Written by diverman

20 Jul 2010

Looking back this is what got me into dogging, it started on a summer holiday about 10 years ago.

We were staying at a hotel at the bottom of Player D’en Bossa on the island of Ibiza, and had been lounging around the pool for the first few days. By then I was bored but my wife was happy to just read her book by the pool, so off I went to go snorkelling at the rocks by the fort at the end of the beach. As I walked up to the fort I noticed the next little deserted bay with old boathouses and slipways, so as I went down onto a slipway to go snorkelling I noticed a couple lying on the next slipway about 12 feet away sunbathing nude!

Both were late 30s early 40s dark all over tans, she was blond with a nice figure and a bald pussy just lying there soaking up the sun. So I thought why not and took my trunks off and lay there soaking up the sun as well.

After a while I went off snorkelling in the nude it was quite liberating, as I got out of the water I noticed the woman had changed positions and had turned 90 degrees so instead of the feet pointing to the water, they pointed to me with her head resting on the mans stomach, This gave me a lovely view of her pussy.

I settled down again to sunbath and after a few minutes noticed the woman had moved onto her side, her head facing his cock and moving slowly I guessed she was sucking him but could not see. His hand was on her back then moved down onto her ass and started stroking her pussy.

I stood up and could now see her mouth bobbing up and down slowly on his prick as he continued to play with her, by now I was rock hard and unconsciously playing with myself watching them. Her eyes opened and she just looked at me and carried on, so I thought bugger it lets have a closer look and moved to about 3 feet away and knelt down beside them watching her suck him while she watched me play with myself.

She opened her legs and I could see her man had 2 fingers sliding in and out, so I ran my hand up her thigh and found no resistance, so I started playing with her clit as her old man reamed her. This went on for a while then he removed his hand and I went down and started licking her soaking sweet tasting pussy.

She starting moaning and her head got faster and all of a sudden it seemed both of them came together and then fell back, I was still wanking my cock and came over her pussy and stomach while she smiled at me. I then went back to lie on my towel.