Written by Ian

24 Jun 2011

After a nice session by the hot tub at our Gite in France, Jenny and I headed for the shower to clean up before her husband, Bob, and my wife, Jan returned from a shopping trip.

The Gite had a main living room around which the two bedrooms – each with an en-suite – and the kitchen/dining room were set. The deck with the hot tub was like a veranda off the living room.

Jenny led me by the hand to their en-suite – with a generous wet room shower.

We stood under the warm refreshing spray, recovering from our sex session. Once cooled off, Jenny turned off the water and began soaping me all over, then I returned the favour; enjoying the sight of her lovely naked body, and giving special attention to her tits, and pussy. She leant against the shower wall and spread her legs so I could finger her pussy. I kissed her – pushing my tongue into her mouth, our tongues sparring while I fingered her. I was easily able to insert three fingers up her cunt, and reach for her g-spot – she really liked that.

She began stroking my cock once again.

“Your cock’s not as thick as Bob’s, but I think your’s is just as long, maybe a fraction longer.” This she said as she studied my member in her hand, although it was not really responding with an erection.

Conscious of the time, and that the others might be back in less than half an hour, we turned on the water, washed off the soap, then dried ourselves using Jenny’s towel.

We had left our clothes on the deck, and strolled out to dress, before the others returned. Jenny resumed her place on the sun-lounger, still topless, while I busied myself in the kitchen, preparing a light lunch for the four of us.

It was almost another hour before we heard the sound of the car, Bob and Jan

returning from their trip.

Jan came in first, and brought the shopping into the kitchen. They had succeeded in buying all the supplies, and more prescription pills for Jan.

Bob appeared with more bottles of wine. “Where’s Jenny?” he asked. I told him she was on the sundeck. Our eyes met, he winked at me, and grinned.

While I put the shopping away, Bob and Jan helped themselves to a glass of wine and went out on the sundeck. It was a few minutes before I joined them – they were all sat in sun loungers, Jenny still topless, Jan had changed into a bikini and Bob into swimming trunks.

We relaxed and chatted about their trip to town, but nothing was said about Jenny being topless. It was soon time for lunch, which I had set out in the kitchen/dining room, being cooler and shady.

Jenny put her top back on for lunch, then afterwards took it off and went for a spell in the hot tub. Jan joined her but still wearing both halves of her bikini, and they were chatting, but I could not make out the words.

Bob and I sat in the sun and chatted, and I dozed (too much wine).

I woke and the afternoon was almost over, the sun dropping in the sky and cooler, but it was still humid. The hot tub was vacant, so I dropped in for a soak.

Jan appeared and joined me in the tub.

“We’re all off the beach tomorrow.” She informed me. “Jenny and I felt that we needed a change from the Gite. Are you OK with that? It is a way to go, and you will have to share the driving”.

Driving was not a problem, but I was intrigued where this idea had come from, and so I prodded a bit to find out.

“Oh, Jenny suggested it.” Jan told me.

The next morning was Saturday and very early for this holiday, we set off for the coast, 90 minutes later we arrived. Bob found a spot behind the sand dunes just off the road and parked the car. We got our beach gear together and over the dunes we plodded.

It was another scorching sunny day, and when we got the beach there were quite a few people – couples, families, etc - established on the beach, but it was not crowded, and there was lots of room for us to find a spot.

It took me all of a few seconds to see that everyone on the beach was nude.

To be continued…….