Written by Sperms

23 Dec 2010

My wife works as a cleaner shes about size 16 aged 45 avaerage looks I suppose her best assets are her large boobs and bottom of which hes always get comments from strangers she works for an agency cleaning both offices and private student bedsits and sees few sites ,young guys walking around half naked & in the shower she often gets flashed but she very broadminded & unshockable !!.

One women she worked for had black boy friend who got very pally with her ,mind you it serves her right always said she big flirt getting too familure with her employers over the space of two years it moved onto to something more .

It began with kisses on the cheek lewd comments playful slaps on the bottom until it progressed to full hands on groping and running his hands over her clothed body ,guess the guy thought he was in with a chance as my wife is fairly laid back .

When ever she was bending over cleaning hed catch her unawares coming up behind her once during the summer she was wearing just T shirt with no Bra on he sneaked up behind her as she was bending over vacuming wth her tits hanging down and had good long squeeze of them she saw the funny side and laughed it off pushing him away .

He was a cocky bloke and saw himself as a ladies man have worked out down the gym & would often walk around in his boxers when his partner wasnt around my Mrs is a sucker for men with muscles, if you excuse the punn .

Then one day his gropes turned into more serious ones his hands started wandering underneath her clothing as he started taking liberties as she wasnt get sex off me it would have been so easy to let his hands go further and wander inside her knickers but she had too much respect for both herself and her Lady employer so she rebuffed him pushing him away a short time later she left the job becuase of the constant sexual harressment from him .

Few months later she bumped into her friend and Lady employer whos house she had cleaned and was astonished to learn that shed split wth her partner as she found out hes had few women on the side !!.

Anougher job she had cleaning an office it was an all male enviroment with the average age being under 30 so they prob saw her as an auntie type figure ,as is usual in an all male work place a lot of flirting went on of course my Mrs played along with it was unshocakbale and gave as good as she got back .

They were always in competition with each other to take liberties with her to see how far shed go they would surf the porn sites and gesture her over to look at prono pics or filth ' as she called it !! .

Some would be tossing them selves off under the desk whilst she was in the room but she was very layed back about it all and refused to let them intimudate her , one guy who she admitted to have crush on would even got his particualry large cock out when they were alone & wave it about on the desk .

I guess she could have taken then to a tribunial for sex harressment but as she wasnt working on the cards and probbaly enjoyed the attention she didnt .

They seemed facinated with her large boobs as most of their wives had small ones espcially when she wasnt wearing a bra in the summer and her nipples would stick out turning her face red with embarrasment at their comments .

I have to admit her stories turned me on too when she came home and I courted the attention she was getting by take topless pics of her and posting them on the internet ,one day she came home from work in bad mood and very angry with me , thyd found the pics & even tho'Id tried to disgiuse her face they had still recognised her of course shed denied it but after then she was constantly pestered to 'Get em out for the lads ' .

One day it was the bosses birthday and the lads brought a camera into the office after they all went for lunch time drink including my wife they went back to work and were larkng about with the camera taking pics of their cocks and such .

They tried to get my Mrs to pose topless sit on the bosses desk as a birthday treat for him and wouldnt let her out of the office until she agreed to et her tits out but she refused and eventually everyne one calmed down and she went home .

As usaul she told me wat had happened when she got home and in my usual casual manner a asked her " why not " she replied " Im not that sort of woman to get my tits out for strangers " but when I pressed her on the matter she became angry and went red in the face just as her nipples started get hard she walkied out the room .

After that she refused to talk about anything that had happened at work but I like to think she had posed for them with her top off that following xmas she got large xmas bonus from the office so maybe she did !!.