Written by Isobel

8 May 2012

Is this a record on SH stories? Part three and no one has been fucked yet, least of all me. That's about to change, so thanks to those who've persevered and read the first two parts of my story.

Dan and I returned home yesterday afternoon after an energetic bank holiday weekend of sex. Me, Dan and five guys, I can only guess at how many times I was fucked, but it was a lot.

In the last part I wrote about me, masturbating and performing sex acts, on webcam for Dan. That night it took a while before I slept, frustrated that he still hadn't fucked me, replaying in my mind the excitement and arousal I'd experienced, behaving like a Slut. I woke late the next morning, the sound of my mobile ringing, Dan calling, once again praising my performance asking me to describe how I felt, delving deeper into my sexual fantasies, sounding delighted when I described in detail how I'd imagined I was being fucked by a black guy while someone had his cock in my arse. We talked for almost an hour, mostly about sex, him arranging to pick me up at about eight pm, instructing me to wear something short and sexy.

I knew what I'd already done and was going to do was wrong, being unfaithful to my husband, but he was hundreds of miles away. Dan excited me, revealed and released, an inner secret me, one I'd been suppressing and discovered I liked. I wanted him like I'd never wanted a man before and I'd do whatever it took to have him. I thought about what to wear, the LBD he'd seen, the same with the miniskirt I'd worn the previous night, though it was so short I'd never have dared wear it out, at least not then. A shopping trip was needed to select something short and sexy.

That evening, as on the previous night I showered, shaved the slight stubble regrowing leaving me smooth around my gash and trimmed triangle. I did my make up, lipstick matching my nails. A gossamer thin red bra, matching panties, red fishnet hold up stockings and red fuck me shoes with a 5 inch heel. I put on the dress, zipping the back, bias cut, about 4 inches above the knee on one side, just below stocking top height the other. Promising much without revealing a lot. I went downstairs to wait. Sipping a glass of wine, I watched out of the window, 8 pm arrived and passed. The minutes slowly ticked by as I began to fret that he wasn't going to turn up. I became increasingly anxious, wondering whether to call him, dismayed and frustrated, that he might have changed his mind, trying to hold back my tears of disappointment. Twenty minutes to nine, his car pulled up. I rushed out, got in next to him, no word of apology. Relieved, I lent over kissing him passionately, the car dark, the night time street fortunately deserted.

Talking excitedly about what I'd done the previous night we'd gone a mile or so before I noticed we were heading away from his flat. I asked where we were going, he'd decided to call at a city centre hotel a drink or two to relax me. We talked more about what I'd done how aroused I’d got, what a Slut I'd been. “Are you interested in being more sexually adventurous tonight?” he enquired. I was still on a high, replying “Yes. I think so. What do you want me to do?” “Everything I tell you. Are you willing to?” I thought before answering, “And if I don't want to do something?” “I'll drop you home. It's up to you. Yes or No?” he told me. “Yes of course” I answered breathlessly.

He parked under a light, in the corner of the hotel underground car park, away from most of the other cars. We both got out. “Are you wearing panties? He asked “Of course. What sort of lady would go out without their knickers?” I replied trying to sound haughty. He lent close to me, a dirty grin on his face and whispered “A sexy one. A wicked one. One who wants me to fuck her” “That sounds like someone I know” I grinned back, “I'll nip to the loo when we get inside and take them off” I said giving him a wink. He looked around, there was a car parked opposite us, a guy sat in it. He turned back to me, “No, take them off here” I looked towards the car “I can't. He'll see me” I indicated the car. He didn't even glance at it, “OK. If you don't want too” I gave a silent sigh of relief before he finished speaking, “Get back in the car and I'll take you home”

