Written by mnmcpl

25 Jul 2012

I was prompted to write this by Samantha's story "I got bored" because like her I enjoy masturbating in the open but unlike her I'm a 53 year old man thats scared witless at the thought of being caught because knowing my luck it will be by some narrow minded bigot that will call the cops.

My wife and I have a great sex life and enjoy being closet "voyeurs". We often put on a little show for each other when out clothes shopping, leaving the dressing room curtain open a little and getting completely undressed hoping that someone else may get a little peek too. When it's me in the changing room I usually get an erection which I have to stroke. Sometimes it's just a quickie standing up but sometimes I sit down stretch out my legs and play with myself until I almost orgasm, a little dribble of precum oozing from the end of my hard cock.

My solo fun times are either when I'm bored in the car or out for a walk on a sunny afternoon. I don't frequent known dogging sites, like I said I'm a bit of a scardy cat, I just go for a stroll on a secluded path, usually wearing just shorts and a shirt. After a while when I'm sure there's no one around I slip off my shorts and unbutton my shirt and carry on walking. The feeling of a light breeze and the warm sun on my body makes me want to touch myself. I look around nervously hoping I'm still alone (but secretly wishing a woman was watching from the bushes) and gently start to wank my now erect cock. My other hand usually either caresses my balls or strokes my bum and this is the time I usually take off my shirt to become completely naked. I sometimes lie down on the grass and close my eyes wondering if someone has walked along the path and spotted me. This makes me rub my cock faster and harder until I can feel the sensation of an orgasm brewing from deep inside, but I don't usually come because I want the feeling to last so I get up and walk on a little further where I go through the whole thing again.

What would I do if I was spotted, probably die on the spot but I enjoy masturbating outdoors so much it's worth the risk.

I realise this isn't the sexiest thing you may have read but I just had to tell someone what I do when I'm bored !