Written by Lucy

7 Dec 2014

Paul looked me in the eye, then smiled and came to kiss me full on the lips; I tried to move way, but he held my cheeks and pushed his tongue into my mouth and kissed me passionately.

He led me to our bedroom where he pushed my clothes and knickers to one side and half entered me with his semi stiff cock and then grunted loudly as he came. It had taken just a couple of minutes from one man orgasming in my mouth to another, my husband, doing the same round my pussy.

And I hadn't come - I was desperate.

Paul said I had to go to sleep; I tossed and turned all night thinking about what had happened, and what my motives had been in engaging in that with James.

Next morning - Saturday - and I awoke with a slight headache. I got up to make some tea, and Paul followed me into the kitchen. He put three mugs on the side and told me to take Jeremy a mug in his room. I blushed - I knew Paul had seen what had happened the night before, and wasn't sure what he wanted of me: I didn't know then what a cuckold was. And as I was picking up the mugs, I felt Paul slit my nightdress from top to bottom with the kitchen scissors. My nightie fell to the floor and I stood there naked, not understanding what was expected of me.

Paul nodded his head towards Jeremy's door; suddenly I became aware of the tingling between my legs, and thought of Jeremy's erection the night before... and then Paul said quite brusquely "Go and take Jeremy his morning tea."

So I waked naked into the spare room, and there was Jeremy sitting half propped up in bed. He smiled a warm halloo, and looked really pleased to see my nudity. I blushed and he laughed at me said I had a great body and should be pleased to show it off.

I sat on the side of his bed, and as he sipped his tea, he wasted no time in putting his spare hand on my thigh and then slipping a finger round my clitoris and into my cunt. He didn't ask, or show any hesitation; he just seemed to know what he wanted, and assumed that he could have what he wanted: and I felt (stupidly) that I shouldn't refuse. I now know that he was a bull to my husband's cuckold, but at the time I had no idea what was going on; and all the time I felt the tingling in my groin.

He quickly pulled me into bed beside him and moved his head down to my pelvis; he licked and sucked me for a few seconds, and I felt I was about to come, but at that point he came back up and kissed me on the breast the lips then he lifted himself half off me and, as he was lying between my legs, he was able to push his erect cock between my open wet labia and enter me. The shock was enormous - both what was happening, as well as the thickness of his member, and as it entered me more fully, the length was truly shocking. I felt his knob end hit my cervix then go behind it and all the tingling built into one great huge, bigger than ever before, orgasm.

I remember hearing myself making a noise and was vaguely aware that my husband might hear, but I wasn't able to control myself.

And I bucked up and down on his cock and then lost myself in the intense pleasure. No, it was more than that - it was totality radiating out from my deepest inner loins and throughout my body, completely filling my brain with fireworks.

And as I was coming down from that place, I opened my eyes and looked up at him and I saw him grunt and ram even further into me, even though he must have known it was hurting, but he didn't show any of his gentleness and he took his pleasure, not seeming to care that it felt as though he was tearing me apart.

Then I looked over his shoulder and saw my husband, naked in the doorway, wanking furiously.

I now recognise what was being done to me.

Ladies, be aware.