I couldn't do that. I wanted him to much, I'd been anticipating this night. It would be unbearable if he didn't fuck me. “No, wait. I'll do it” I wanted to do it, to please him and I had agreed to do whatever I was told. I could feel the sides of my panties through the dress and started to ease them down. He watched for a moment, then stopped me. “Not like that. Lift your dress” he told me. I gripped the material, pulling the hem up until it both sides were above my stocking tops and tried again. He held my arm, stopping me, “Higher. Pull it right up so he'll see your Cunt” Blushing, but strangely excited, I raised it the last few inches until it was bunched around my waist. I jumped as the headlights of the car opposite came on brightly illuminating me. I looked at him for guidance. “Now take them off” he instructed. I put my fingers in the sides, eased them down, uncovering my trimmed bush, hesitating as I felt the cold air on my bum. “Don't stop” he ordered. Trying to look confident I continued, sliding them down to my thighs, exposing my pussy. I pushed them down to my knees, let them fall to the ground, stepped out of them and stood waiting, holding the dress, knowing I shouldn't cover my pussy until he gave me permission. Dan bent picked up my panties, placed his hand just above my ankle, stroking up my leg, forcing them apart. I shivered with pleasure, a moan of desire as he caressed my inner thigh. His hand reached my pussy, I could feel the side of his hand, moving along my wet slit, his thumb touched my clitoris. I gasped as he rotated his hand, a couple of fingers in my wet hole. In and out three or four times, before he pulled them out, stood and offered me the wet fingers to lick.

I stood waiting, I could hear a car approaching, at the last moment he opened the car door, hiding me as it passed. He waited a few seconds, shut the door, the guy was still looking. I was still holding the dress displaying my pussy. I felt Dan's hand on my bum, fondling my buttocks, moving until his hand touched mine. He took my hand and placed it on my pussy. “Play with yourself. Finger your pussy” I couldn't move. His hand on top of mine he guided my fingers to my Cunt. He whispered quietly in my ear, his words calming, soothing, persuasive. I began to masturbate, slowly at first, just rotating my fingertips on my clit. He removed his hand from on top of mine, placing it back on my bum. I could have stopped, he wasn't forcing me to wank. Instead I moved my fingers lower, sliding them into my hole. His leg was between mine pressing them apart, his hand moved along my bum crack, I felt them dip into my pussy from behind, then touch my anus. I tensed, “Relax, relax” he soothed “I bet he's wanking. Imagine his big cock. I bet he wants to fuck you” His lubricated finger, pressed against my anus, I felt the tip enter. I turned my head to him. “Push it right in” I asked quietly. His finger slid into my arse, moving inside. I frigged myself, my breathing quickening, my heart thumping in my chest. I knew I wasn't far from cumming, “Oh Fuck. Oh Fuck. Oh Fuck. I'm cumming” I cried, Thrusting my hips, on my fingers. Dan's finger fucking my arse I climaxed.

I hadn't had a chance to recover before Dan spoke again, “Good girl. I think you enjoyed that” he congratulated. “I bet that guy did too” I replied smiling up at him. He had that look in his eye that I was beginning to recognise. “Go over to him. Ask him if he wants you to suck his cock” I looked about, all quiet, “Seriously?” “There's no one to see. Go on” With the dress still around my waist I walked over to the car, to the drivers side. I looked in, the guy unsurprisingly had his cock out wanking. He opened the door, I leaned in “I was wondering if you fancied a blow job” I asked, loud enough for Dan to hear, feeling amazingly calm. “Be my guest” he replied, turning in the seat. I smiled over at Dan, then crouched down, hidden behind the door, took hold of the guys prick, wanking him, squeezing the pre cum onto his helmet. I spread the clear liquid, leant forward, licked his shaft before parting my lips and taking his prick in my mouth. I wanked him into my mouth, sucking avidly, two or three, minutes, then I felt his cock pulse and two hard jets as he ejaculated his seed in my mouth. I stood up pulled my dress down covering myself walked over to Dan, opened my mouth showing him the spunk before swallowing and licking my lips. Dan pulled me close, kissed me, tongue in my mouth, he must have been able to taste the guys spunk. I should have felt ashamed, but instead I felt exhilarated, flushed with excitement. Hooking my arm through through his I told him I wanted a drink and really, really, really needed to be fucked and soon. “That can be arranged “ telling me he'd booked a room for the night, holding up a swipe key.

