Written by Liz

26 Oct 2011

Well, I've finally done it! I've been fucked while Chris my husband watched and not just my one guy. I thought some of you might be interested, so here's our story. Chris had been trying to persuade me to have sex with another guy while he watched for about a year. I quite liked the idea but was non-committal whenever he suggested it. I'm a bit of an exhibitionist, sometimes going out wearing revealing clothes, short skirts flashing my panties or occasionally my pussy and loose tops, exposing my tits. A few times when we were out he would point out a guy, suggest I go and sit at the bar and see if he would chat me up, but I never really fancied any of them and didn't feel comfortable doing it in a town, relatively close to home. I'm thirty, 5' 7” tall with short blond hair, I think I'm quite attractive and have a good body, which I keep in shape by regular visits to the gym and being obsessively careful about what I eat or drink. My legs which I think are my best bit are long and toned, though Chris prefers my taut little bum. I wish my tits were a bit larger, but being only a 32b they are firm and perky, tipped by incredibly sensitive nipples, which become very hard and long when aroused.

As I say Chris had been trying to persuade me to let another man fucked me, but though there had been opportunities, I had never fancied any of them enough to fulfil his fantasy. However, we'd booked a holiday in the Canaries, a fortnight in September and though I hadn't told him, I'd been giving his propostion some thought and decided if the chance arose I would do it. As we packed he commented hopefully, that when I wore the clothes I was packing I would have no problem attracting men. We usually visit the clubs and I had several short dresses and skirts, vest T-shirts and a couple of see through stretch mesh tops which cling to my body showing off my tits, guaranteed to get attention. I packed a couple of bras though I didn't intend to wear them and a selection of my favourite, minuscule Lola Luna G-strings. I always sunbathe topless, just a thong or string covering my smoothly shaved pussy, leaving little to the imagination, give me plenty of opportunities to flash and I think a tiny string just hiding my pussy is sexier than being totally naked.

We arrived quite late in the evening and went straight to our flat, which we'd chosen because it was advertised as an adults only complex with a club attached. It was a corner flat situated on the first floor, facing the sea, with a large balcony overlooking the pool and beach, with neighbours only to one side. We unpacked, then I showered in the huge, walk-in shower off the bedroom, while Chris got drinks. Afterwards I went out onto the balcony naked, sitting admiring the view while he showered. Holidays always make me horny and by the time Chris returned I was laid back on the sun lounger with my legs open, stroking my pussy and teasing my clitty. He bent to kiss me, then down my neck to my tits,sucking my nipples,guaranteed to get me going. I ran my hand up his leg, under the towel, rubbing his hardening cock, then pulled the towel off, letting it fall to the floor. I pulled him closer, he stopped sucking my nipples, and stood while I sat up, taking his cock in my mouth. We'd left the lights on but by now were unconcerned if anyone could see us as I sucked him for two or three minutes, until he lifted me to my feet, kissing me, his fingers probing my wet pussy, until I was begging him to fuck me. He started to lead me inside but I stopped him. “Fuck me here. Take me from behind while I lean over the railings”

Without waiting for an answer I turned, gripped the railings, bent forward, spreading my legs. I could hear mens voices about 20 feet away, turned on knowing that if they looked up they would be able to see the upper part of my body and naked tits. As I felt Chris's cock touch my pussy I let out a quiet gasp, spreading my legs wider, lifting myself on tiptoe, as he slid in prick in my snatch. I gasped again, this time louder as he began fucking me. One of the men must have heard, looking around but not up, puzzled where the noise had come from. I willed him to look up and see me being fucked. Chris had got in to a nice steady rhythm, slow and deep, one of his hands on my waist the other reaching around to cup one of my tits, teasing the sensitive nipple between finger and thumb. My nipples stiffened, tingles of excitement spreading from my tits and pussy as we fucked. The pleasure of Chris's hard cock, sliding in and out of my slippery cunt was to much, I could feel my orgasm building and I momentarily forgot about the men standing below, as I blurted out, “Push a finger in my bum. Fuck me harder, I'm nearly there” Below five heads turned looking up at me being fucked, my tits jiggling each time Chris thrust into my pussy. One of them called out “Go on mate give her what she wants” I grinned down at them, arching my back, sticking my tits out as Chris slid a saliva lubricated finger in my arse, then began fucking me almost frenziedly, slamming into my cunt, grunting with every hard thrust. We were both nearly there, I started moaning, repeatedly gasping ”I'm cumming, I’m cumming, I'm cumming” then as I orgasmed “Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me. Cum inside me. Cum in my cunt” just as he shot his load inside me. That earned us a round of applause and loud cheers, then as I stood and gave them a bow one called up asking if they could come up and fuck me too. “Maybe tomorrow” I replied with a giggle before going inside with Chris.

