Written by ellen

15 Oct 2009

Let me introduce myself,My name is Ellen i am 26yrs old,and been with my partner for 7yrs,I would not say we are fully fledged swingers,however we have played a couple of times,which was fun and we had no regrets,We do come onto the site,and often read the stories,which can be a turn on,But i must admit to sometimes going into the chat rooms,when alone,As a lot of stories on here are about white girls with black guys,it has obviously had me thinking,and wondering,But thats as far as it went,But then i started going into the Blk4white room,Although i never chatted i do enjoy it in there,[sorry but mainly as the guys were not always wanking].Ithink the seed was planted in my mind there and then,i would have a blk guy,But i knew my partner would never go for it,As i am sorry to say he is racist,Still it was fun to think about,Then yesterday i succumbed to temptation and it was in the strangest of circumstance,We live in a fairly small block,and a few weeks ago,the woman who lives a cple of floors up,Son came to stay as his marraige had split up,Ihad seen him a few times when he brought his dog down,If i am to be honest although i did not fancy him i had often smiled to myself and thought drag him in,But this was only because he was black,and it was never or so i thought going to happen,Then yesterday he decided to let his dog off the lead,Just as i was letting our cat out,The result being the cat came flying in closely followed by the dog,it was mayhem,and i was bloody annoyed,Knowing i was annoyed he apologised,but i was in no mood for that,and told him so.Acouple of hours later there was a knock at the door and he was standing there with flowers,by now i had calmed down and did see the funny side of it,And asked him if he would like a coffee,he came in and we began chatting,Mainly about how his marraige had split up etc,Then suddenly he kissed me,But instead of pulling away i responded,we somehow moved to the lounge,and it was unbelievable,but i found myself undressing and wanting him naked as well,i sat on the sofa pulling at his belt,taking his jeans down,i saw his black cock for the first time,and i was in lust,It was like its happening but not to me,and i soon had him in my mouth,It was obvious,he had not had sex for a while,as very soon he puled from me and came,some hitting my face but most hitting my neck and chest,which i began to rub in and putting my fingers to my mouth i tasted him,we moved to the bedroom i needed fucking and now,i know that may sound crude but thats exactly how it was,we got onto the bed and within seconds he had entered me,I cant remember exactly what was going through my mind,just i was being fucked by a black guy and that seem to double the pleasure,at one point i thought i was going to pass out,then just as i seem to hit another orgasm he came deep into me,we both just had to gain our breaths as we lay there just kissing,I remember as we lay there i was for some reason holding his cock,and i felt the stirrings as he got hard again,by now i had just thrown all caution to the wind,i wanted him again so moving over him i guided him into me,and rode him like i had never rode a guyn before,Trying to get him as deep into me as i could,his hands were on my breasts,and the sight of my white breasts being in his black hands sent shivers all through me,he pulled me down to kiss me and even his kissing was blowing my mind,let alone the sensation of his cock inside me,this time he told me he was coming,but i could only respond by pushing him deeper into me,i did not want this to end,i felt him as he again came into me,and could only collapse onto him,unfortunately the time was getting on and i had to get him out of the flat before my partner got home,after he left,I went to remake the bed,lucky i did really as it was soaked with both our sex,i begrudgingly changed the sheets feeling,dirty,but in a nice way,When my partner came in he saw the flowers and asked where they came from,So i told him about the dog incident,His reply was typical,he said"i will fucking give it to him" i was tempted to say i already have,but decided against it.I dont know what made me act like that,but really i am glad i did,and have no regrets,I know i will have to face him today,and dont know how i will react.