it was shingling with wetness it bounced and waved about as he positioned Jean pulling her to edge of the sofa her legs wide open I got a glim's of her cunt it was a gapping hole, I lost my view as he mounted her there was HO MY GOD he was in, he started hell

he was off his balls swinging, she was not getting any mercy he was going to rip her apart if he had to she squealed and panted his meat was up her and she knew it, her legs where on his shoulders they came off and waved about in the air as far apart as she could get them she was getting that meat

as deep as it would go how she was taken it I will never know , her hands griped the sofa she bucked

under him jerked she was having a huge orgasm, he was going like a jack hammer then he jerked and twitched his balls tight under him he grunted lots of time as he pumped his seeds into her body

I shot my load over my hand I slipped back up to landing in case they looked my way Jean did come out to get kitchen towel it was quite quiet down there for a time then I heard a loud gasp and moan his at her again it went on a long time I had another hard on, it was quite then some taking later the front door opened next the car started and pulled away, there was some movement downstairs then Jean came up I heard her in the shower then she was in bed with me she fell asleep not long after