“Did you mean it?” was the first thing Chris said when we woke the following morning. “Mean what?” I asked, though I knew full well what he meant. “Are you going to let them fuck you?” he wanted to know. “It was just a joke” his face showed his disappointment, but he perked up when I continued. “I couldn't really see them. I might not fancy any of them, but if I did, who knows” I teased. “But if you did fancy someone you would let them fuck you then?” he asked hopefully. He was laid next to me, his cock erect, which I started stroking “I don't know. Maybe. Anyway I've got this to keep me satisfied” I told him, getting on top and guiding his prick to my hole and riding him.

At least a nice shag shut him up and after breakfast I put on a thong, wrapped a sarong around my waist leaving my tits uncovered as we walked through the hotel down to the pool. I use a sun bed a couple of times a week, always naked, so already had a decent tan and no white bits. There was only one empty lounger, which I took and Chris sat on the end. I dropped my sarong in my bag and laid on my front having a look around. Chris put sun lotion on my back, legs and bum, taking the opportunity to have a grope between my legs until someone walked passed, unfortunately. I lay eyes closed, enjoying the warmth of the sun, half a sleep, day dreaming about the previous evening being fucked on the balcony.

I must have dozed off, waking when I felt Chris rubbing more lotion on my back. There were a lot more empty loungers, people leaving for lunch. I rolled over and reached for the sun lotion to do my front but he insisted on doing it for me. I told him to lower and adjust the sun umbrella first so no one could see. Starting with my shoulders, he massaged lotion into my skin, moving down my sides, over my stomach then my tits. There were four youngish guys opposite taking an interest and a young couple at our end of the pool as Chris rubbed lotion on my tits, teasing my nipples erect before moving down to my legs starting at my feet. We were in a corner, Chris shielding what he was doing as his hand moved up my leg. The four guys were still watching, the couple getting up and leaving.

Chris's hand reached the top of my thigh, brushing against my pussy. I could see through my sunglasses as the guys moved to get a clearer view. No one else was paying any attention to us so I whispered to Chris, to pull the thong to one side and finger me. I've always been a bit of a tease, a quick flash sometimes, but exposing my pussy to a load of blokes while being fingered was something I'd only ever fantasised doing. Chris didn't need asking twice. He hooked his fingers inside the thin strip of material covering my gash, pulling it to one side. I had another look around, nervous that we might get caught, but even more excited by what we were doing. Up until then my legs had been only slightly parted, I felt Chris's fingers touch my slit, my hole felt wet, confirmed when he easily slipped two fingers inside me. I bite my lip to stop myself crying out, my legs seemed to have will of their own. I couldn't stop myself and slowly opened my legs exposing my cunt to the four lads. Chris began moving his fingers in and out of my pussy, I started moving in time as he finger fucked me. I reached down and undid the tie on one side of my thong, pushing the material out the way. Chris noticed and undid the other side, completely uncovering my pussy. I was passed caring if we were caught and touched my clitoris, feeling the swollen bud with my finger tips as I caressed and teased it. I rubbed my clit in little circular movements, gasping as I felt Chris slip a third and fourth finger inside my hole, finger fucking faster as I frigged my clit. It can't have been more than two or three minutes before I had a shuddering orgasm, biting my lip again to prevent myself screaming as I came. I don't think I've ever cum so quickly, intensely or publicly. The whole situation so horny, finger fucked and wanking myself in a public place, watched by four lads was just wild. I gave the lads a wink and lay with my pussy uncovered, gaping open and wet until people started to return from lunch about 15 minutes later. I retied the thong before going back to our flat to get out of the afternoon sun.

We were both so turned on we first fucked then talked about what we'd done, me telling him how exciting I'd found it, suggesting that the lads were probably having a good wank after what they'd seen. That was enough to set him off on his favourite subject, watching another man fuck me. It took some of the shine off what I'd bravely done, partly to please him and his constant pressure was starting to annoy.“Stop pushing me, I’ll decide if and when I'm ready and willing. The more you try and force me the less likely I am to do it. If or when I do, it's got to be with someone I'm comfortable with and find attractive. I'll choose, so shut up about it or you can forget the whole thing” Although I'd actually already decided I would have sex with another man it was going to be my decision on my terms.

