Written by pussy-cat

27 May 2011

It was on a hot sunny day last summer, when i was driving through the countryside feeling very hot and bothered! I`d been out for lunch and the wine had made me quite heady, and excited. Because of the heat, i was wearing tight, small lowcut top and a knee length gypsy style skirt, lacy g-string and bra, bare legs and sandles.

I decided to pull into a quiet little carpark in the woods, a i was feeling soooo horny by now that i knew i couldn`t wait till i got home. Besides, its always more fun out in the open...

Luckily the car park was empty so i parked up in the far corner and settled back into my seat. I pulled my top down exposing my now very hard nipples and teased them with my fingers, i closed my eyes and gently lifted my skirt, and pulled my g-string aside, sliding a finger up and down my wet pussy. Oh it felt so good, my clit was really hard by now.

Behind me, a car pulled in, and i suddenly felt a rush of fear and excitement. I watched in my wing mirror as the man in his late 60`s got out to stretch his legs. If only he knew what i was doing. He wandered off down the path smoking a cigarette, and i knew i wanted him to catch a glimpse, but he was no-where near my car. So i climbed out, and armed with a magazine, made my way over to the picnic bench on the side of the path. I sat facing outwards, my pussy almost bursting by now, and waited for him to come back to his car.

It was only a few mins before i saw him aproaching, the magazine placed on my lap, my legs trembling. As he got closer, i moved so that i was stradling the bench, lifting my skirt with the magazine, so i was exposing my pussy "by accident". He glanced over, i hesitated for a few seconds, so he could get a good long look, and then let my skirt drop back down. "Afternoon" he said, with a wink. "Afternoon, lovely day isn`t it?" I replied. "Wonderfull. May i?" he was gesturing to the seat next to me. "Be my guest". So he sat on the bench and we exchanged pleasantries for a few mins. By now, i knew just showing him my pussy wasn`t enough and i wanted him to touch me, so i dropped the mag, and as i leant down to pick it up, i again exposed myself. "Lovely" he said. "Thank you" i said, whilst widening my legs and lifting my skirt. He leant forward and ran a finger very slowly over my sopping wet clit, and i gasped in extasy. I leant back so that he could finger my pussy which he did expertly for several minutes. It was so horny, being molested by an old stranger out in public that i almost came imediately, but he dropped to his knees in front of me and started licking, his tongue hot and wet, lapping in and out, round and round. "Oh god" i cried out as it was all too much....i came all over his face as his fingers delved deep inside.

We tidied ourselves up, and he said that that had been the best fag break he`d ever had.! It had been the best orgasm i`d had for a while too, so i think i will have to try that again soon. Maybe you`d like a cigarette break too sometime? ;-)