Written by Paulrcouple

18 Feb 2012

Its early Saturday morning we are up and doing our work in the pub i am in the cellar Jane is doing the office work.

She shouts down the cellar she as got to go to Asda for some computer paper i wont be long. I finish my cellar work and go for a shower i here Jane comes back i get out the shower get dried and go into the bedroom Jane's on the bed nothing on her legs open and cum running out of her pussy.

I Have done what you have always wanted get fucked and come back and tell you.

It was Martin he was in the next check out she said he smiled at her and nodded to the door he was waiting there for her. He got in her car and drove to a quiet lane and into a lay bi were there was bushes and could not be seen from the road.

He came round to the drivers side Jane pulled her nickers off and laid back across the seats Martin fucked her Jane said he came so quick it was so horny it was only a couple of minuets before she dropped him off back at Asda he had to get back to his wife.

I Cannot believe how quick i got a hard on my cock was straight up her that felling of another mans cum in your wife is so good.

It did not take me long as she was telling me how it happened.

She is now fucking her self with her rabbit she as had two cocks in less than half an hour and not cum.

Jane as only been fucked about 4 times with me not there every time i knew it was going to happen but this time it was so horny for me she says she will only go with people we both no and had fun with she says she can not believe its happened she says she did not have time to think