Written by Ade

1 May 2012

Hi, i am male and in my 30s i used to travel a lot and once spent 4 months in a town where i got to know some people in particular a gorgeous woman in her early 20s (Sarah) i really fancied her but didnt think she was interested in me until the night before i left town when she popped round my neighbours and we chatted until she had to leave and asked me to walk her home. We got to her house and she invited me in and we sat on the sofa and i told her i would miss her etc and then we ended up kissing until i turned her over and massaged her shoulders then nibbled her ears a little which she loved we started taking our clothes off and i gave her pussy a little rub and licked it a little before easing my dick inside her while on top of her. We started to fuck and i asked her if it was ok that we were not using a condom? she said it was fine so i asked her if she was on the pill to which she said no.The idea of cumming inside her totally unprotected was really turning me on but i asked her if she wanted me to pull out and she said no i want you to cum inside me and that it was hard for her to get pregnant. So we fucked a bit longer until we both started getting breathless and closer to cumming i pushed deep in and out of her upto my balls as i started to cum deep inside her, we then started kissing and i slowly pulled out of her a few minutes later, i left town the next morning and lost touch with her shortly after