That night we went out clubbing, I dressed in a very short backless metallic dress, with just a tiny G-string and a pair of sexy high heeled silver sandals. I saw plenty of unattached men, mostly in groups, some overweight, no chance, others quite attractive until they opened their mouths, every other word a swear word. Some drunk, hardly able to stand, let alone string two coherent words together. I don't know about other women, I don't mind having a few drinks, but having some drunken, semi comatose slob attempting to get a hard on, and fuck me is not my idea of fun. Chris was obviously disappointed I hadn't picked any one up, but said nothing and to make up for it I gave him a blow job in a car park on the way back to the flat.

The next day we spent mostly on the beach or by the pool. This time despite Chris wanting to finger me again I kept my thong on. I felt that the first time had been exciting, but doing the same again would spoil the memory, particularly if it wasn't as good. We didn't fancy clubbing that night and went out for a meal. Again I wore another very short dress, underneath just wearing my favourite Lola Luna open G-string, which left my pussy uncovered, but best of all has a little jewel dangling at the front which swings, just touching my clit when I move. Chris saw me putting on the string and I told him I intended to flash my pussy. I had a bit of fun, stopping at a couple of bars, sitting on bar stools, crossing and uncrossing my legs exposing my pussy, in a third bar sitting in a raised area, above a small dance floor, with my legs parted far enough to display my naked cunt. By the time we arrived at the restaurant my pussy was decidedly wet, sex juices wetting my thighs requiring a quick visit to the loo for a pee, a quick play, teasing myself but stopping as I was about to cum. My pussy was absolutely running with juices so I attempted to wipe it dry. Not that it made much difference, by the time I rejoined Chris not only was my pussy wet again but I was feeling horny as hell after wanking in the loo.

Our table was ready and a waiter escorted us to it. I noticed how attractive he was, about 21 or 22, slim and tanned, dark hair and a lovely bum. He held back my seat for me, then as I sat my dress rose, normally I'd have smoothed it back down, but from the corner of my eye I could see him looking at my legs. I glanced down, I was revealing more than my legs, the stretch material had bunched and he had a clear view of my pussy, the little jewel sparkling as it lay touching my gash, and I felt the same excitement I'd experienced, exposing myself at the pool. He gave me a lovely smile as he pushed the chair under me, handed me a menu and left us to choose our meal. He came for our order, I hadn't covered myself, realising that with the covered sides on the chair only someone standing right next to me could see. He took our orders, then as he turned to leave, “accidentally” dropped his pad on the floor next to me. He bent to pick it up, getting a closer look at my pussy, taking his time. I smiled down at him, parting my legs, knowing that my pussy lips would open, revealing the wet and shining pink inside my hole. As he stood up I quickly moved my hand from the chair arm, between my legs and ran a finger along my slippery slit, then raised it to my mouth and licked it.

Chris lent forward, “Can he see your pussy?” I told him that he could, asking if he dared me to pull the dress up more. His smile was enough of an answer, so I lifted my bum, pulling the dress from underneath, freeing it. Chris said he was nipping to the loo, just an excuse to get up and have a look at what I was showing. By the time he returned I'd adjusted the dress so it was above my hips, my pussy now completely uncovered. Our waiter returned with our first course, I sat back as he served me and asked him his name, “Juan” he replied with a sexy smile. He spoke good English and I asked where he'd learned and he said at his uncles restaurant, in London. I watched as he walked away, admiring his bum and narrow waist, wondering how big his cock was.

