Written by Wizzard-man

4 Feb 2013

My phone buzzed with a new text, just as I was preparing supper, I looked down and was astonished to see it was from a couple I'd met through Swing Heaven over a year ago. We'd spoken since our meet, but Jill, though she'd had fun on our first encounter, just hadn't been playing since. I'd fantasised about getting back together, but had almost given up hope that it would ever happen again. I called them Jack & Jill for privacy, so that's how they'll remain, and our story then is on here, entitled "House Call" by Wizzard.

Well, here was a text from "Jack". Simple, and short - "are you around tomorrow by any chance?"

I replied - "depends what time, but very probably"

After a little arrangement over the timing I received "it's my birthday tomorrow and watching you fuck Jill is one of my presents"

I felt rather flattered to say the least, and very lucky. It may be his birthday, I thought, and also their tenth anniversary I'd been told, but I felt as though all my Christmases had arrived at once!

So, the following day, Jill went off to work and Jack texted me to tell Jill's parting words were, "so, half a day at work, a lovely lunch with you, and then a strangers cock inside me this afternoon... should be a good day!". After they'd had the birthday lunch I turned up at 3.30 as arranged, was met by the charming Jack at the door, and ushered straight upstairs with a smile. As I was shown into the bedroom, Jill was kneeling, knees apart, like a sexy little pixie, on the bed, wearing nothing but a large cashmere sweater which was obviously his, a tiny pair of knickers peaking under the hem, and a sweet matching coloured bra strap appeared in the neckline, her hair was tied up and apart from that the only thing she wore was a sexy smile.

"Hello stranger" I said. She smiled back and said Hi, we made a little small talk about how good it felt to be invited back after all this time and within a couple of minutes, we said 'well, should we begin?" - seems like a good aidea we agreed, and Jill kissed me, told me she felt a little nervous, and I reassured her that I did too, but that's part of the fun of it, isn't it?

She smelt sweet and clean and sexy, as I'd rmembered from last time nearly two years earlier (we'd worked it out, longer than we thought). She knelt on the bed and I stood in front of her, and as she slowly kissed my mouth, my kneck, and my chest, her hands undid the buttons of my shirt. I allowed my hands to roam over her smooth skin, under the hem of her oversized jumper, cupping her sexy cute ass and sliding my finger just inside her little thong. She was getting wet already! Jack, with a smile on his face, stood with his back against the window, leaning on the windowsill, and simply watched the show. He'd told me he may join in but was very happy to simply watch.

As Jill pulled my clothes to one side, I removed them and stood there in front of her, my cock hardening rapidly, and she lowered her head down and took it into her expert mouth. In moments, I was rock hard, she lay back and then on her side and patted the bed in a come join me gesture. We lay down and started kissing and stroking, my hands feeling their way around her body and she slid down the bed and took my cock in her mouth and started working on it so expertly, so enthusiastically, I started to fear after a few minutes that this could all be over far too quickly. I looked down and saw that Jack had kind of joined us, in as much as he was on his knees at the end of the bed, with his mouth working away at her pussy while she sucked me. I said "just a moment - you're too good at this" and pulled out to regain my composure. Jack carried on making her feel hornier and hornier for a while, and then I turned her around so I could have a close up view and a taste of her deliciously neat, tight pussy. I'd remembered the look, feel and taste over the last few months, and my recollection was pretty accurate - it was as perfect as ever. Her lips parted and allowed my tongue to enter her, the inside was even sweeter. Meanwhile she went back to work on my cock with her mouth and Jack was happy planting little kisses over her beautiful, firm breasts, hard nipples and flat sexy stomach.

It was feeling so good, I decided I needed to move again, I sat astride her, she took my cock into her mouth yet again and I looked down, watching her mouth working away on my cock, her head between my thighs, I put a hand down behind her head so she wouldn't get a sore neck!

I wanted to fuck her, I moved down her body and between her thighs. Her knees apart, I knelt betweeen them and offered my quite large, very hard, and now almost purple headed cock up to her very small, perfect cunt. She took hold of it and gided me in, I slid in half way, she groaned and I pulled out a little. "Nice?" - "mmm" she answered, "More?" - "yessss" she whispered, "All the way?" - "Yes, I want you to fuck me, fuck me hard". I pushed my way in, all the way to the top and she gasped a little. Then her hips and legs did a wonderful thing, as I pushed into her she would grap my ass with her heels and thrust her pelvis hard towards me. Each time I thrust into her, she'd thrust back at me with a real force, "yes, fuck me, fuck me hard!". "You want me to come inside you?" - "yes, if you like". "When? tell me when..." we fucked like this for another 5 minutes. Jack had told me he wanted to see her really cum, and that a long hard fuck was the way to turn her on. I had to stop again for a moment, in order to prevent it all being over, but then carried on, her lovely strong action grinding her pelvis against mine, her head thrown back over the foot of the bed and her hair loosely draped over the duvet. I watched as her tits moved around in time to our rythm. Her pussy was so tight and she had great control, I could feel the walls of her cunt squeezing my cock as she used her heels to pull me further into her. At last I could hold on no longer, cum inside me she said, fill me up with your cum. And I did, I did, I did. She ground her pelvis into mine, making sure she squeezed the last drop of cum from me, I felt it squirting into her and then felt it oozing out as it slithered down my shaft and onto my balls.

After breath was drawn, we relaxed, a glass of wine each and we all chatted, she and I sprawled over the bed, Jill wearing her husband's jumper again, me naked with my cock resting on my leg, and Jack wearing all his clothes and a big smile.

With 15 minutes to recover, I said I needed to go in a while, but no rush yet. "Would you like me to push off and leave you both to it, or would you like to play again?". Jack looked at Jill and said "well? what do want?". "Yes, why not, if you want!". So Jack went off to get a refill and Jill came and snuggled her bum up against my now swelling groin. My hand went down to hers and parted her now very wet lips and a couple of fingers slipped easily into her. And as Jack came back into the room he was able to watch as Jill lifted her knee, allowing me access from behind to slip my cock into her, and Jack to have the sight of his wife's parted thighs accepting a strangers cock into her wet, delicios pussy again. After a while Jack suggested she get on all fours, a manouevre we managed to achieve without disengaging, and as I rammed into her from behind, Jack lay back and had his cock sucked by Jill, revelling in her spit roasting. I could have fucked her for hours like this, it was so good, being inside her already cum filled pussy again. As we both came again, we all flopped down fairly exhausted.

It had been even better than I'd hoped.They are both lovely people, and it was a very respectful, fun, sensual atmosphere, one I'd happily like to repeat. And as we discussed this, I mentioned that Sunday mornings were quite convenient if it works for them. And it was time to get going - school run to be done, I have responsibilities!.

That evening, as I prepared supper again, I received another text - "you are invited back on Sunday morning, 9am." What a good feeling!

I'll let you know how things progress...