Written by sqwsmith

20 Oct 2010

I had watched Jean my wife get ready to go and meet another man that in it's self had excited me, but now I was feeling a bit different it was sinking in what I had agreed too

She looked wonderful before she left, I had watched out the window as she walked to his car (a Mercedes)

He opened the door for her and as she got in I got a glim's of leg and stocking top, he must had a real

good look from where he was, I watched as it pulled out of the drive and went down the road

I has asked her to phone me to let me know, she was okay, and she thought she be home about eleven thirty

I had the feeling I had lost some one, the house seemed empty, it was a really funny feeling, I was trying not to think about it but there was no way I could get it out of my mind

I put the TV on but couldn't concentrate so I switched it off, the room was dark, I sat there thinking

Jean had told me this was only a date nothing would happen, she wanted to see what it was like to go out with some one new thats all

The phone rang, I jumped, it was her, I asked are you all right she said yes I am fine enjoying myself

They had a nice meal and he taken her to a club he was very charming and polite a gentleman and I was not to worry, she hung up or we got cut off it been over two hours now

I may be stupid but it made me feel a little better, the clock didn't seem to move, time was standing still, it was ten thirty, I was thinking she be home in an hour I must of nodded off, it was gone midnight at a little before one, head lights swung into the drive his car stopped out side, I was looking out, no one got out, there was a dim light from the street lights, I could make out two figures it looked as if they where kissing they parted, then moved back together more kissing she didn't seem she was in a hurry to come in, I couldn't make this bit out, it looked as if there was one figure in the drivers seat, it seemed a long time then there was two of them, then they must of kissed and may be talked, then the light came on inside and Jean got out she straighted her skirt and said some thing to him

The next thing I heard her key in the door it opened as he drove away I went into the hallway she stood there kicking her heels off, she looked a little surprised to see OH I thought you be in bed

I asked how did it go, did you have a good time, yes fine I really enjoyed myself, Marks very nice

I kissed her she didn't seem to want to kiss me, and said I need a wee make me a coffee and rushed

up stairs, when I was making the coffee I licked my lips, it was like a slimy and salty taste to them

Jean came down she kissed me this time it tasted of mouth wash, we sat in the lounge I was asking questions, whats he like did he try it on, she was a little sheepish, and said he is very nice no he keep his hands to him self we danced, he did kiss me twice thats all, I asked do you want to see him again she said yes may be his nice

Then she wanted to know how I was, was I okay how did I feel she loved me and things like that

I had noticed there was a button or two more undone on her blouse also we had a kissed and one side in her heir it was mated and seemed wet

We went to bed she showered and came to bed which may be a little odd as she had one before going out

I tried my luck but she said she was to tired

The next morning the phone rang I picked it up, it was Mark he said Hi like he was a friend and asked for Jean I put her on and they talked she seemed very happy he had phoned I slipped up to our bedroom

and picked the other one up I was in middle of what they where saying it seemed she was saying I was fine about her going out with him and went they where going out the next time Jean said she still had to tell me that, he said he was sorry about in the car, she said no thats okay I would of not done it if I didn't want to, he said I was so worked up it happened he couldn't hold on he had to let it go

She giggled did you think I wouldn't do that sort of thing, he laughed and said you got in the mouth

she said yes there was no mess was there, that surprised me he said and the doth laughed, so she gave him a blow job in the car and that was him I tasted in her mouth

So Jean not quite tell the truth it was on the Sunday she asked if she could see Mark the next weekend I did say yes so it on going thing