We took the lift from the car park and entered the small almost deserted side bar. Two guys were being served, I sat at a corner table, while Dan bought drinks, talking to the men, in a friendly way all three glancing at me. Dan came over with our drinks, wine for me, mineral water for him. He sat down, I sipped my drink, feeling Dan’s hand on my leg, slipping between my thighs. I'd been thinking about the guy in the underground car, wondering why he'd been there. I checked out the guys at the bar again. Both aged about thirty, slim and quite good looking. I asked Dan if he knew them and the guy in the car park, receiving an enigmatic smile, no answer, changing the subject, “Did that excite you just now?” he asked. There was no denying that it had, especially giving the guy a blow job in a public place I told him. The guys were still looking, Dans hand moved higher, “Show them your pussy” he said quietly, pushing the dress up. No one was looking the barman at the far end of the bar. I couldn't resist him, parting my legs, exposing my pussy to them. I was momentarily disturbed that under his influence I was being so easily led astray, behaving in such a debauched manner. I knew it was wrong and should stop him, I didn't have the will power, nor did I want him to stop, I was to excited exposing my most intimate self in such a public place. Dan removed his hand, letting them see my cunt clearly. I knew to leave myself exposed, though glancing around, to make sure no one else could see. “Show them how wet your cunt is” I opened my legs a bit wider, displaying my pussy more explicitly.

The smooth, seductive voice again, telling me to touch myself, use my fingers to hold my pussy open, stroke my clit. The barman had gone somewhere, I could see people passing in the reception, the bar hiding what I was doing, from anyone who looked in. He seemed to have a thing about watching me masturbate, and I’d discovered I had exhibitionist streak, enjoying exposing myself to him and now others. I slipped a couple of fingers in my hole and began to wank for him and the two guys. They all watched, I was becoming hugely aroused, acting in such a lewd and depraved way, but desperately needed fucking. Two, three minutes passed, no one spoke, if I didn't stop I was going to cum, I gasped I was close.

Dan put his hand on mine, stopping me and broke the silence “Are you feeling horny again now?” he asked “Yes very. Can we go to the room? I need to be fucked” I managed to gasp. He took my hand away from my pussy. “Do you want to go now?” he asked letting me cover my pussy with the dress. “Yes. I want you to fuck me. Please” He smiled at me, “OK. I want you to do something first though” I nodded agreement. He pointed at the two guys “Go and ask them if they want to fuck you too” I didn't move immediately, thinking, quickly recovering from my initial surprise at his suggestion, realising that he'd almost certainly orchestrated the situation and only to eager to take advantage of the opportunity. (Kennyboy described how I felt perfectly in his lovely comment “frantic for his (or anybody's I suspect!) cock”.) That was spot on, I badly needed cock, any cock or better still COCKS. He'd guided me to a point where I was uncaring who fucked me or indeed how many. I stood, picked up the room key walked over to them, my willingness to obey a sign of his progress in releasing me from my inhibitions. I felt a wonderful feeling of freedom going up to them, head held high “Do you both want to fuck me” I asked trying to sound, seductive, probably failing but it was said confidently. I held up the swipe key fob, showed them the room number, “Two minutes. I'll be waiting” I walked off towards the lift, Dan catching me at the door.

I practically threw myself at him as soon as the lift doors shut. Kissing him, holding him close, rubbing my body against his, feeling his cock pressing unto me. I felt his fingers, searching and finding the zip at the back of my dress, pulling it down, before unclasping my bra just as the doors opened to am empty corridor on the top floor. I broke my clinch, arm across my front just below my boobs, holding the dress as we stepped out into the corridor. Ten or twelve rooms either side, a large window at the far end, an arrow with room numbers pointing in that direction.

