Written by Sandi - 1996

12 Mar 2015

This happened to me about a month ago, I have been seeing my boyfriend for over a year. Hes still lives at home with his mum who split with his dad a couple if years ago.

It's easier to stay at Dave's house because his mum isn't freaked out when I stay over in his room.

Dave's mum "Helen"is great , sporty , great fashion sense , I think she's in her late 40s , she looks after herself and she has a lovely figure , bigger boobs than me - mine are ok but I have always wanted bigger ones.

When looking in my glamour magazine I always take a double look at the stars with big boobs in a weird way it turns me on , especially seeing some of the stars in lingerie.

Anyway 4 weeks ago Dave was at Uni I had taken a sly sickie off work and was having a lie in I had been to the loo just after Dave had left so I knew I was in the house by myself.

When i went back to bed I was bored and horny I found Dave's porn stash and after reading a few stories I was hot I put the mag down and started playing with my hard nipples with one hand and the other found my dripping pussy , my body was electric , it wasn't long before I was finger fucking myself with 2 fingers and rubbing my clit with the other hand.

I was in lost I'm my pleasure with my eyes shut and loving every stroke I heard a noise when I opened my eyes I couldn't believe but Dave's Mum was standing in the bedroom doorway looking at me.

She told me she had come back for some work stuff , I was red with embarrassment and stammered some excuses.

But she didn't say a word she sat on the bed and she asked if I often played with myself I didn't know want to say then he moved close and gently kissed me , my heart was beating so hard , I responded and kissed her back.

She then kissed my neck and pulled the bed quilt slowly down exposing my breasts then she moved down and gently kissed each one and then each nipple.

But I wanted more I moved her head away and I asked her to undress, she removed her blouse exposing her sexy bra and lovely big boobs , she then unzipped her skirt and she had matching panties.

I asked her to lay on the bed and in touched a boob in each hand , I freed her beautiful boobs from her bra and moved in to lick and kiss them , her body smelt of musky perfume as I was kissing her tits I moved a hand over her panties and pussy mound.

Her undies gusset was soaking I popped my hand in and touched her pubes and then I found her wet pussy lips.

I wanted more and so did she , she stripped off and we spent the rest of the morning exploring each other's body.

Helen told me since she split up with Dave's dad she went off men she said he was a flirt and a bit of a twat.

She had a few one night stands but men were pissing her off , then she said she was having a bi affair with her personal trainer ......yes female trainer.

But she owned up by saying she took a shine to me when I started going out with her son.

I told Helen I loved her boobs and wished mine were as big as hers , but she said she prefered my purt ones

I got a phone call from Dave asking how I was I said his mum was looking after me .........if only he knew.

We finished off with hot sixty - niner I like doing this with Dave but with his mum ...........all my fantasies arrived ......memories

After our sesh Helen told me this was a one off only , but a week ago we had a sneaky wine fueled snog when Dave was having a kip on the couch.

I know it's wrong on both sides but my orgasms are more stronger with Helen.......I want more.