Written by Griff

24 Jan 2011

Little did I know what I was letting myself in for. At the time I was shocked about what she wanted me to do, but it happened, what's done is done. The chance to fuck her, the offer of some extra money and my own curiosity persuaded me to agree to her proposal. In the event I enjoyed what occurred then and consequently and certainly do not regret it.

It was a Friday, I finished about 4pm and she called me in to the house. She was still naked, telling me to undress and leave my dirty clothes by the door. It suddenly occurred to me that it was the start of the weekend, her husband normally came home Friday evening, so I asked where he was. “I'd hardly have asked you to stay if he was due home. He's in Spain or somewhere at one of his companies subsidiaries” It had crossed my mind that he was going to be there watching us fuck, it wouldn't have surprised me. She'd made some sandwiches for me and stood sipping a glass of wine as I ate. When I finished she came over to me dragging her finger nails lightly down my chest, murmuring how she liked my lack of body hair. Her fingers brushed through my pubes, cupping my balls giving them a gentle squeeze, she touched my face with her other hand. She sniffed, wrinkling her nose, “A shower and shave first I think” taking me upstairs in to her bedroom for the first time.

A huge bed, a large flatscreen TV on the wall opposite, an en suite bathroom through another door which is where we headed. A shower cubicle easily big enough for two people, she turned on the shower and pulled me in with her. She shampooed my hair, standing behind me, her body touching me, hard little nipples against my back. She soaped my body, working over my back, chest down my legs then between my bum, her finger pressing my arse hole, my cock twitched harder. She was crouched in front of me, water cascading off us, her head near my prick as she pulled back the foreskin soaping and washing my erection, rubbing it against her face. A blow job at last, I should have known better by then. She stood up, reaching to turn the shower down, getting a razor and foam off a shelf. She soaped my face and shaved my stubble off washing the foam away afterwards “That'll be nicer when you go down on me. Now lift your arms” she instructed. “What for?” “I haven't finished shaving you yet. I want you smooth” she replied. She shaved under my arms, the small amount of hair on my chest then my legs. I'd wondered how far she intended to go and found out when she spread foam on my cock and balls, she shaved me smooth “That'll be much nicer when I suck your cock” she said, finally getting me to bend over as she shaved my arse and between my legs. Turning the shower higher she washed me again before we both dried and she smoothed soothing moisturiser in to my skin.

She was close to me and I touched her pussy, slipped a couple of fingers in her cunt, felt her wetness, she didn't push my hand away, but took hold of my cock and led me to her bed. She fell back on the bed looking flushed, a pink glow spreading over her tits. She spread her legs, reaching down touching her pussy, then as I climbed between her legs, using both her hands she held her cunt open and told me to go down on her. I ran my tongue along her slit from arse to clit, she tasted sweet, her cunt juices flowing. I flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue then sucked it, drawing her clitoris in to my mouth taking it between my teeth giving it gentle tugs, I heard her gasp, a flood of wetness on my face. Her hands moved from her pussy to the back of my head, pressing my mouth firmly to her cunt. I stuck my tongue in her hole, she was gyrating her hips against my face. I got a hand on her tits, pinching a nipple, she sighed, pulling my head from her cunt. Then the words I’d waited weeks for “Fuck me, Fuck me now” My cock had been rock hard since the shower, I touched the tip to her hole, rubbed her clit. She orgasmed, she had her hands on her tits, pinching and pulling her nipples, she cried out again, lifting her bum up “Put it in you bastard. Fuck me. I want your cock in my cunt” I slid smoothly in to her, feeling her tightness as I fucked her and she came again. I rammed her hard, no finesse, no gentleness. It was what she wanted hard and rough telling me to fuck her harder and cum inside. I knew I wasn't going to last long, half a dozen more thrusts and I came, slamming my cock in to her cunt with each jet of spunk. We lay with my softening prick still inside her pussy for 2 or 3 minutes until it slipped out and I rolled off onto my back. She leapt out of bed, hand covering her pussy, in to the bathroom to wipe the spunk running from her cunt. I lay watching her as she got back into bed, her body almost glowing, pert little tits, hard nipples, flat stomach, her smoothly shaved cunt puffy from fucking, tight bum and toned legs. It was hard to believe she was 45 years old, older than I'd first thought, but proof of what hard work in the gym can do, maybe helped by being quite wealthy. She'd had what she wanted so I half expected her to tell me to go but she hadn't finished with me.

