Written by Dave

29 Sep 2014

A few weeks back my wife went on a leaving do at work. She came home with no panties on and I was pretty certain she had been fucked.

Well last Friday she was out again. She'd said that all the gang at Work had had such a good time before, they wanted to make it a regular thing. She asked if I minded which I said I didn't.

Just as before I noted she had stockings on, this time with a seam. I thought this a bit strange when just going for a meal with work mates.

She got in really late and I again pretended to be asleep. At first there didn't seem any obvious signs of sexual activity but then I noticed her panties were on inside out and her bra was only done up on one hook.

Whe she slipped into bed trying not to wake me, I noticed that different aroma she had, which I suspected was where she'd been fucked.

When she had left for Work in the morning, I immediately went to the washing basket for evidence. Her red panties certainly felt a bit sticky and marked in the gusset but I still wasn't sure of this might be just her own juices.

However, when I got her suspender belt from the drawer, it had a big white stain on it.

I really don't want to upset her by confronting her. Originally I was really aghast at the thought of her with someone else but when I picked up her stained panties, I was embarassed to find I had a hard on.

Once I'd seen that stain on her suspender belt, I went back to the washing basket and then wanked myself off with those panties wrapped around my cock imagining her lying with her legs wide open for someone else.

I now actually feel more disgusuted with myself than with her.