Written by Naughty wife

20 May 2008

I had been married for over 20 years having met my husband just after school. I had been a good wife and not interested in other guys, At the end dof last year I started new job and met a guy, older who was very complimentary to me. It wasnt long before he told me he wanted me and I wanted him too. It started with kiss and cuddle in the staff room. then progressed to the stationery room early in the morning before work on the cold floor naked him licking me and pushing his fingers inside me boy i was soooooooo excited and wanted him inside me. I sucked his cock which was fab he loved it pushing it deeper into my mouth. We had sex many times and once at a friends house where he fucked me all angles three times it was fab. especially anal which he loved, licking me arse and fingering it before hand. I couldnt get enough. He had a friend whom he worked with and was younger who was a nice guy and I fancied. One day he texted me asking me for a coffee. We talked on the phone and he told me he fancied me. We had many rude and naughty texts him telling me what he would like to do to me and I thought why not I am lovin this. he came into work one day and he said Im not leaving without licking your pussie. I was sooooooooo wet now. I took him to a backroom. where he unziped his trousers and the biggest cock bounced out god I was horny now. He pulled of my pants and went down on me sucking and licking me I was moaning loudly. he then stood up and pushed his hard cock inside me I thought I would cum then. My juices were flowing. We have had amazing sex every week since then. he is soooooooooo big and I cant wait till then next time. I took him into a side room one day and sucked his cock he filled my whole mouth I love it and when he cum on my tongue I was begging for more. I have even had sex at his house when his wife is at work. On the floor, sofa he was well up for it. he loves me going on top. He would like a threesome with another girl and wants me to lick her pussy for him. Im new to this and learning but this is making me wet typing this so I think Ill give it a go. I would like now to be fucked by more men maybe at the same time. I am emailing one at the moment who I know wants sex and have been speaking with another. Hopefully I will get to fuck all of them. Ill let you know