Once or twice during the meal, people passed close by our table, but I moved forward a bit hiding my nakedness. Other than that I ate my meal naked from the waist down, sat in the busy restaurant, ensuring that Juan got a good look at my increasingly wet pussy whenever he was at our table. A couple of times he came over, checking everything was alright, topping up my glass, standing close not moving away when I touched his leg. We finished our main course, I saw him approaching to clear our plates. I dropped my right hand to my pussy, parting my legs and began fingering myself, pulling my clit hood back, feeling the hard little button underneath rubbing the little glass jewel against my clitoris, openly masturbating. I could feel my heart thumping in my chest, my nipples hard, poking through the thin material of my dress I was so aroused. He stood on my left, taking his time, looking down at my pussy as I masturbated, a huge smile on his face. The tables either side of us now empty, I ran my hand up the back of his thigh, he didn't move away then as he bent to reach something I gave his balls a gently squeeze. He smiled and told me I was a very naughty lady, “Very naughty and no lady” I replied huskily. As he left to fetch our coffees I told Chris that I wanted Juan to fuck me. We finished our coffees and Juan came over, I looked around most customers had left and the staff were clearing the tables. I moved my chair back from the table, sitting with my legs open. He smiled at me, and enquired if everything was to our satisfaction and if we needed anything. I decided to just blurt it out, I moved my hand from my thigh to my pussy, my fingers stroking my slit. Then looking him in the eye, told him there was something else I needed and told him my pussy wanted filling. He clearly understood but wasn't sure until I took his hand placing it on my pussy. He got the message, glancing over at Chris saying “You want me to fuck your wife?” He nodded confirmation. “OK” said Juan, “I finish in 30 minutes meet me in the bar over the road” we paid our bill and went over the road to wait.

We sat at a table outside sipping drinks, me almost trembling in anticipation, amusing myself by flashing my pussy as guys passed, imagining Juan fucking me, wondering what it would be like taking another mans cock in my cunt after six years marriage. I checked my watch for the umpteenth time only another five minutes to go. Chris was looking nervous, eventually asking if I really wanted to go through with it. “Why, having second thoughts? It's what you wanted. If you think I'm going to walk away without getting fucked forget it. Anyway it's to late there he is” He was on the other side of the street, talking to one of the other waiters I'd noticed. About the same age, slim like Juan and if he'd served us I'd probably have asked him to fuck me. Juan pointed over at us and they both crossed the road towards us. I stood to greet him, he kissed me on both cheeks then said “This is my friend Carlos. I tell him what you do in the restaurant. That you are, how you say? A Slut? He want to fuck you too. OK” “Slut” obviously a word he'd learnt in England. Whether he knew the exact meaning or not, thinking about it, I suppose my behaviour may just have led him to conclude I was a Slut so it was the correct word to describe me. Carlos looked quite fit. It hadn't occurred to me to have two men fuck me, but the idea wasn't unattractive. Chris spoke, “We only asked you” I gave him a dirty look and he shut up, “You wanted me to be a slut, flashing my pussy, wanking in the restaurant. You've been pushing me for at least a year to let you watch another man fucked me. You've got your wish, you can watch Juan and Carlos fuck me and I'm going to get double the fun. You should have thought where this might lead first. I'm not going to stop now and I need to be fucked. Live with it” There wasn't really anything he could say, he didn't argue as I took Juan and Carlos by the arm and with one either side headed for our flat a short walk away.

Juan and Carlos spoke in Spanish obviously talking about me. Carlos moving his hand, lifting the back of my dress, giving my naked bum a grope. Half way to the flat Juan pulled me over to some steps down to the beach, where it was darker but still in view of anyone passing. He started kissing me, hand under my dress, rubbing my pussy. Carlos joined in, touching my tits, lifting my dress, the open G-string hiding nothing, my cunt visible to all. I could see people, slowing to look, 3 or 4 stopped, standing next to Chris who was glancing around nervously. I didn't care who saw me, as Carlos lifted my dress higher. Pulling it over my head, dropping it on the wall, before bending to suck my nipples. Juan crouched in front of me, forcing my legs apart, and buried his face in my pussy, tonguing my gaping hole, sucking and flicking the dangling jewel against my clitoris. Being almost completely naked, exposed like that in public was one thing. Though incredibly exciting and I was desperate to be fucked, but wasn't ready to go as far as having sex in public. I was sure that if I didn't stop them I was going to cum and that they intended to fuck me there. Not only that several more men had stopped to watch and I was worried that if I let Juan and Carlos fuck me it wouldn't stop there. With my last ounce of will power I stopped them, grabbed my dress and put it back on, taking their arms again walking to our flat, Chris following behind.

