Written by Peacefulplonker

11 Sep 2010

The story below is true, only the needle has been changed to protect the record.

My work involes working a shift pattern with different start and finish times each day. This means that there are times where you might not see a person for many months and quite often you only know they have left the company by asking in the office when they are next on duty. There was a driver, i will call her K, who i had helped on her first day to get used to where to find her bus and her paperwork. Over the next couple of weeks we exchanged the usual pleasantries and friendly banter found in Bus Garages. Then the usual ships in the night syndrome hit, she was on early starts when i was on lates, and vica versa. A year passed and i asked in the office about K to find that they had sacked her 4 months earlier.

That evening i was browsing thru my facebook and searched her name and sent her a How r u message. A few days later a friendship request landed in my laptop.

Two months later I mentioned that we had just got a kitten from j. K said she knew j and would ask if he had any that needed a home. A few days later j asked if i could do him a big favour, K was having a kitten but couldnt collect it until thursday and he was away that day so could i have the kitten overnight wednesday and he would get K to collect it from me on the thursday. So it was j brought the kitten over and K collected it the next day. I learned a few days later that j and K had an affair when she worked at the garage.

Two weeks later I got a message on my facebook asking if she could call round as she needed someone to talk to. Seems her hopes of being reinstated had been quashed and she didnt know what to do.

She was dressed in jeans and a baggy zipped fleece. We went into the kitchen and started talking about her situation as I made us each a coffee. I sugested we went to the living room and sat at either end of my 5 seat corner suite. The conversation continued for a while and i senced she was getting upset so i offered to give her a hug, she said "yes". We stood up and I put my arms around her and her body melted into my arms.

I sat back down where i had sat before but this time she sat along side me. She was sat leaning against my left side with my left arm around her shoulder. We continued talking and i wiped away her tears. She asked if i minded if i hugged her tighter and then wriggled herself even closer. I offered to give her neck massage and started her neck and back.

"Dont stop please", she asked, so while still listening to her woes i started, very slowly, to move my hands around to her chest and began gently massaging her breasts through the fleece. She unzipped the fleece to reveal a wonderful pair of tits under a tight cotton vest. I commented that I had never seen her true shape before as it had always been hidden under an unflattering bus driver uniform. She turned her head, thanked me and kissed me.

Her hand had landed on my lap, her right arm was resting on my right leg so her elbow was resting againt my groin, just where my hardon was starting to strain my shorts."Please keep massaging me," she asked. So my left hand went down her vest top while my right hand started to stroke her tits and stomach in a large circular movement gradually lovering down to include her lower tummy and then between her legs rubbing her mound through her jeans. She hummed "oh yes" so my right hand moved to undo the jeans, she stood up and slipped them of, then sat back with her head beside mine on my left shoulder, my left hand continued to massage her breasts , my right was rubbung her pussy through her yellow panties. I could feel the shape of her cunt lips through the material and slowly my fingers found their way under the gusset and into her pussy. The middle two began probing her inside . I felt her grip my cock through my shorts with her left hand,and started to rub me in unison with the movement of my fingers inside her. Then she stopped rubbing me, gave a mighty gasp and started shaking. Her knees closed tight together clamping my hand in its place and locking 3 fingers inside her. After a while she relaxed and released my right hand, gave me a long kiss, then got up and went to the loo. When she returned she told me it had been ages since she had orgasmed like that, and if i liked would i fuck her.

I actually thought if i should or not, then thought what the hell.

K took off her vest and pants and positioned herself by lying on the corner section of the suite. She had one foot on each of the ajoining seat cushions. By doing this her legs were wide apart and that was the first time i got to see her fanny, it was beautiful. I stood up, stepped out of my shorts and shirt and then knelt in front of her with my prick aimed at her gloryhole. What K didnt know was i was recovering from her hand job, id orgasmed into my shorts just after she began hers.

I slowly entered her and pushed semi erect manhood in as far as i could, she felt wonderful. Without moving my prick any more i started to kiss and lick at her nipples and tickle her clit with my thumb and fingers. While i was doing that my cock was growning again, it felt much larger than when I am inside my wife. I could feel her vaginal wall grip me and suck me even further into her. I began to suck hard on her nipples, which she loved. As my knobend reached her cervix she started laughing and had a second orgasm. I could feel her juices flowing past my now fully stiff dick and over my balls.

When that orgasm of hers had subsided she wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my back. It was like she was trying to blend her body into mine.. She clamped her lips to my mouth and kissed me with a passion, and I began to move my hips so my cock could slip up and down her soaking love tube, gradually increasing speed and force until we both came together.

A little later K went off home and we have seen each other 3 times since.