Written by sqwsmith

5 Nov 2010

We had Tony round, the young black lad, it was not easy at first, things got started in the end, it ended up with Jean getting fucked loads of times,Tony had heaps of stamina, young boys of his age have

Time slipped away, and he missed his last train,so we let him stay the night,I ended up in the spear room, and he stayed in our bed with Jean, none of this was planed, I heard him ride Jean a few times in the night

It was Jean that woke me in the morning, she slipped into bed with me, and gave me a hug, I asked if she was okay, she looked a bit of a wreck, she said Christ I never though he stop, his been after me all night, his asleep now, I asked is he better than the older guy, she thought and said yes I think so

His not as big and more comfortable, the old bloke, his cock was huge, and that heart me going that deep, till I got used to it,he did give me the Strong's climax I have ever had, but this Tony he's got so much energy and his so athletic in the way he fucks, he make up for not penetrating as deep

I laughed, and said did you ever think he would fuck like that, Jean smiled, saying no way he seem so shy, when we first met him,Jean told me Tony had not had sex for near a year, before he came to the UK And she said his only eighteen, his family is paying for his education and him to be here in universality and she is the first white woman he has ever had, she laughed, and told me he said some funny things

He want to know why, me her husband, didn't breed her, and why I wanted her to have a black baby, he don't understand that I am on the pill, as we talked I had a feel of her pussy, it was very puffy the

lips swollen and sorter rolled open, her entrance was was very relaxed and loose and really sticky inside, I pulled the covers down, to have a look at it, her crouch area seemed inflamed and red looking,her clitoris, was puffed up and prominent, I had never seen that stick out before,I touched

it with a finger, she went OH,its sensitive now, her hole laid open almost gapping, I could see white inside, a trickle was seeping out, I had a closer look, she parted her legs for me,the inside of her thighs looked red, I could sell the sex, I touched her clit with my tongue Jean gasped, what made me do it I will never know, I licked it, it made Jean jump, my next lick was right in the slit, it seemed a strange taste I got, salty musky and slimy, I was tasting the boys sperm, I was not put off at all, I liked it,I lapped away getting quite a lot in my mouth, and swallowed it, it made Jean climax, I got on top of her she put my dick in, god it felt lovely, warm and wet, I may of pumped two or three times and put my load with his, Jean hugged me saying thank you darling

Jean went back to our bed with Tony,later I got up, I had to go in our room to get some cloths, Tony was sleeping he really looked young, Jean had nodded off with him, I sat in the kitchen having a coffee, it was two hours later, I header our bed, I thought she getting it,it seemed quite a long fuck

It was quiet for some time, then it started ones more, there was porous, then Jean say No Tony your to big don't, No No then a shriek, I ran up to the bedroom Jean was on her knees with Tony behind her

It was plain he was up her arse Jean had her face in a pillow moaning, I stood and watched the boy rape my wifes arse in front of me, a few strokes, she got used to it,I watched as she lifted up, her tits swinging under her, I am sure she stated to push back onto him before he shot his lot

I t came to time for him to leave for his train, that was to be a problem, I had to get him in the car in daylight, with out any one noticing him, I looked out and sorter picked my time, I drove off quite fast, and got him to the station, when I got back Jean was in the lounge, she seemed to want to talk, we discussed quite a few things, I pointed out how she seem to really want sex so much, she explained it feels like she needs it, she also admitted how she wanted big cocks, some thing she had never thought about before, she explained it the feeling they give her, when she stretched, and the deep penetration, it like that older guy, went she sore the size of his dick, it did frighten her a little, and it was painful to start with, but afterwards she had never experienced climax like that

I ask if she want him again, she did, I said if there was one bigger, she admitted she have to try it

Jean needed to rest after her night of sex, so it was a long bath and then to bed, this left me to

think about where we are going and what may happen, I didn't want her to get involved with any one man

was I going to make her a real slut, she seem to have a thing about black men,this was confirmed when I looked on the computer, she had looked at some ten or more adverts all black, two could arrange gang bangs, in her privet emails that woman was there, it was getting a regular thing, they talked most days some times a few times, she was really coming on to Jean, and Jean had tolled her some quite intimate things, I could see the woman wanted to bed Jean, the thing is Jean had never hinted in any way she felt that way