Dan took my arm, moving it to my side,the dress and bra, slipped to the floor, leaving me naked except for the red fishnet stockings. He bent down picked them up, bra joining my panties in his pocket. I started walking towards our room, holding the keycard, he held my arm slowing me, passing rooms one by one. He took the key from my hand as we reached the end of the corridor, our room the last. We stopped, he opened the door, threw my dress inside, but instead of going in he guided me the last few feet to the window. I stood with him behind me looking out across the road into a rooftop bar in the hotel opposite only the width of the road away. People were looking out, I don't know if there was special glass, I think not, I'm sure heads turned and someone pointed. It felt as if they could see me and if they could, they'd have seen he was fingering me. A door opened behind us, a couple came out, I saw them in the glass, looking at us, Dan shielding me, but if I could see them, could the see my naked reflection and Dan's fingers in my pussy? They walked towards the lifts without saying anything. It seemed an eternity before the lift arrived and they got in, the doors closing. Dan turned me round facing down the corridor, I could see the lift counter changing as it returned. It stopped, the door opened I was relieved to see it was the two guys from the bar joining us as finally I was allowed into the room.

Since the moment we'd arrived at the hotel, Dan leading me from one situation to the next, had given me hardly had any time to think, all part of his successful plan. I lay back on the kingsize bed, the door closed behind them. Dan finally introduced them, Richard and Callum, confirming what I suspected, that he knew them and probably the guy in the car park. What they said next dismayed me, though after what he'd got me to do so far that evening it probably shouldn't have. Rich, already undressing, looked at me, “We all enjoyed your show last night. Dan said you were a Slut. That was one dirty performance” I sat up glaring at Dan, swore at him, what I'd done flashing through my mind.“It was only a few friends at the Rugby Club. Anyway you said yourself you enjoyed it” he grinned. He had a point, there was no denying that I had. With hindsight all the clues were there, and I imagine some think I was stupid for not noticing, but I was engrossed in preparing myself. Had I known at the time what he had planned, I'd have thought myself to embarrassed to allow him to invite friends to watch me masturbating and toying myself. Or would I have been? Under his spell, I'm sure he'd have persuaded me too. In all probability if he'd told me to I'd have done it live in front of them all (which incidentally I have now done and more) I forgave him because it was so outrageous and depraved. I found the knowledge I'd been watched awesome, incredibly erotic and was glad that he had done it without telling me. At least he'd been in a town, about 10 miles away, where I was certain, neither me or my husband knew anybody.

There was no point in dwelling on it, and I had more important things to concentrate on. Three stiff cocks, all for me. I liked the look of them, not massive but between six and seven and a half inches. I looked at Dan, seeing his cock for the first time, about 7 inches, of nice thick man meat. I looked from one to the other, not sure what to do or where to start. No such problems now, but it was my first time with more than one man. I'd been wanting Dan for weeks, I asked him to fuck me first. He and Callum climbed on the bed with me. Rich sprawled on a chair nearby, one leg over the arm, totally relaxed, stoking his erect cock. I watched him, fascinated. Believe it or not he was the first guy I'd ever seen masturbating and I found it a turn on. Dan got a couple of pillows and put them under my back, raising my bum then gripped my ankles and spread my legs. He knelt between my thighs. I felt his fingers touch my pussy, I shivered with anticipation, I'd been longing for this moment. He pushed three, four fingers in my cunt, I shivered again, “Dan. Please. I want your cock. Please. Fuck Me” He moved his hands to my bum, shuffled closer, his cock touched my hole. He held his hard cock, sliding it along my slit, rubbing against my clit. I couldn't stand it “Oh God. Put it in. Stop tormenting me” I cried.

The tip of his cock entered me. He held my hips, pulling me onto his prick, my cunt opening as he penetrated my slippery fuck hole. He began to fuck me slow and deep, through half closed eyes I could see Callum standing on the bed wanking, Rich sitting behind him, still masturbating, both watching me being fucked. I looked at Dan, kneeling, smiling down at me from between my legs, noticing that he was steadying himself with a hand on Callums leg. I shut my eyes, enjoying the wonderful sensation of his cock inside me, pumping steadily in and out. I reached for my clit, stimulating the hard little bud, my other hand on my tits, feeling the flutterings of an imminent orgasm. I felt Dan turn slightly, then Callum speak “Suck it” I assumed he was speaking to me, opened my eyes to see where he was.

