Written by Ian

22 Jun 2011

So, here I was kneeling behind Jenny as she lay back in the hot tub at our Gite in France, my hands massaging her breasts and teasing her nipples, while my wife and her husband were off for the morning on a shopping trip.

I had fucked Jenny only once – 25 years before – when she came to my bedroom while Bob (now her husband) was in the next room.

Jenny had filled out in those years and after three kids, her tits were now nice and rounded – 36B to C.

Although I was enjoying the moment, my knees were complaining as I reached around her. The hot tub was sunk into the decking, and so I stood for a moment, stretched and this time sat down behind her, with my legs astride her back, dangling in the warm water.

Jenny opened her eyes “You know Bob and I set this up? I want to have some fun before I get too old. I have never had a threesome, and I want to try it. Bob has agreed, as we both get off on the thought of being so naughty.”

I was stunned. “So Bob knows you and I would be in the hot tub together, naked and playing?”

“Oh yes, it has all been carefully planned.” Jenny smiled at me, and reached for her wine.

I could feel her nipples responding to my caressing, now firm and proud.

“So what’s the next step, how are you going to get Jan to go along with this?”

Jenny pulled herself up in the tub and turned around to face me, her hands went to my cock, and began to play with it.

“Well, when they come back from the shops, I am going to tell them that I am going topless for the rest of the holiday, to get a nice overall tan. After all, there is no-one else here, it’s completely private – which is why we chose this place.”

I laughed “I can’t see Jan going topless, she never has before.”

“I don’t agree, she always used to go braless when we were on holiday together, and don’t think Bob didn’t notice, because he did. She has a nice pair, and Bob is going to tell her so this morning, and tell her that I intend to go topless, and ask her if she would do the same.”

Jenny’s administrations to my cock had produced a hard erection and she began to lick my bell-end; tasting my pre-cum and licking her lips.

All thoughts of Jan and her reaction then faded as Jenny took me in her mouth, pushing her lips down the full length of my cock. I rested my hands on her blonde locks as she bobbed her head up and down.

“Careful Jenny, I won’t last long at this rate.”

She slowed her bobbing, just eating my cock slowly and gently.

After two or three more minutes, of silence, the only noise being the bubbling of the tub and Jenny slurping my erection, she said “That’s enough for the moment, now I want you to eat me.” With that, she climbed out of the tub and sat on one the sun-loungers on the deck, she laid back and opened her legs.

“Come on Ian, give me a good licking.”

Who was I to refuse; and I took up position so my head was in her lap. I gazed at her smooth pussy, the lips large and dark and open, her vagina wet and pink waiting for me.

I then spent a heavenly 20 minutes, using my tongue to explore her welcoming and open slit, sucking her pussy lips into my mouth, and teasing her clit with my teeth. Jenny raised her legs and wrapped them around my shoulders, she moaned and bucked as she reached orgasm, but I didn’t stop, and she came three times – each time letting out a whimper and pushing herself on to me hard so as to intensify the climax.

Eventually we were both spent, and I flopped down in the lounger next to Jenny. She fetched our wineglasses, and resumed her seat.

“Cheers Ian, that was wonderful.” We raised our glasses and drank.

We sat in the sun, enjoying the warm on our naked bodies and finishing the wine.

My erection, having subsided while I was busy licking Jenny, was now becoming hard again.

“It’s your turn Jenny, climb aboard and let me fuck you properly.”

“No Ian, the next time your cock goes in my pussy, Bob will be watching, so you’ll have to make do with a blowjob.” She came over and took me in her mouth again. I watched her head, held her hand as she sucked and licked and blew me. It didn’t take long, and I felt the urge in my member – I gushed into her wet mouth, once, twice, and more. Jenny choked on my cum, but persisted and kept me fully in her mouth, until I was done. She let go of my cock and looked up at me, opening her mouth to show me it was full my creamy juice, it spilled on to her chin, then she swallowed and licked around her mouth until it was all gone.

“Mmmmm. You taste different to Bob, not so salty”.

I looked at my watch which I had left on the lounger. ”The others could be back in half an hour, so we had best get cleaned up”.

“Let’s go and have a nice long shower.” Jenny said, and took me by the hand and off we went to the shower.

To be continued…………..