Written by XS

18 Oct 2010

This really started just over 5 years ago. I was 19 years old, had just finished my first year at university and was home for the summer. I'd got myself a part time job during the week and had the weekends off to go out with my mates. On the first days home I overheard my mum talking to my dad, commenting on the bikini the woman next door had worn out in her garden the previous day, that at her age she should know better, going on that it was no wonder her husband had recently left her. I heard my dad laugh suggesting he'd left because he couldn't keep up with her demands for sex. I'd noticed Gaynor in the garden and she'd looked pretty hot to me. I guessed her age at about 45, curvaceous, nice rounded bum and tits which whilst quite large were in proportion to the rest of her mature body. I'd chatted to her over the fence and noticed the bikini which wasn't particularly revealing, more like shorts and bra, nowhere near the practically naked my mum had said.

A few days later she asked me to help her shift some slabs, bending to help me, her braless tits swinging freely under her loose top, smiling when she caught me looking, but doing nothing to cover them. I noticed her watching me work and when I took off my t-shirt, making a comment about how nice it was to have a strong young man to help, saying “There are some things a woman needs a man for”. August arrived and my parents were going away for three weeks leaving me at home. It was a Saturday afternoon and I'd been down the pub with some mates, had about four pints before heading home around five pm. I bought a 4 pack of lager on the way, changed into just a pair of shorts and went out in the garden with a can as it was still warm and sunny. I thought I caught a glimpse of Gaynor watching me from her bedroom window then a few minutes later she called me over to the fence. If my mum had disapproved of the first bikini she'd have have been in shock over the one she was now wearing. Tiny bikini pants, tied at the side, the material taut over her pussy and triangle top which struggled to cover or contain her tits, nipples poking through, the surrounding areola partially uncovered. I felt my cock twitch, trying to pull my eyes from her tits to her face as she asked me if I could und and help get something from the loft. I said I'd und and as she turned to go and let me in revealed she was wearing a thong.

She led the way upstairs, me taking in the twin globes of her naked arse, split by the thong back. Pulling the cord to bring down the ladder to the roof space, one of her tits popped out, which I thought she hadn't realised. She stood at the foot, grabbing my thigh when my foot slipped, leaving her hand on my leg as I climbed higher. Half my body was through the hatch as I reached for the thing she wanted. I suddenly remembered I had nothing on under the shorts and that Gaynor could probably see my cock and balls from below and when I lifted the box to hand it down that’s exactly where she was looking. Somehow her tits had both come uncovered and swung free as she reached up for the box, her tits lifting, her upturned nipples aimed at me. My cock stiffened a little more as I scrambled down the ladder. She was holding the box, seemingly unconcerned that I could see her naked tits, and went to put it in a bedroom.

By now, after all the beer, I was bursting for a piss, probably the only reason my prick wasn't sticking out like a pole, practically hopping from leg to leg. She came out the bedroom, tits still on display, large erect nipples, tits jiggling as she walked and I asked if I could use the bathroom. I dived in pushing the door shut behind me and bent lifting the toilet seat. In those few moments, I'd just got my cock in hand, when the door behind me was pushed open, Gaynor's reflection in the mirror in front of me, pulling the bikini top off as she came up behind me, stopping stroking and teasing her nipples for a few seconds. Resting her chin on my shoulder, her tits squashed against me, hard nipples poking in my back. Reaching round taking hold of my prick, she said “I'd better do this, I know how bad men’s aim is”. I couldn't wait any longer as I started to piss and she aimed the stream in the pan. When I finished she gently squeezed my prick shaking the last drops out, her other hand pushing my shorts down, her mouth by my ear whispering “I want you to fuck me. I want your hard cock in my pussy”. Still holding my cock she led me to the large walk-in shower. “Shower then Fuck”, reaching in, turning it on before letting go of my erection, undoing her bikini thong, dropping it to the floor. I got in the shower, facing her, seeing her naked for the first time. Her heavy firm tits, tipped by large hard nipples, the curve of her hips, roundness of her stomach. Between her legs a small triangle of trimmed hair, a ring through her clit hood, her cunt gash smooth and devoid of hair. She soaped me washing my cock and balls telling me what a lovely cock I had, nice and hard. “Just what I need. I mean to find out how many times you can fuck me tonight. I haven't had a shag for weeks.” She handed me the soap, turning her back to me. I washed her back, soaped her bum, hearing her moan as I touched her arse hole and cunt between her legs. I then reached round using my slippery hands to wash her tits, playing with her sensitive nipples, down over her belly to her pussy. Using the side of the soap I rubbed between her legs, sliding the bar of soap along her slit, rubbing it harder against her clit then, dropping the soap, fingered her cunt with her hand on top of mine controlling where I touched until she came.

