Written by d freethe

28 Apr 2008

I\'d been out that night and returned home to find that my wife and her friend were still up,chatting; they\'d obviously had had a few glasses of wine as they were giggling a fair bit at stupid things, i was sober as i\'d had to drive.

\" Had a good night then girls?\" i asked.

\" Oh yes, we certainly have\" said my wife with a sort of a glint in her eye, \" but the night is still young, why don\'t you get a drink and come and sit down?\"

I went and got a glass and came back to the lounge and sat on the sofa between them; Jane, my wife, is 50, fairly fit and attractive, her friend Jo is older, nearly 57 but still sexy looking in a funny sort of way.

Jane got up to go to the loo upstairs and Jo said \" we\'ve been chatting about you\".

\" Have you?\" i asked, \" what\'s been said then?\".

\"Well, Jane says you\'d like a threesome and, if you play your cards right, tonight\'s your lucky night!\"

I was taken aback as although we\'d joked about it i never imagined anything would ever happen.

Jane came back into the room and instead of sitting next to me she sat the other side of Jo.

\"So, has Jo told you what we\'ve got in store then?\" asked my wife looking rather sexily at Jo.

\"Well, sort of\" was all i managed to say.........

Jane took Jo\'s face in her hand and started to snog her, i could see the tongues flicking in and out of each others mouths; Jo\'s hands went to my wifes buttons on her blouse and undid them to reveal a sexy lace black bra, i could see her nipples were sticking out already;Jo started to run her hands over Janes tits and it was obvious they were both getting turned on.

\"Come on, join in\" said jo in a husky voice.

I looked at my wife and she said, \" go on, get on with it with Jo, get her tits out\".

I didn\'t need a second invitation and i started to unbutton Jo\'s blouse from behind, i could feel her large tits staining at the material of her bra and her nipples were really hard already.

I was kissing Jo\'s neck and i reached my hands behind her to free her blouse off and took it off her, her bra came undone easily and i could now feel her tits in all their glory.

Meanwhile my wife had stood up and was undoing her skirt, it fell to the floor and she stepped out of it; she was wearing black lace panties, seamed stockings and a suspender belt, she bent over the edge of the settee and asked Jo to spank her; Jo got up and moved behind Jane, stroking her ass before bringing her hand down fairly hard, my wife squealed with pleasure and made her do it again and again; i was standing behind Jo and feverishly undoing her zip on her dress, i eased it down over hr legs to reveal her shaply legs and a nice firm ass.

Jane moved back to the settee and spread her legs and started fingering herself, Jo found this exciting and produced a big black dildo from her handbag whcih she inserted into my wifes wet pussy, ulling her pants to ons side to get it in;this was too much for me and i wanked myself to a frenzy and shot my load all over Jo\'s ass.