Written by King D

23 Feb 2007

this is a true story that happened just before xmas..

12 of us on a stag do in Benidorm, I was rooming with my long time mate from teen-days (whom we'll call Mick). We both have a lot in common - only difference is I'm single and he's married with 4 kids ! ! !

On the 1st night, we were in Cafe Benidorm (those who have been will know it), about 3am and I kopped with this bird about 46 (I'm 37)..we were up to the usual, dancing, snogging..then my mates shouted they were going..I left the bird thinking I'd missed out..I said to Mick to hang for me while I nipped to the loo...when I came back out I looked for him and there he was dancing with the same bird - and they called me over to join em which I did.

We then made our way out and the bird (who we'll call Jo) asked me & Mick back to her pad..she was a rep and she was on a night off.

Anyway we were back in her in pad and she didnt waste much time..she put her arm round me and began a serious snog,she then grabbed put and snogged him.

"altogether now" she said

and before we knew it all 3 of our faces were together and 3 tongues hornily. playing together..I've no bi tendencies and Mick certainly hasnt but it felt really horny and my tongue touched Micks a few times and my cock was beginning to twitch.

this went on for a fair bit and we were so engrossed we hadn't realised that Jo had taken off her blouse.

"One each" Jo said and me & Mick began to nuzzle on 1 tit each.

Whilst this was going on, Jo was undoing our shirts and had whipped them off. She then pushed our heads off her tits and began returning the favour - licking & sucking mine & paul nipples.

I then felt her hand on my jeans and she began undoing them, a button at a time dropping them to the floor..I looked down and she'd done the same to Mick..Next minute she had a hand down each of our boxers and before we knew our rock hard cocks were finally free.

I only ever seen another guys hard-on in mags & vids - Micks was about the same size as mine - 7" - but his head was bigger and more of a mushroom.

Jo then inevitabley knelt down and began circling her tongue round Micks head, sticking her tongue in his piss slit..licking the full length of his shaft and then kissing & sucking his ball..she repeated the act on me before taking both of them in her hand and putting both of them (as much as she could) in her mouth...my cock touched Micks as she kiss & licked both cocks...fuck me this was so horny.

She then urged us to both lie on bed side by side and she then crouched over my face with her horny wet pussy over my lips - I arched my neck up and began licking & sucking her wet pussy - I also gave her ring a good tonguing...whilst this was going she was carrying on sucking Micks cock - she then swapped places and sat on Mick face whilst giving my cock a good suckin.

The next bit was so horny - she slowly easy her dripping cunt onto my cock and arched back and asked Mick to enter her too....I couldn't believe it - It felt fuck great..our both cocks & balls rubbing up against each other in unison.

Mick then announced he was about to cum.."On his balls" Jo said.

Jo wanked Micks cock off and his warm sticky spunk was sprayed all over my balls..This brought me off and Jo knelt down and finished me over - taking both lots of spunk in her mouth.."Let's finish off where we started" Jo said and this meant we were both in a 3 way snog again only this time there was added ingredient of 2 lots of cum...fucking horny as fuck.

As we walked home Mick kept saying how I wasnt to let on about this to anyone.

We got backed to our digs and we were lay on top of our beds dicussing what had just gone..and before we knew we both tugging our cocks..For a laugh I said to Mick.."D'ya need a had there or what ?"..."OK then" said Mick.

Next minute I couldnt believe it but I knelt down by Mick bed and began wanking him off..."This doesnt go any further" I said to Mick "dont worry it won't - coz I'm gonna do it to yours now"

I stood up and Mick began to wank my cock while leant over doing the same to him.."Nothing is going any further is it" I said to which he replied "no chance"...I dont know what came over but I thought fuck it and I knelt down and wrapped my mouth round his cock..running my tongue up and down his shaft and licking and suck his balls

"Your turn now" Mick said

he then got on the bed and began to suck and lick my shaft and balls - I got him to lie on side while we were in a 69 and I carried on where I left off...I was ever stickign my tongue up his ring - this carried on for ages till we both shot our loads, swallowing each other and finishing off with a nice big snog ! ! !

This had never repeated and probably won't again (unless we go on another stag do)