As we climbed the stairs, I told Chris to go ahead and open the flat. My dress was already up around my waist again, the top pulled down, my tits out as we walked along the corridor. We entered the flat, I removed my dress and string, led them into the bedroom telling them to undress and join me in the shower. I set the shower, stepped under the spray, watching them undress, revealing their semi erect cocks. Juan's was pretty average 6 or so inches but my eyes opened wide at the size of Carlos's prick swinging between his legs, as thick as my wrist and a good nine, heavily veined, inches, the foreskin pulled back revealing a large, bulbous knob end. I fleetingly wondered if my tight pussy would be able to take him, but I was determined to try. I couldn't even totally enclose his cock with my fingers as I grabbed it dragging him in to the shower. Between them they soaped and washed me, squeezing my tits, playing with my nipples, who knows how many fingers the managed to insert in my pussy. I soaped them both, paying particular attention to their cocks which by then were fully erect. Chris was standing by the door, naked stroking his cock as I played with Juan and Carlos, washing the soap off them before we dried.

I was first onto the bed, throwing myself on it, rolling on my back, taking a tube of lube from the bedside table, pouring some on my fingers, then opening my legs massaging the lubrication on my cunt. They joined me on the bed, while Chris sat on a chair wanking, looking much happier and relaxed now we were back at the flat. Carlos knelt by my head, I rolled over taking his prick in my hand wanking him, clear pre cum leaking from the tip as I began licking his cock from balls to tip. Juan lifted me so I was kneeling, and spread my legs. He picked up the lube and poured some on his hand, and pushed two or three fingers in my pussy. He finger fucked me while I concentrated on trying to take Carlos's cock in my mouth. I'd taken the bulbous end and a couple of inches, my lips stretched tightly around his girth, sucking him.

I felt Juan sliding all his fingers in my hole, his lubricated thumb pressing against my anus, breaking through the muscle resistance as he pushed it in. I'd probably have gasped if my mouth hadn't been full of cock. I tried to take more in my mouth, moving my head up and down, taking him until his cock was touching my throat, even then only half his length. I sucked and wanked him in to my mouth, being careful not to make him cum, I wanted his spunk in my pussy. Juan was twisting his fingers in my pussy, using his other hand on my clit. He pulled his thumb from my bum, moving it to my pussy next to his fingers. He started rotating his wrist, pushing and twisting his hand, easing it into my cunt. I tensed as I felt him bunch his fingers and thumb, forming a fist inside me, his whole hand and wrist in my pussy. He began pumping his arm in and out, fisting me. God I felt full, relaxing, enjoying the sensation. I had to stop sucking Carlos, the fist ramming my cunt was bringing me close to cumming.

I glanced over at Chris, he was leaning forward closely watching Juan fisting me, still wanking his cock. He fisted me hard, hand and the lower part of his arm pumping in and out of my cunt. I was enjoying being fisted but Cock was what I wanted now. Between moans I told Juan I wanted his cock, wanted fucking. He withdrew his fist, got behind me and pushed his prick in. I felt rather loose from the fisting, but surprisingly quickly my cunt muscles contracted as he fucked me. I slowly wanked Carlos, licking his prick, rubbing it over my face, stopping him from pushing it back in my mouth, telling him I wanted him to fuck me straight after Juan. I felt Juan fucking me harder, my own orgasm close, pushing back to meet his thrusting cock. He held my hips ramming his cock in me, I closed my eyes as I climaxed, feeling him shooting inside me, jerking his body each time he ejaculated.

I opened my eyes as the bed moved, Carlos moving down the bed, positioning himself to fuck me. Carlos knelt, his softening cock slowly sliding out, followed by a stream of spunk. Carlos was laid next to me and as soon as Juan moved away, he pulled me on top. I straddled him, holding his throbbing cock, rubbing it against my cunt as I lowered myself onto it. I'd been fisted and fucked but his thick shaft, still stretched my cunt. I gave a long sigh of satisfaction as I took inch after thick inch in my sex hole. I leant back, looking down between my legs, watching his fat cock disappear inside my wet slippery pussy. My god it felt wonderful, my cunt stretched tightly around his hard prick, feeling bigger than Juan's fist. I raised myself until only half his length was in me, letting him fuck me, thrusting in and out of my cunt. I kept steady, caressing my tits with one hand, frigging my clit with the other. My nipples poked out hard, I called for Chris to suck them for me. I felt hot, my skin flushed, warmth centred on my cunt spreading out over my belly and tits. I could feel beads of perspiration running down my face, dripping from my tits, flying off and splashing on Carlos's chest each time he thrust in to me. I started to orgasm and lost it, crying out loudly, screaming for him to fuck me harder, one moment telling him not to stop, the next that I wanted him to cum inside me. He thrust in to me, I rode him, fucking with animal lust, like a dog with his bitch in heat. He made me cum three times before he eventually came and unloaded his spunk deep inside my wanton cunt.