She picked up the remote turning on the TV and DVD. She had started stroking me, saying how much she liked a mans body, smooth and hair free, almost idly tweaking my nipples, stroking my thigh as the DVD began. It was a porn film but unlike porn I'd watched before it was two men. Stella moved, resting her head on my stomach, hand on my inner thigh. She seemed to be watching my cock, my eyes were drawn back to the TV, I noticed that both men on the screen were shaved like me, young and quite muscular like me, and had erections unlike me. That however wasn't going to last, I couldn't believe it as I felt my prick start to stir, I tried to think of something else, gardening, that was no good, masturbating in the garden being photographed by her came to mind. Anyway it was to late she'd seen, she turned her head looking up at me, a gleam in her eye, a smile on her lips. I'd never been with another man, I don't know about others, but I suppose I had occasionally wondered what it would be like. She stopped the DVD got out of bed and inserted another, started it, got back on the bed, laid her head back on my stomach, hand on my prick, stroking me, moving down licking the end, taking the tip in her mouth sucking, a finger between my legs probing my arse hole. On the TV were photos, obviously taken in the house of two blokes in their twenties, nude with hard ons. She stopped sucking now and again turning to see my reaction when the two lads were photographed holding each others pricks. She was turned on watching and started playing with her pussy, still sucking my cock, now fully erect. The photos changed to different ones, ones of me wanking in the garden, next to photos of one of the lads wanking in her office. She got on all fours, facing the screen and told me to fuck her, while we watched. Her cunt was dripping again as I slipped my cock in her gaping hole, feeling her fingers wanking her clit, her cunt muscles gripping my cock tightly. She was calling out instructions, telling me how she wanted to be fucked, drawing my attention to the lads cock. Then gasping in short panting breaths as she came, fingers rubbing her clit rapidly. I was almost there as she moved, turned around took my prick in her mouth, sucking just as I started to cum shooting my spunk in her mouth for her to swallow.

The final two pictures were on the screen, Me and the other lad, appearing to face each other, our pricks almost touching. She sat crossed legged looking at me “Have you ever been with another man?” she asked. “No never” I replied. “Would you? For me. Your cock got hard watching” I felt myself blush. Finding it difficult to admit to myself I'd found the DVD and photos arousing. I tried not to look at her, I glanced at her she had her eyes locked on mine, she held my gaze, I couldn't look away. She had reached for my prick, stroking it, “It'll be worth your while. You get to fuck me and I'll give you a cash bonus” This is the point when I should have said No, instead I said “What would you want me to do?” I think I saw a look of triumph in her eyes as she told me about her “Club” as she described it. Herself and three friends who would come to her house and liked to be entertained by a couple of young men. “Mark, the lad in the photos, has done it before. You will both be naked. My friends and I may be clothed or naked. We want to watch you and Mark together and maybe fuck us after. Two young men should be able to manage that” She made it all sound easy, I'd have to touch his cock no big deal. Apart from that I'd recently broken up with my girlfriend so getting to fuck Stella and her friends sounded good to me and I agreed.

I was awoken next morning by the shower running, got out of bed, Stella was in the shower the glass steamed up. I had a piss and got in the shower with her, just as she finished shaving her pussy. I stood behind her rubbing my hands over her soapy body, feeling her tits, fingering her pussy, pressing my cock against her back, as she reached behind squeezing my balls. I turned her round, she put her arms around my neck, telling me to fuck her, holding tight as I lifted her off the floor. I lowered her on to my stiff cock and we fucked standing up with her legs wrapped around me. After we dried she put on a thong and a summer dress, went down stairs me following naked, my dirty clothes still on the floor in the kitchen. My clothes went in the washing machine as she told me I wouldn't need them until I left. I got my mobile, phoning home to say I was staying out. While she went to the supermarket. I took the opportunity to turn on her computer, looking at the photos, she'd certainly had a few young men.

At 2pm Mark arrived, about my height, similar build. He went and stripped off, returning and sitting opposite me, his shaved cock resting on his thigh, a bit larger than mine, probably about 7 inches flaccid, which is all I manage erect. Her friends were due at 4pm, it was a hot day so we sat in the garden chatting, the hedges were still high, the house was the last in the lane, nearest neighbours at least 150 meters away. We got on well, had similar interests, hardly mentioning why we were there, though he did mention they were likely to fuck each other as well as us, asking if I'd seen Stella wearing a strap on dildo yet.

