Written by Paula

8 Jan 2018

Hi everyone, my name is Paula, I’m 46 and married to Pete and have been for 24 years and in all that time I have been faithful to my husband. I stumbled across this site whilst looking for something else and after months of reading these posts, I finally got the courage to send my own contribution.

I said I’d been faithful to my husband and that is true except for one night at the end of last football season. Let me explain.

Pete runs an under 21s football team though the team consists of 18/19year olds. Well we won the league last season and so in June we held the presentations and awards. Pete unfortunately was knocked off his bike a day before and suffered a broken leg which kept him in hospital for the following week. Unable to attend the presentations, I was to represent him.

I went out and bought myself a new outfit consisting of a black mini skirt, well not mini mini but about 5 inches above my knees, I still have good legs so why not show them off? I also bought a nice white blouse and some new shoes with a modest 3 inch heel. I didn’t wear tights or stocking as it was fairly warm, just wore a pair of white cotton knicks perhaps a bit on the smallish side but not a thong. Judging by other post on here I suppose I should describe myself at this point. As I said, I’m 46, 5ft 5, shortish black hair, 36d breasts and although I don’t shave my pubes, I need to keep them trimmed as I’m quite bushy if I don’t.

Well after the presentation ceremony there was the usual drinking and dancing and my presence was taken mostly by 5 of the team who had not brought girlfriends. These were all 18, 4 of them coloured and one white. I did enjoy dancing with one in particular, Jay who was definitely a very good mover on the floor. I was dancing with Jay at the end when the usual slow good night number came on and I had to stop his hands wandering too far.

The licence was strict and we had to be finished by eleven and I was going to call a cab when Jay said I could have a lift from them. They were all heading off to the airport for a flight to Spain in the early hours and after picking up their bags, they would drop me at home.

The last to be collected was the driver’s Steven and was told I may as well come in as he wouldn’t have packed yet.

While Steve packed his luggage, Jay put on some music and Josh, poured some more dirinks.

The music Jay put on was slow smooch midnight stuff and he pulled me up to dance. This time his hands were more tactile and roamed about more than at the club but hey, I was still in control. I stopped to have a drink but was almost immediately pulled back into a smooch dance with Jay again.

I could feel his hands pulling up the back of my skirt and soon his hands were on my bare legs but I was in control but I could feel myself losing it as his hands now caressed by buttocks but I was still trying to hold it together when I felt one of his fingers stroke my slit from outside my pants. I was still trying to gather my thought and control but could feel myself leaking wetness, then horror of horrors, Jay slipped his finger inside my pants and after flicking my clit a little, inserted a finger in me and then traced it back and forth from my clit to my anus where he lightly rubbed, then back to my clit. I was desperately trying to gain control of my feelings but I was losing it big time.

Then, he lifted me around my waist with one arm then moved my pants to the side and I felt the head of his cock nudging my very wet sex-hole…..when had he taken out his cock I thought. My mind was in a complete whirl as he lowered me onto his cock till it’s full length was up me.

I gasped and my brain was saying no no I mustn’t I mustn’t but my body was saying oh yes yes oh fuck yes. After only a few seconds which seemed like ages, he carried me still with his cock up me and lowered me onto a dining table and fucked me for a few strokes, then stopped and removed my pants and then putting his cock back up me fucked me for all he was worth till a few minutes later I felt his spunk flooding out of him into my sex hole it was still pumping after at least a dozen more strokes, then finally it stopped and he withdrew.

If I thought that was the finish I was mistaken, Josh quickly took his place and after pushing his cock into stopped and said “oh Paula, you don’t know how we’ve wanted to do this to you since were in the under 16’s, we all used to wank thinking about you”

Josh was told to get a move on as “we all want to fuck her” and as he was fucking me the others stripped my top off and let my breasts out of my bra and licked and sucked them causing me, along with Josh’s thrusting into my sex hole to have my first orgasm of the night.

When Josh finished Lou was about to take his turn but was told to wait till last because if he fucker her with that think she’d be no good to the other two and when I saw his cock I could not believe it, they laughed and said I was in for a treat as it was 8 inches and thick but it looked bigger than that I thought. The other two fucked me quickly and then Lou stepped up and I felt the tip of his cock ease into me and slowly open me up. Even though only 18, he was considerate and eased his length into slowly till he was right into me with his full length, then easing it slowly out again and back into me and I could feel an orgasm building as he did. I grabbed the edge of the table and told him….yes, give it to me as hard as you like but make me cum again, I need to cum, please make me cum. Lou went into top gear and within a few strokes I was cumming on his cock, it was no ordinary cum, it seemed to last for minutes, something that had never happened before.

Somewhere in the background I could hear the others shouting “go on Lou give it to her….she’s loving it….that’s it Lou fuck her brains out….ram it in her….look she’s cumming….she’s loving it”

I was too, it seemed like orgasm after orgasm sort of ran into each other for what seemed like hours though it was only about an hour since we arrived. I felt Lou tense and then his stream of hot young spunk filled me.

When it all subsided, and I got my breath back I could feel my whole body drenched in sweat, I could feel their young cum running out of me and I wanted for modesty’s sake put my hand over the hole and stop it but all I could do was lie there shattered.

I was pulled off the table and taken to the bedroom, placed on a queensize bed and surrounded by 5 naked young bodies and told we would continue for another round….”what about the airport” I asked and was told it was only a ruse to get me here on my own when they found out Pete was in hospital, so for the rest of the night in fact for the rest of the week while Pete was in hospital I was fucked by and sucked 5 young cocks and treated like a complete slut. But when pete came out of hospital, I was back to faithful housewife with my memories of a wild week in June 2017