I collapsed on top of him, laid with his cock still inside me for five or so minutes. I'd forgotten about Chris in my sex crazed state until I rolled on my back. He was standing watching, still with a lovely erection. I spread my legs, displaying my gaping spunk filled sex to him, opened my arms reaching for him and asked him to fuck me. Watched by the two guys he slid his prick up me, spunk running from my hole as we fucked. I held him, legs wrapped tightly around him, while he said how amazing it felt fucking me with my pussy full of Juan and Carlos's spunk. Each time he sunk his cock in me, my pussy squelched, expelling more Spanish spunk from my sodden cunt. He fucked me slowly, both of us savouring this new sensation until we both came and he added his load to my spunk drenched cunt.

We all showered again afterwards and sat with a drink on the balcony. Juan and Carlos went to get fresh drinks and Chris asked if I was still feeling horny and if I wanted to spend the night with them. “Can I? What about you?” I asked. “I'll sleep on the folding bed or more likely watch you fuck from there” As soon as they returned he invited them to sleep with me so a few minutes later I was back on the bed with them. They both fucked me again that night before we all fell asleep, although I was woken a couple of times during the night, one of them fingering me and in the early hours Juan went down on me bringing me to orgasm with his tongue and mouth.

I woke in the morning, opening my eyes, finding a stiff cock either side. Reaching out and stroking them. Carlos moved his hand between my legs, rubbing my pussy, getting me really wet, then pulled me on top, me still holding his prick guiding it to my cunt, holding him as he slowly penetrated me, fucking me slowly. Juan was laid watching, stroking his erection, waiting his turn to fuck me again, and in the mirror I could see Chris watching. Carlos had his cock buried deep inside me and said something to Juan who got off the bed. I watched as he picked up the lube. “We both fuck you, Si” he said squirting lube on his fingers and touching my bum. “Si” I replied.

Chris has arse fucked me numerous times, but taking a cock in my bum and cunt at the same time was a first for me, though another thing I had fantasised about, the nearest thing using a vibrator while Chris fucked my arse. I felt Juan spread the lube around my anus then a finger probing my bum hole. With one finger in my arse he easily pushed a second in. I lay still Carlos's cock in my pussy, moving slowly, then Juan crouched behind me, his lubricated prick touching my arse hole as he used his fingers to prise my bum open. I felt him enter me, pushing against the sphincter, ready for the slight pain as he broke through the resistance. I felt more of his cock in my bum, my arse hole opening to accept his cock. The momentary flash of pain and I'd taken him, a delicious feeling, both my holes full of cock. He slid his cock fully up my bum, spread more lube then began to fuck my arse. In and out twice, sliding easily and steadily. Carlos started fucking my pussy again. The pair of them setting up a steady rhythm, synchronised fucking. I didn't need to do much, enjoying the sensation, using my cunt muscles on Carlos's prick to give him and me extra pleasure. They fucked me, nice and slow, keeping me simmering close to orgasm. Chris got on the bed with us, offering his prick to my mouth. I took it, sucking him greedily. Three cocks. All my holes used at the same time, you really are a Slut I thought to myself, enjoying every moment. I'm not sure who came first, Juan I think, shooting in my arse, quickly followed by Carlos who rammed his cock hard in my cunt as he sprayed my cervix with his seed. Chris was last, me sucking his cock for another minute until he came in my mouth.

That was about it. They left about 15 minutes later, we had breakfast then down the beach most of the day, talking about the previous night. “Would you do it again? “ Chris asked. I pretended to give it some thought “How about tonight? If I can wait that long” I replied.

Well, I don't want to bore you so to cut what is already a long story short, that night we took a couple of guys back to the flat to fuck me. Every night for the next 10 days one or two different men fucked me except the last but one when I was taken by four including two fit black guys. It was if a barrier had been broken once I'd done it I couldn't get enough. The thing is we've been home now for about a month and I haven't stopped. It's beginning to look as if Juan was correct, I am a SLUT. For the past two weekends, we've been out and picked up guys to fuck me, just the two the first weekend, three last weekend and hopefully more next weekend. My ambition is to be gang banged, Perhaps someone can tell me, how many men do you need for it to count as a gang bang? Chris thinks ten, I reckon nearer twenty, and I'm hoping my guess is nearest. If, or perhaps I should say when, it happens because I'm almost certain it will, I'll post again if you want me to.