Just after 4pm we heard a car pull up on the drive and Stella sent us to let them in and send them up stairs. They'd all arrived in one car, an Audi convertible. Mark and I went out to open the doors, we didn't know their names and had been told we wouldn't be told. We were out the front of the house naked, although the chance of being seen were remote. Three attractive females, two mid thirties, the other in her forties, though I suspect the were actually older than they looked. My prick gave a twitch of interest, helping them, out admiring their legs, looking up the skirt of one as she got out the back, catching a glimpse of her panties. She caught me by surprise when taking my hand to help, she grabbed my prick with the other, to the others amusement. Once in the house they all went up stairs to change, Mark and I hearing them discuss our cocks and our bodies. At least it was all complementary, but a bit disconcerting being talked about by women, although thinking about it it's something men do all the time about women. They eventually came downstairs, Stella in a string, two in bikini pants, nice bodies, tits a bit larger than Stella's. The other, the eldest, naked, quite a nice rounded body, nice arse, tanned except for a white triangle between her legs, a narrow strip of pubes and a large pair of firm tits, unnaturally firm I realised seeing the scars on the underside.

They all went and sat outside while we fetched them drinks. They had their drinks, I noticed Mark standing next to Stella bending to listen, while she stroked his cock, getting him fully hard. I felt a hand on my cock wanking me and one on my bum, the two younger women. The older woman had laid on a recliner with her legs parted, openly masturbating, using a finger vibrator on her clit watching Mark's cock being wanked. Stella called me over, taking hold of my prick, wanking us both, our erections touching, as she bent over licking both our cocks. I heard the older woman moan as the other two knelt beside her, one sucking on her tits, the other four fingering her hole, then pushing whole hand in fisting her as she came. I was so engrossed watching I missed what Stella said until she squeezed my nuts to get my attention. “We want to watch you and Mark fight” she repeated. “Fight?” I said unenthusiastically “Well wrestle. Nude wrestling, don't hurt each other, no punching. Of course you can grab each others pricks” giving an expectant look. “Lets see whose strongest”. I thought I was in with a chance, before I could disagree Mark had me, our hard cocks pressed between us as he held me in a bear hug. There was a squeal of delight from the women as I broke free circling around one another, our cocks rock hard swinging as me moved. I got a grip of him, a leg behind his, wrestling him to the ground, rolling over he some how got on top sitting on my prick, moving against me. Instead of my cock going soft it seemed to get harder. I managed to get him off, I thought I’d got him until I felt him move his arm, and grab my prick. He took his chance as my grip loosened, got me on my back, straddling my chest, holding me down he moved up my body his cock getting close to my face. The women moved closer, I noticed they were all naked now, flushed with excitement, nipples hard, and looking up between their legs, four pussies, all wet and shiny.

“You've lost Griff” Stella said “The winner gets a blow job. Suck Marks cock” I felt a hand on my own cock stroking me, a quick looked I couldn't see the older woman, it must be her. I felt her legs either side of me then my cock being guided to her slippery cunt as she impaled herself and started to ride me. She was behind Mark and reached around wanking his cock in my face as my head was lifted. Parting my lips I stuck out my tongue, he shuffled closer and I tasted another mans cock. Distracted by the attention my prick was getting I opened my mouth and Mark slipped his cock in. It wasn't very comfortable, his hard cock kept slipping out but with one of the woman holding and wanking him I started to suck him off managing to take two or so inches. I felt my own climax nearing, she was grinding her cunt hard on my cock, I thrust back cock deep in her hole, her nails lightly scratching my cock, her fingers frigging her clitoris. She started crying out that she was cumming at about the same time as Mark was pulled off me. With his weight off me I pumped her pussy harder, could see her fingers flashing on her clit, head thrown back, tits shaking as she had an orgasm then felt my cock pulsing inside her giving her at least two hard spurts of thick spunk. I lay with her still on top with my cock in her cunt watching Mark fucking one of the other women from behind. Stella was on the ground in front legs spread, the womans head between her thighs, her pussy getting a good tongue lashing. I missed seeing them cum as the fourth woman sat on my face wanking her pussy while I licked until she came.

That was just the start of a horny weekend, Mark and I fucked them all several times, watched Stella and one of the others fuck the other two in the pussy and up their arses with strap ons. We wanked in front of them, tossing each other off and watched them masturbate using fingers and vibrators. Two used a very large, long doubled ended dildo to fuck each other whilst laid on their backs licking out the other two. What a sight that was. We both spent the night with two of the women, swapping over during the night. We sucked each others spunk from the womens pussies and finally for their entertainment we got in a sixty nine position and sucked each others cocks both cumming and swallowing the others spunk.

Since then I've been fucking her fairly regularly once or twice a week, much more for a few days each month. She had another party at the end of August and another in November when her husband was away coinciding with the time of the month when she is most sexually aroused and goes wild and can't get enough of men or women. Her husband is away over next weekend and she is already starting to want more sex, it's that time of month. I'm hoping she has arranged a party. Sadly this could be the last for me as I’m moving away having found a job. I doubt she'll have to much trouble finding someone to replace me.