She practically dragged me from the shower without drying and in to her bedroom. She sat on the bed me standing in front as she bent her head to my cock, opening her mouth, and wrapped her lips round my prick, head bobbing as she slowly sucked my cock in to her mouth. She raked her teeth along my cock took it from her mouth licking along its length, licking and sucking my balls, a finger probing my arse. If it hadn't been for the beer I’d probably have cum by then but I wanted to fuck her and she wanted fucking. I pushed her back on the bed, she moved up, spreading her legs wide, her cunt opening as I went down on her, using my fingers to hold her pussy open, sticking my tongue in her cunt, tasting her juices, before giving her clit some attention, flicking it with my tongue, sucking and gently tugging her clit ring. She was as eager to fuck as me and after a couple of minutes she lifted my head from her pussy saying “That's enough. I want to feel your cock inside me. Fuck me now”. I shuffled up the bed between her legs, holding and stroking my prick. As soon as I was close enough she took hold of my cock pulling me to her waiting pussy, guiding my prick to her slippery hole, her cunt swimming in sex juice. I was expecting her to be loose but she was really tight, cunt muscles gripping my cock. I penetrated her, then when I was fully inside fucking her, she wrapped her legs round, pulling me in deeply as we shafted, letting me withdraw then tightening her grip and lifting her hips each time I thrust in to her. She dug her nails in my back, dragging her nails down, scratching my back as she shouted louder and louder.”FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME. Her nails cut in my skin so I pushed myself up at arms length. Her tits shuddered as we fucked, her grunting, calling out loudly FUCK ME, BITE MY TITS, BITE MY NIPPLES. She pulled my head to her tits. I took a nipple in my mouth sucking hard. “BITE IT, PULL IT HARD”. Bucking under me as we fucked her breaths coming in gasps, panting, “PULL IT HARDER, BITE MY TITS”. I bit her nipple harder, pulling on it, stretching it from her tit. “YES, YES. SUCK IT. FUCK ME. CUM IN MY CUNT.” I bit and sucked harder, her rubbery nipple pulled long and taut from her tit as she screamed “YES, YES. DON'T STOP. FUCK MY CUNT. I'M CUMMING, GIVE ME YOUR SPUNK. OH FUCK, OH FUCK”. I shafted her harder, close to shooting, her cunt felt like it was in spasm on my cock as with a final thrust I unloaded my spunk in her cunt as she came, feeling her nails drag down my back again. After, I rolled on my side looking at her, her legs parted, my spunk running from her cunt, trickling to her arse. Her chest heaving, tits rising and falling, teeth marks and little beads of perspiration on her tits. We dozed for an hour or so when she woke me, my prick in her mouth, sucking me erect, demanding I fuck her again. She made almost as much noise this time, it's fortunate the houses are detached. I hardly got any sleep, and by morning had fucked her another four times. In the morning I looked in the mirror, she'd scratched all down my back even my arse had a row of nail marks. I hardly spent any time in my own house until my parents returned and other than going to work we spent most of our time fucking. I must have fucked her in every room, in the garden late one night, fucking her from behind putting my hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. We fucked in her car on our way home from a day out, when I think we were watched. I suspect she deliberately chose the lay by because when I looked it up a year or so later, before she took me dogging, it appeared on a list of dogging locations.

Even after my parents returned we had plenty of opportunity to fuck and did most days until I returned to university for my second year, this time sharing a house with four other blokes. About a month after I returned she sent me a text “Desperate for fuck. Can I Cum 2 cu. I met her at the station on the Friday evening, she stayed the weekend when I wasn't the only one to fuck her, in fact she was a total slut, which is another story. Five years on I still fuck her fairly regularly, go dogging with her sometimes, as I've yet to find a girlfriend willing to go. At 50 she is as insatiable as ever and a better fuck than most of the girlfriends I've had. She knows what she wants, what she likes and isn't afraid to demand or go and get it. It seems my dad was right about her ex husband not being able to keep up, but I wonder how he knew what she was like and if it had anything to do my my parents moving house a couple of years ago for no apparent reason. I still remember that first time as if it was yesterday, not to mention all the other things we've done since.