I'd had a few surprises, but this was without doubt the biggest. Dan, head turned, hand holding Callum's erection. Still fucking me he pulled him closer licked his shaft and then around his glans. His lips parted, taking Callums cock in his mouth sucking him. It had never even crossed my mind that Dan was Bi. After the initial shock it had to be one of the horniest things I’d ever seen. Being fucked by Dan while he sucked Callums cock. I began thrusting my hips, taking Dans's cock deeper, frigging my clit frantically, what I was seeing arousing me almost as much as being fucked. Dan began thrusting back, ramming his cock up me hard. I started to climax, between gasps urging him to cum in my cunt. He stopped sucking Callums cock, concentrating on me, five or six hard pumps and I felt his cock twitch, as he held still, ejaculating deep inside me.

We remained joined, for 20 or 30 seconds before he withdrew, telling me to turn over. I rolled over onto all fours, Callum got behind me and slipped his cock straight up me, penetrating my spunk sodden cunt. As he fucked me, his cock displaced Dans spunk, I could feel it running down my legs, soaking my stockings. Rich moved onto the bed, caressing my back, fondling my tits as they swung, teasing my nipples, touching my clitoris, his fingers brushing Callums cock as he fucked me. Dan sat in the chair watching me and my reactions as I was fucked. Rich's cock was close to my head so I took it in my mouth sucking and fucking at the same time. Callum fucked me deeply, taking his time to pleasure me, relight my fire, only spunking inside me after he'd successfully brought me to climax. I like doggy so when Callum had finished taking me, I remained kneeling and Rich had me, not lasting as long as the other two, but added to my pleasure by inserting two fingers in my arse as he fucked me. Though he didn't last as long it was enough to satisfy me again in my highly aroused state.

After sex I sometimes become sleepy and , despite everything I dozed off, perhaps overwhelmed by everything that had happened. I was probably an hour later, I was awoken by my legs being spread, and Rich going down on me. I lay, luxuriating in the lovely sensation of him performing cunnilingus on me, grinding my pussy against his face as he aroused me. The bed beside me moved, I opened my eyes, Dan laying next to me stroking his cock, then Callum joining him, getting in to a sixty nine. Rich looked up I rolled on to my side to watch as they began sucking each others cocks. Rich got behind me, I raised my leg and he entered me, fucking me from behind while I fingered my clit, engrossed in what was happening next to me. The scene was so hot I reached out, fondling Callums balls touching his cock, cumming myself when I felt his shaft pulse as he emptied his balls into Dan's mouth, followed by Dan returning the favour. Rich continued shafting me for several more minutes until I heard him groan, ramming his cock into me, giving me his spunk.

Afterwards Rich and Callum dressed and left, which was a bit disappointing as Callum had only fucked me once. I slept in Dan's arms, holding him close to me, waking in the morning to the feel of his erection pressing into me. I didn't waste it pushing him onto his back, straddling and riding him until we both climaxed.

I was stunned that I had taken to being such a Slut with no qualms or guilt about being married, realising that the Slut inside me had been awakened, and I would unable to stop. Even now I'm sometimes surprised how easily he persuaded me to become a cock hungry tart so quickly. But his process was inexorable, one step, quickly followed by the next, each more pleasurable and horny than the previous one. By the Sunday morning, my status as a potential Slut and Whore had been confirmed, though I still had much to learn. I'd known him about four months, only a month had passed since the the Christmas party and he was turning me into his Slut. The whoring was yet to come.

This has turned out to be somewhat longer than I expected when I started writing. I hope your not finding it to monotonous and boring. I can stop now if you want, but if anyone is interested I am willing to continue.